Goose❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Goose Author Dawn OPorter – It's a year and a half on from Paper Aeroplanes and Renée is now living with her Aunty Jo They even have geese and Renée likes to sit and watch them wondering if she'll ever find 'the One' someone w It's a year and a half on from Paper Aeroplanes and Renée is now living with her Aunty Jo They even have geese and Renée likes to sit and watch them wondering if she'll ever find 'the One' someone who will love her no matter what and be there for her no matter how bad things get She and Flo are in their final year at school and they've got some tough choices to make like will they go to university And if so where and will they go together Renée's usual ambivalence on the matter shocks Flo who had assumed they'd continue as they were the best and closest of friends forever She feels as though she needs Renée's support than ever so when a handsome young boy enters Flo's life she finds herself powerfully drawn to his kindness and his faith Renée and Flo's friendship will soon be tested in a way neither of them could have expected and if Paper Aeroplanes was a book about finding friendship Goose is the novel that explores whether it's possible to keep hold of it. 45 Goose is even better than Paper Aeroplanes and I absolutely adored that one Dawn O'Porter is uickly becoming one of my auto buy authors Her work is so honest creates such nostalgia and juggles both humour and deep issues so well These books are absolutely unputdownable Goose is much darker than the first book in the issues that it deals with; growing up having to make such a big decisions when you're young loss grief familial relationships There are so many different things that Renee and Flo go through I found myself feeling so grateful that they had each other but also grateful for my best friend from school How would we cope without them?Once again O'Porter succeeds in portraying exactly what it was like to be sitting your A Levels With the pressure of deciding which course to do what universities to apply to how to actually get the grades you need saying bye to your friends and family; the final years of school are such a tough time and I felt like O'Porter manages to convey this perfectly Flo develops so much in this book; she finally manages to find herself and is able to define herself without Renee Renee slowly starts to become comfortable with herself They both go through some incredibly tough things in Goose; things that girls of 1718 should not have to go through The way Dawn O'Porter depicts their friendship is beautiful It's far from flawless but it's such an honest and beautiful friendship They're a match made in heavenThe issues of sex is once again discussed; something which I am definitely for I don't think enough books openly discuss this topic and I think that teens could definitely do with information on the topic; to know that what they experience is normal that everyone is the same everyone is eually terrified and confused by it Goose is another beautiful humorous but sensitive novel and I really hope that there's another book to come in this series Actual rating 25 out of 5 starsI really think Paper Airplanes could have easily been a stand alone I really enjoyed that book for being a honest portrayal of teenage girls growing up and finding new friendship Although similar issues are still present here although focused on the friends splitting this book is for the most part really annoyingFlo and Renee haven't matured at all since the first book and even though they're 18 here they still come across as 15 Both of them whine a lot and have very juvenile voices and at parts it became kind of irritating to read I also found their conflict to be contrived just so we could have the cliched best friend fight that comes up every so often in YA literatureI also found the handling of religion to be so disrespectful I just don't know if it's because it's hard to write about religion or if it always comes across as super awkward but I thought it was handled terribly especially in the case of Gordon Gordon was the stereotypical church boy who came across as unrealistic and a bit much and I didn't believe someone could exist like him for one second The way he talked felt like it was ripped straight out of an annoying Bible group discussion but there was no energy to his character The only way he could be defined was by his religion and that annoyed meRenee's conflict was also really frustrating She kept on harping about how mature she was being with an older man and how the other boys her age are immature which was also unrealistic and it just seemed like the behavior of a doe eyed damsel in distress than the Renee who's supposed to be reckless yet sensible The action of being in a relationship itself matched her character but her behavior didn'tThe writing throughout was nice and I did like how everything wrapped up in the end However Goose will need to find another partner as I won't be accepting its love Even though I wasn't bowled over by Paper Aeroplanes I decided to persevere and give Goose a chancewell I wish I hadn'tI find it hard to believe that these two friends at 18 would be so naïve and childishI found Flo thoroughly irritating I understand she was bullied by Sally and has low self esteem but her dependency on Renee really grated on meHowever this time I did feel Renee's storyline was believable I think most teenage girls have had a relationship with someone who isn't good for them All in all if another one in this series is written I don't think I will have the patience to read it I just don't think the content of this book sat well with me It felt a little abrupt and wasn't really what I was expectingI didn't relate well to either of the characters and the content I