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The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook[Read] ➲ The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook Author Americas Test Kitchen – The only comprehensive cookbook specially designed for a 2 person household with than 650 foolproof recipes scaled down for two from America's most trusted test kitchen From breakfast to dinner sides The only comprehensive cookbook specially designed for Cooking For PDF/EPUB » a person household with than foolproof recipes scaled down for two from America's most trusted test kitchen From breakfast to dinner sides to desserts plus slow cooking vegetarian and grilling we include a wide range of cuisines A perfect gift for newlyweds small families or empty nesters. My boyfriend and I live together and use this book to cook our meals a lot While we've found a few printed recipe errors that didn't turn out so well stay away from the five cheese skillet mac and cheese the majority of the recipes have been delicious Our favorites include the gumbo weeknight beef stew and Chicken Vesuvio as well as a couple of the pasta recipes We obviously have to buy a slow cooker to be able to try out the recipes in the slow cooker section and are looking forward to doing that I am a huge fan of America’s Test Kitchen I watch the shows on public television I subscribe to the website and I own numerous ATK cookbooks The problem following their recipes has always been the volume we end up with It’s just the two of us and we aren’t big on leftovers so I was constantly trying to cut everything down with varied resultsThis cookbook was Heaven sent All of the expert test kitchen results but built for two people The first section contained some great tips about shopping and storing recipe items for two people For example because these are pared down versions of larger recipes you might find one asking for only a small amount of a not often used ingredient like buttermilk So what do you do with the rest of it? Freeze it for later use and this book details a great way to do that Basically it gives you kitchen hacks specifically designed for two people Pretty useful stuffI have tried numerous recipes from this book and all have been successful and yummy I can’t tell you how fabulous it is to have a recipe for 6 cookies or 4 scones or lasagna and even gumbo for two Easy to follow instructions and following the same basic formula of their other cookbooks they start off each recipe telling you why it works Also and others might find this a negative I do not there are not loads of photos I personally would rather read the how and why of a recipe than depend on pictures but that’s my preference and might not be yoursAlso you’ll need some specialized baking euipment to pull some of these recipes off For example the lemon poppy seed pound cake calls for a 55x3 inch pan The glazed lemon bundt cakes call for two mini bundt pans and the almond cakes need two 45 inch springform pans I decided to buy many of these items since I mainly cook for two but it is an investment to be aware ofOverall I am really happy with this cookbook and would highly recommend to anyone cooking for one or two This cookbook was fantastic I found numerous recipes that were perfect for cooking for myself I absolutely loved this cookbook There was only a small handful of recipes that I wouldn't make for myselfETA 061415 As I go deeper into this cookbook my 5 star rating just keeps getting solid As someone who is really starting to watch calories log foodsdrinks and all that good stuff there are not only plenty of light recipes but the nutritional information to boot I have made well over a dozen recipes from this book and the recipes are solid tasty and easy to prep Very cool after a hard day's work that I can eat healthy and uickly Further this cookbook has prompted me try new foodsdishes particularly in the seafood area If I had one criticism of this book it would be that all the recipes don't have the nutritional information attached I don't eat light everyday and it is really a pain in the rear end to try to figure it out and I probably am doing it wrong anyway Love it Many of these recipes are scaled down versions of those in their other cookbooks with a few new ones scattered in but it's nice to have these for the odd occasion that I don't want 3 servings of leftovers A general note America's Test Kitchen portion sizes are pretty large For many recipes I can get 3 servings out of it but that's just me I'm still exploring this book of course but here are my thoughts on the recipes I've tried so far Banana Bread Perfect use of the one leftover overripe banana Italian Vegetable Stew So good Don't skimp on the Pecorino Romano Creamy Curried Cauliflower Soup Tasty and a good use for leftover cauliflower Chinese Chicken Salad I found and fell in love with this recipe years ago in their family cookbook It's nice of ATK to include it in a smaller yield version Mediterranean Tuna Salad My new go to for tuna sandwiches Much lighter and fresher tasting than using mayo Crispy Chicken Breasts Pretty good but not earth shatteringChicken Tikka Masala Delicious But I will definitely tone down the heat level next time Chicken Fajitas Good but not earth shatteringChickpea Cakes with Cucumber Yogurt Sauce One of my go to recipes Relatively simple to prepare by ATK standards Slow Cooker Easy Pulled Pork It was okay Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup It was okay Hard Cooked Eggs The ATK method of boiling eggs is the only way to go However I've found that since I'm at a higher altitude I need to let the eggs sitcook about 12 13 minutes rather than the prescribed 10 minutes Ten Minute Steel Cut Oatmeal I've memorized this one and make it at least weekly Bold and Spicy Gingerbread Cakes Really good and very simple to prepare I struggled to get mine out of the pans though Probably user error I don't read many cookbooks I don't do much cooking really I'm a open the box and stick in the microwave type of girl But I keep on meaning to do This book appealed