Crawling Naked Over Broken Glass

Crawling Naked Over Broken GlassLen S An Honest Man, Who Always Follows The Rules But From Booking The Flight To Landing In Spain He S Disgusted At The Way Passengers Are TreatedAfter They Wreck His New Suitcase, He Tries To Claim Compensation And The Airline Offers Him The Things That Just Irritate And Annoy Most People, Make Len AngryThings That Most People Let Go, Len Won THe Feels He S Been Ripped Off By An Airline That Couldn T Care Less So Because He S A Focused And Determined Man, He Won T Be Satisfied With An Ordinary Revenge Len Dreams Up A Scheme He S Got No Idea How Popular His Little Plan Is Going To Be Just Imagine What Would Happen, If One Or Two Passengers On Each Flight Do What Len Did Passenger Rights Notices Plaster The Walls Of Every Airport But How Many Of You Read Them As You Rush By The Airlines Are Counting On It That Only A Tiny Few Will Bother Reading ThemAs You Ll See, That S The Name Of The Game Your Ignorance Is Their BlissI Ll Bet You Won T Be So Ignorant After You Ve Read Len S StoryYou Ll Know Exactly What To Do