Memories Of A Slave In Training - 5. A Taste Of Jealousy

Memories Of A Slave In Training - 5. A Taste Of JealousyA Short Story Of Words Note Over S Only, Explicit Sexual Content Hannah Answered An Advert For A Job With The Major Little Did She Imagine That Her Duties Would Consist Of Much Than Domestic Ones This Is Her Continued Journey Of Discovery And Slavery Excerpt And Who Is The Little Lady Then One Of The Men Asked The Major Pointing To Hannah Ah She Is My Latest Little Slut I Thought You Would All Like To Meet Her, As At The Moment I Am Unsure As To Who Will Be Meeting Her Later Hannah, Come Here Hannah Looked Over To Mr Bates And He Nodded, And She Moved Quickly To The Major S Side Strip Girl And While She Does, Please Eat Up Folks, I Would Hate For This Lovely Food To Get Cold He Said As He Turned Back To His Guests With Trembling Hands Hannah Undid The Lacing On Her Bodice And Wriggled Out Of The Dress Before Handing It To Mr Bates Who Had Moved Round The Table To Stand Beside Her She Looked Down At Her Stockings And Shoes And Looked Up At The Butler And He Shook His Head, Telling Her To Leave Them On She Stood, Shivering, Feeling Terribly Exposed While The Guests Finished Off Their Food She Looked Across At Nick But His Eyes Were Still Lowered To The Floor So He Didn T See Her Glance In His Direction Eventually The Major Put His Knife And Fork Down Turning To Nick S Mistress He Said Elizabeth, Do You Mind If I Ask Your Boi To Join In The Entertainment Not At All By All Means Use Him Any Way You Chose She Said With A Smile Bates, Take Them Over There Please He Indicated The Far Side Of The Room, Where Everyone At The Table Would Be Able To See Them Easily Mr Bates Guided The Pair Across The Carpet And Stopped Where The Major Had Indicated Nick, Is Hannah Wet The Major Asked Nick Immediately Reached Forward, Pressing His Fingers Between Hannah S Lips And Slowly Rubbed His Fingers Back And Forth Yes Sir, She Is, Very Wet Good, Make Her Wetter