to me since I live with my mom and there's just the two of us plus our senior dog There are some really good recipes in here Plus there's an interesting section in the front giving you tips of what to do with certain leftovers I really liked this and am actually interested in purchasing it as I read the library copy I am a fan of Test Kitchen and used to get the magazine until I decided I really have enough recipes for a lifetime This is the first cookbook I’ve bought in possibly three years I bought it for two reasons 1 it is recipes for 2 which suits my life and 2 I’m a fan of Test Kitchen But after buying the book and doing some recipes I recalled all the things about Test Kitchen that aren’t good enough to make this a great or even very good cookbookThe idea of this book as advertised by the title was to present smaller recipe sizes Yet a fair number of those I’ve done just seem to halve the ingredients 12 a fennel bulb for example What am I going to do with the other half? Throw it out? Let it rot in my frig? while I feel guilty about not being a grand enough cook to know the perfect dish to create with 12 a fennel bulb I bought the book to avoid waste Very annoying Not all recipes are like this and some are portions of ingredients I can otherwise use up I would be a sad cook indeed if I could use up 12 an onion before it goes bad But it is still pressure to find a use for it in 2 days Every time I find a way to use up leftover ingredients I find myself uietly proud I’ve stuck things into an omelette than God intendedI also wish the recipes had both metric and Imperial measurements Metric is just precise Williams Sonoma cookbooks which I reliably adore tend to have this so I’ve gotten accustomed to expecting this All it will take is measuring out the difference between a larger dosage of food X in metric and the Imperial euivalent and you will notice the differenceEven importantly none of the recipes have nutritional information In this day that is inexcusable Williams Sonoma doesn’t tend to do this either to be fair The few recipes color coded as ‘light’ have nutritional information in the back Why not all? And why not place the info with the recipe? We all should be able to know the calorie intake fat grams protein and tidbits about the dish being a good source of vitamin D and iron for example Also not every recipe has a picture That just is not okay Come on peopleAlso none of the dishes guide you with estimated active prep time and cooking time Very frustrating I’m a pretty knowledgeable cook so I can work my way into figuring this out and often recipes with these guides are off But they still help You don’t want to be half way through a recipe only to read the next line which you’d overlooked earlier and I have done this than once which says “let sit for 2 hours”Final complaint some of these recipes are laden down with little ingredients And not ingredients you’d store in your pantry This can euate to a lot of time and investment in food just to make dinner For example the stuffed acorn suash with barley page 196 has a total of 13 ingredients not including salt and pepper That can be a lot to ask for a Monday night main dish And this isn’t a special occasion dish worthy of a lot of work yet this recipe will reuire adding a lot of ingredients to my shopping list many of which will not be used in full in this recipe 2 tablespoons fresh parsley; 14 cup pearl barley 14 teaspoon fresh thyme and 2 tablespoons pine nuts It also is a devotion of time On average the main dishes have been 10 16 ingredients excluding salt pepper and basic oils Given that the premise of this book is cooking for two there is a whole lot of work and waste going on The simple things I’ve noted metric nutrients photos and cookprep times should be in every cookbook They only aren’t because we let publishers get away with it I bought this on From now on I’m going to the bookstore to check it out first I’m going to try to stick to my own advice All those complaints being said the recipes are top notch I love that there is a whole section on vegetation meals in addition to a section on vegetable sides I’m not a vegetarian but I rarely eat meat so I love a book like this with so many new recipes Bon appetite Absolutely love this book The layout is incredibly clean and neat and am completely enad of the various tips and tricks sprinkled throughout the book I'm also uite pleased with the way the recipes are organized Usually there's just a general Meat Side Dishes Breads with some minor differentiation between various desserts and maybe chicken beef etc But this narrows things down a little further and works really well for how I like things organizedHonestly this is a fantastic basic cooking manual with a lot of fun and different stuff to keep advanced kitchen users interested and engaged This is absolutely going on my house warming gift list as an absolute need This is a great cook book The Cook's IllustratedAmerica's Test Kitchen make wonderful recipes that are not only extremely tasty but are incredibly easy to make I love the variety of cuisines that this book covers and it makes it easy to try different foods at home Plus its nice knowing that someone trustworthy has already put in all the time and effort making sure the recipes are foolproof and delicious There are also tips on how to use your leftovers in creative ways and instructive pictures These are delicious and easy recipes I did manage to up the ingredients to feed 3 easily Awesome cookbook I loved it and loved eating the food also I only wanted to rate this book based on what I've read in it so far Page four has some great tips for shopping smarter which I believe is my downfall when trying to downsize my cooking The best tip was the reminder that buying bulk perishables to save money means buying way than you will need I also liked the tip to consider pre cut veggies and the salad bar when you need very small amounts of produce for a recipe I will update this when I actually make something from this

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