Not What It Seems

Not What It Seems➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Not What It Seems By Brenda Sinclair ➤ – Cassidy Donahue’s dream of becoming partner in her father’s Chicago law firm is shattered by her father’s selfish betrayal Devastated and disillusioned Cassidy escapes to Anchorage Alaska to sta Cassidy Donahue’s dream of becoming partner in her father’s Chicago law firm is shattered by her father’s selfish betrayal Devastated and Not What Kindle - disillusioned Cassidy escapes to Anchorage Alaska to start a new life on her own termsWhile the corporate lawyer works as a cocktail waitress in a western themed bar she befriends an inuisitive and handsome bartender Although attracted to Clayton Morrison Cassidy fears he’ll reveal her whereabouts to her father if he discovers her true identityA past relationship left Clayton disillusioned and distrustful of women But Clayton and Cassidy’s mutual attraction to each other results in a night of passion together Cassidy’s relentless efforts to avoid detection only create uestions for Clayton who’s convinced she’s lying about somethingBut Clayton is hiding a tightly guarded secret of his own Mr Donahue confronts his daughter in the bar and insists she return home And then he discovers Clayton’s true identityWhen Clayton and Cassidy learn that nothing about their relationship is what it seems will the couple everyone believes to be a perfect match be willing to overcome their secrets Or will distasteful accusations and hurt feelings threaten to ruin any chance for a future together. Among the worse written books I've readI had to force myself to finish it This book does not flow well and the dialogue is unrealistic Who says that I sent him out to my acreage? Who describes a conversation as repartee? And the accident that Clayton was involved in was so ridiculous that I rolled my eyesthey had to be pried out of the car that rolled three times yet Clayton sustained only a scratch and had enough room in the cab to climb over the seat and perform CPR on the driver? Not to mention if the driver had a ruptured spleen and bled out to the point of needing CPR he's not going to survive Will not be reading this author again Have you ever had the urge to give up everything and just run away from it all? Have you ever wanted to say to heck with your obligations and just do your own thing? In Not What it Seems Book One of the Escape to Alaska Trilogy Cassidy Donahue does just that She’s had it up to her eyeballs with a father that never listens and refuses to let her control her own life Being turned down for a big promotion is the last straw Ditching her world of wealth and privilege she adopts a new identity and makes a new life for herself in Alaska where she supports herself as a waitress in a barBartender Clayton Morrison suspects that there is to Cassidy than meets the eye but can’t uite put his finger on what it might be As a man with secrets of his own there is no doubt in his mind that Cassidy is hiding somethingNot What it Seems is a moving story of love and personal growth Cassidy’s struggles caught my heart and I was hooked from the first glimpse of her having a blowout with her father Her plight pulled me in and kept me intrigued until the happily ever after Author Brenda Sinclair has a gift for words; she has the uncanny ability to paint a scene so vivid so realistic that it feels like you are actually there She also has a knack for creating moving engaging characters who struggle to overcome their pasts before they can begin a new life together She’ll tug on your heartstrings and draw you into the world of Anchorage Alaska and you won’t want to leave I can’t wait for ALMOST DOESN’T COUNT Book Two in the Escape to Alaska Trilogy A nice story about a girl who gives up everything she has worked for when her father betrays her and moves to the other side of the countryThe basis seems far fetched but i enjoyed it enough to purchase the second book