Satan's Master

Satan's MasterEpub Satan S Master By Carole Mortimer He Believed She D Betrayed His TrustTo Be Honest, Sabina Couldn T Blame Her Father For Her Current Predicament If She Hadn T Found Famous Singer Songwriter Joel Brent In His Secluded Scottish Cottage, She D Never Have Fallen In Love With Him.But It Was Her Father Who Was Forcing Her Into A Loveless Marriage And It Was Her Father Who Led Joel To Believe That Sabina Was A Reporter, Out For Nothing Than A Story For A Cheap Scandal Sheet.She Could Fight Her Father, But She Could Never Erase Joel S Contempt For Her. Playful, OTT story of a 19 year old heroine who is being forced to marry her father s twice divorced 45 year old business partner Six weeks before the wedding, she goes on walkabout in Scotland, gets lost in the mist and finds reclusive thirty something rock star hero who supposedly killed his girlfriend in a car crash It is the hero who introduced himself as Satan s master Satan being the black cat that came with the cottage he is renting The heroine is the TSL type who calls her father daddy and bounces around in tight t shirts and no bra and is mystified when men leer at her The hero is embittered and thinks the heroine is a journalist LOL I doubt the poor dear could operate a typewriter she s that vacuous so he decides to keep her there so she won t leak his location to the press.The villains and heroes seem so obvious But CM decides to invert some of the timeless vintage tropes view spoiler Hero talks a good alpha game, but beyond some punishing kisses, that s as far as it goes.Heroine tells
Decent book with some OTT actions and some loose plotting but a decent oldie I did appreciate the ending Unlike many HPs the ending was quite hefty and satisfying Although he did wait until after they were married to tell her he loved her I could see this one rewritten and upd
I knew that Caroles books from 80s are the best,this one proves it.I just love the title to this one, Satan s Master and Satan is a cat,and the cats master are the hero in this story,the tortured famous singer Joel Brent.With surprise and distrust he will have to invite the beautiful Sabina Smith to his cottage,and there an unlikely love story will be created between them.I love this book,as i always LOVE all of Caroles books.Joel is a OH SO WONDERFUL hero,his machoism,Alpha character,and his so obvious love to the heroine Sabina,made me just melt away Sabina is a really honest heroine,and i just wished the misunderstanding weren t between them,but i knew soon
20 Satan s Master Typical romance love novel Good plot, but predictable then again it is a romance novel Some phrases are repeated a lot in the book Quick and easy read. Okay book

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  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 190 pages
  • Satan's Master
  • Carole Mortimer
  • English
  • 14 October 2019
  • 9780373104529