The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc, #1)

The Last Dragon Slayer (Deathsworn Arc, #1) Imperial Wizard Saul Karza Has A Problem He Has To Kill An Invulnerable Dragon And He S Left His Army At Home There S Only One Thing That Will Turn His Fatal Failure Into Survivable Success The Last Dragon Slayer Saul Karza, Wizard Of The Empire, Has Been Given A Quest By The Empress Herself To Find And Slay A Mythical Noble Dragon Said To Be Near Invulnerable Instead Of Leading A Large Band Of Soldiers, Archers And Spell Casters, He Sets Out With Two Immigrant Dock Workers And A Homeless Dwarf What Saul Needs Is The Legendary Last Dragon Slayer On His Side, Because On This Deadly Quest It S Not Only Saul S Favour With The Empress That S At Stake But Also His Life.The Deathsworn Arc Series Deathsworn Arc The Last Dragon SlayerDeathsworn Arc 2 The Verkreath HorrorDeathsworn Arc 3 The Blood Queen A wizard, a dwarf, an elf, a dark elf, and three humans walk into a bar Sounds like the beginning of a joke, doesn t it But it really happens in The Last Dragon Slayer They re an unusual collection of creatures who work together to reach their shared goal to slay a Noble Dragon It feels like a modern cross over between the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit in the beginning, which is why I keep comparing this story to Tolkien s, but the author added his own spin to it That was not always a good thing, which I will explain in a bit, but it was a damn good effort.P.S This dragon battle is superior in every single way.I didn t like the female character, Vashni the elf, much Yes, she is strong, but sometimes she comes across as a spoiled brat, even a bully She enjoys humiliating others for the sake of entertaining herself, because everything is boring She takes a buff warrior and literally turns him into her bitch she takes away his sight and hearing, makes him kiss her boot, has him act as her handmaiden, the list is endless Worst of all, he actually allows all this because he has the hots for her She trains him to be a better warrior in return, and teaches him to defend himself against mental intrusion, but that still doesn t take away the fact that she was a bit of a bitch I felt like the story focussed way too much on Vashni s training of Korhan, and not enough on the other characters.My feelings toward Saul, the wizard, were perfectly voiced b
All I had to be told was that there was a dragon in this book Dragons are just well my thing I love reading the different interpretations of this creature And this book did not disappoint It was fun and h
When I just started reading this book, in the very first pages, when the characters are being introduced, I was a bit skeptical of what was about to come The reason is that the main characters in this story are a mage, an elf, two barbarians, a human and a dwarf and I was afraid this would be another very inspired LOTR plot.But I went on reading, and once the gang was formed, the story took a very different course In this first book, the heroes go on a journey to kill a dragon which is harming a village During their journey, we learn about the characters, but specially two of them, Korhan and Vashni a barbarian and a female elf They develop a very special relationship along the story, which keeps the reader very curious to know how this may evolve and eventually what the author has planned for these two.I think the
Re read again I didn t actually read the latest version because I don t have that in paperback I think in hindsight it was a good thing to hire pro editor Mike Rose Steel The work we did on this book was definitely worthwhile and though this version is good, it does have it s flaws Re read again August 2016 I wanted to re read this to see how the series flows into the first 30,000 words of book 5 which I m currently working on I like this book, I think it s a great book, but I also think it could have been better I m sure my style has developed significantly since I wrote this I just hope everyone who reads it sees through the odd clunky sentence and continues the series I feel this book is just the tip of a really huge iceberg The story I m telling is only hinted at in this book and you don t really get to know the characters very well In some respects I wonder if book 1 2 would make a better book I ve started reading book 2 and really enjoyed the depiction of a plague infested town The characters starting to gel i
The Last Dragon Slayer is my return to High Fantasy novels, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it Martyn Stanley s style of writing appeals to me in it s directness and non usage of typical High Fantasy flowery type language The characters were interesting Their interactions and relationships that developed were entertaining, especially the female elf Vashni and the male human Korhan I also enjoyed and appreciated the ethical and moral decisions that the characters made It was nice to see characters that didn t just go around maiming and stabbing things all willy nilly While I felt the fight scene with the Dragon could have been a little longer it is supposed to be
This book is the first in a series that I was asked to read and give my opinions on Well I finished it and I have mixed feelings about it To tell the truth, I expected it be less random than it turned out to be and, I dunno, I wanted the author to make me care about the characters, but unfortunately, with just 2 exceptions, I did not Which is a shame because if done well these characters would have been badass May contain spoilers Read at your own risk First off this book should have not been called The Last Dragon Slayer pff, like there aren t any other dragons out there and Korhan s gonna be the only one who s gonna kill em all the title I am guessing does not refer to Silus by any chance, he s almost ignored after they leave Trest I think this book should have had a small subtitle at the bottom Korhan gets humiliated because that s what most of the plot revolved around at it was jarring to say the least, but I ll get to that a bit later.This book was too short, it did not explain enough, it just went in a liniar pattern and the things it showed such as culture and whatnot, but the rest was either repetitive or unimportant they bring up at least five times the discussion of what to do with a brain dumb bandit I had no fucks to give any by the time they were leaving Bri
The Last Dragon Slayer starts with a wizard named Saul Karza, travelling with three others two men and a dwarf He has been given the mission to kill a dragon which is rumoured to be about Lacking in skilled warriors, he tries to recruit Silus Mendelson, who is known as the last dragon slayer Once he is recruited they set about travelling to complete their quest On their way, they come across Brael, a Gravian and he decides to join them Shortly after that, when they run into trouble they meet Vashni, a elf who can whisper After finding out what they plan to do, Vashni joins them feeling as though they will not win without her Together the group set out to take on the dragon After finishing this book my first thought was that I wanted to read the next one This story was well written and had characters that I really liked Vashni, was intriguing because she could whisper and get into people s minds It made her seem very powerful and someone who you wouldn t want to cross Silus Mendelson, was good as well and at the beginning I didn t think he was going to join the mission Saul and Brael were the only characters that I found disappointing I just felt as though you didn t see enough of them But I think you will when you read the rest of the books in the series I liked Thrax, and thought that he seemed clever and cunning.As well a
I love a good fantasy novel especially ones with elves and dragons and Deathsworn Arc The Last Dragon Slayer definitely hits the spot.There s some pretty good re imagining of elves here which really caught my attention I can t say without giving it away , and the character illustrations at the end of the eBook are amazing Note to Martyn Stanley Brilliant move to hav
The story that I read was not what I was expecting It developed into mostly a story about two of the characters, with very little of the first character introduced But it was still a good adventure I m curious where the story will move on to in the next book.I was given a copy of this book
Martyn Stanley is a talented new voice in the fantasy genre, and his book, Deathsworn the Last Dragon Slayer Surprised and delighted me Just when I thought there was no room for yet another book about slaying a dragon, came this one and it made me think twice about that judgement Here is what I loved about this book First of all, the main character is not your average, I shall succeed at everything except keeping my ego in check type of hero This was important to me as I have seen this in far too many books I liked that this character had faults and wasn t perfect It allowed me to feel closer to him and to identify with his purpose and plight that much I applaud the dynamic between the characters in this book, in particular the relationships between the members of the group that ended up travelling together I enjoyed wondering what would happen between a burgeoning love interest and two people that could have either become friends or ended up at odds The author has a talent for creating tension between his characters and keeping the reader engaged for the durat

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