The Unusual Genitals Party and other Stories (Brain in a Jar Books)

The Unusual Genitals Party and other Stories (Brain in a Jar Books)Six Stories And Two Essays By The Author Of Judgement A Race Of Intelligent Microbes That Leave One Last Message Before Becoming Extinct A Student Party Gatecrashed By An Alien Symbiote A Gangster Who Finds There S Nothing Quite So Profitable As The Near Future World Of Academie A Man Who Commits A Suicide So Perfect, Even God Can T Save Him A Battle Between Two Astronauts Sent On A Suicide Mission To Save The World A Groundbreaking Collection Of Stories And Essays From The Author Of Judgement Guaranteed To Turn Your Mind Upside Down And Inside Out Also Included Is The Classic Non Fiction Piece Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Neurosurgery Because You Were Too Well Adjusted To Ask ABOUT BRAIN IN A JAR BOOKS Brain In A Jar Books Was Set Up In Order To Republish Out Of Print Or Hard To Get Works By Name Writers In Ebook Format To Find Out , Search For Brain In A Jar Books Or Visit EXCERPT It Was On A Misty Day In Early Autumn, In A Riverside Pub In Oxford, That Ewan Sturges Invited George Grant Up To His Laboratory To Behold The Face Of God This Offer Had Been So Unexpected That George S Hand Had Frozen In Mid Wave, His Attempts To Attract The Landlord S Attention Suddenly Forgotten George Slowly Turned His Head And Peered Anxiously At His Old Friend Who Was Sitting On The Barstool Next To Him Sturges Continued To Stare Fixedly At The Bottom Of His Beer Glass As Though Nothing Remarkable Had Happened He Had Been Uncharacteristically Morose Since The Two Had Met, Six Pints Ago, Which Was In Marked Contrast To The Barely Suppressed Hysteria That Was The Mood Of The Rest Of The Pub S Clientele They Clamoured For The Bar Staffs Attention By Thumping The Counter And Yelling, Their Traditional British Reserve And Other Inhibitions Having Melted Away Couples Pawed Urgently At Each Other And In The Centre Of The Floor Two Professors Of English Literature Were Squaring Off, Fists Clenched The Background Muzak Was Occasionally Drowned Out By The Sound Of Breaking GlassBeneath All This Commotion Ran An Almost Palpable Undercurrent Of Fear Sturges Had Remarked Wryly, When They Had First Entered The Pub, That This Was A Probabilistic Interference Effect, Produced By The Imminent Large Scale Divergence Of Realities Causing A Kind Of Turbulence Maybe The Multi Universe Model Has Legs After All He Had Laughed Bitterly George Had Had No Idea What He Was Talking About He Had Met Sturges After Spending The Weekend On Call For The Two Main Neurology Wards Of The Radcliffe Infirmary In Oxford The Relatively Uneventful Life Of Such Wards Usually Induced The Least Job Related Stress To On Call Junior Medical Staff And So George Had Felt No Reservations When Arranging To Meet Sturges So Soon After His Shift Was Due To Finish His Shift Had However Been Much Demanding Than Usual And This Was Only Partly Due To The Lackadaisical Attitude Of All The Staff From The Consultants Down To The Cleaners This, Like The Atmosphere In The Pub, Was Entirely Understandable Bearing In Mind That A Big Chunk Of Tarry Ice Had Recently Passed The Orbit Of Jupiter En Route To Earth It Was Only The Hope Of Salvation Offered By CT That Had Made It Possible For Them To Come To Work At All A stellar collection of science fiction short stories rendered through Bannon s uniquely insightful worldview From the bittersweet discovery of new life forms in Burning Brightly, to a particularly cynical view of civic pride in Binary, to the transcendent beauty of the collection s title story, these are stories not to be missed.