was looking forward to from the blurb was not executed the way I wanted Almost didn't finish and probably only did because it was under 250 pages if there's something I admire it's O'Porter's honestyfull review here Enjoyed seeing what happened to the girls from the first booksolid 4 for me I devoured the two books in this series in about 25 days I found the writing style super engaging and thought they were beautifully written Review by BethIt is no secret that I loved Paper Aeroplanes In fact it featured in my favourite books of 2013 and so I was determined to be top of the list when it came to reading the seuel Goose Already knowing the characters meant there was an element of returning to old friends with Goose which made it an entirely different read to Paper AeroplanesGoose isn’t Paper Aeroplanes Flo and Renee have both evolved as the novel takes place six months down the line and rather than being at different stages of their journey they are now both attending the same school together which is how the differences in their personalities become pronounced and the friction which is present throughout most of the novel growsFlo and Renee are kind of growing up but still true to themselves Renee is still keen on doing things her own way and not really caring what impact that has on anyone else whilst Flo seems almost desperate to find her place in the world Goose sees her turning to “God” which did disappoint me a little as it seems a bit too easyI did enjoy how O’Porter injected some humour into the Christian scenes as Flo tried to build her relationship with God through attempting a relationship with the lead singer of a Christian Rock band I did have a private giggle or two remembering a girl I lived with at university listening to Christian Rock in her bedroom – each to their own I supposeThe novel sees both characters grow and change although with Flo it’s almost like she becomes a new person The only downside is that the novel seemed to rush towards a climactic end which at least had the shock factor even if it did come out of nowhere Dawn O’Porter’s style continues to delight me regardless – her explicitness depicts teenage life in a way which I don’t think is done as well by any other author and just reading about them seems to transport me back to being their age As well as getting lost in Renee and Flo’s story O’Porter makes me get lost in my ownYou won’t find a better representation of teenage emotion and reality elsewhere Goose is set a year and a half after Paper Aeroplanes Renée and Flo are eighteen and pondering what lies beyond their final school year Goose explores the nature and of friendship love sex and even the delicate subject of faith I didn't love this as much as I loved Paper Aeroplanes and I'm not 100% sure why I did laugh and I did cry but not as much It was just as compulsive a read though and I devoured it in a few hoursAs someone who grew up Catholic I thought that the treatment of Christianity and Flo's discovery of her faith was very well done It was never too much and Flo's uestions and occasional doubts about her own faith and the extent of others' faith along with the humour that this was treated with made it all very believable and kept it interestingAlthough at first it would seem that Renée hadn't learnt from her disastrous previous experiences with men in Paper Aeroplanes her story in Goose really resonated with me This is where I think Dawn O'Porter's novels really stand out in YA for their raw honesty in the treatment of sex and relationships When you're eighteen and unsure of yourself relationships aren't often healthy and fulfilling and I've definitely experienced the kind of toxic relationship that Renée does in GooseI think the reason I didn't love it as much was because the stories did feel uite separate from each other but I suppose that was due to the girls' changing personalities But I still really enjoyed reading about Renée and Flo and look forward to reading as there are two books planned for this series In both Paper Aeroplanes and Goose Dawn O'Porter beautifully captures exactly what it's like to be a teenage girl it is addictive reading that will affect not just teenagers but anyone who has ever been that age 15 StarsI made myself finish Goose instead of DNFing it like I wanted to Renee and Flo were such unlikable characters and I had such a hard time connecting with them I kept hoping there would be some redemption that they'd actually have a reason for being so high strung and meanI couldn't stand Renee To me she was naive in the worst way The things she did and her entire development as a character felt so bland All the bad things that happen to her could've been seen from a mile away If she weren't so dumb she might have seen the actual truth Are actual 18 year olds like this?Flo's narration also felt really immature I liked her a bit better than Renee but that's not hard to do Her obsession with school would've been fine if the author had done anything with it but instead we kind of just ignore itI think my main issue with this novel is the use of religion to justify the storyline Having Flo have some sort of weird encounter with God that makes her feel safe and like a better person and what notThing is I'm a Christian and whenever Christianity was brought up it was done so in such a bad way In the midst of all the sex and drugs I get to hear about a screwed up version of what I believe in It was not funIn the end Renee and Flo don't change There is no character development There's really no point in this book No redeeming ualities no charming story nada This is a painfully boring book with boring charactersFor fans of Rainbow Rowell this is notThank you NetGalley for an eARC of this in exchange for an honest review

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