Dragon Child

Dragon ChildOne Night Of Deceit And Betrayal Sets The Stage For The Advancement Of Lord Sua Kawak As Lord Pai Sunjo, The Current Lord Of The Region Is Murdered Along With His Wife Only The Small Boy Child, Now Known Only As Fugito Sunjo, Is Safe, Carried Off By The Faithful Maid She Raises The Boy Until The Day The Lord S Men Ride Into The Village To Make An Example Of The Village Little Fugito Sunjo Escapes The Purge Of The Village, And Pursued By Troops The Boy Climbs The High Hills And Take Refuge In A Small Valley The Valley Is Home To One Of The Legendary Ones, Called Tzun In The Old Tongue, A Mystical Creature Out Of Myth, An Ancient And Wise Dragon Of The First AgeTzun Saves The Boy, Raising Him To A Man When The Man Is Ready, Tzun Sends The Man Back To Bring Justice To The Lord Kawak Now Disguised As A Monk Named Shoi Wan, He Comes To Face A Destiny That May Give Him Everything, Or Kill Him In The Attempt And The Winds Of Fate Whisper Of The Dragon Child