Make Your Book Work Harder

Make Your Book Work Harder WHY YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BOOK ON MULTIPLE PLATFORMSWhile You May Think That The Entire World Is On A Single Book Buying Platform, Nothing Could Be Further From The Truth As EReaders And EReading Apps Proliferate, So Do Book Selling Services And Sites If You Re Selling Your Book On A Single Platform You Re Missing At Least 40% Of The Digital Reading Audience This Book Was Written For Authors Of Fiction And Non Fiction Who Want To Expand Their Reach And Increase Their Income.Created By Two Experienced Authors, Make Your Book Work Harder Walks Readers Through The Maze Of Book Selling Platforms, Including Some That Are Well Known And Others That May Never Even Be On Your Radar.What You Ll Gain From Reading This Book Step By Step How To For Using Multiple Platforms How To Maximize Your Promotional Time How To Minimize Your Promotional Dollars Where To Find Little Known Publishing Alternatives Free Sources For Promoting Your Book Time Saving Social Media Services How To Amp Up Your Income By Creating A Book Related Course Our Personal Preferred Vendors For Outsourcing Formatting And Social Media Exposure How To Increase Your Name Recognition And Much, Much YOU VE WORKED HARD NOW MAKE YOUR BOOK DO SOME OF THE HEAVY LIFTING We All Know The Time And Energy Involved In Writing A Book That S Why We Feel That Only Selling On A Single Platform Isn T Leveraging The Power Of Your Book Or The Power Of Alternative Publishing Platforms This Book Is The Solution To The One Platform Sales Lag That Every Author Sees Over A Period Of Time Using Our Techniques You Ll Expose Your Book To New Audiences Who Read Books On Multiple Apps And Services Including Some That Are Subscription Based Why Settle For A Single Point Of Sales When You Can Reach Most Of The Marketplace BONUSES TOOWant A Behind The Scenes Look At How The Authors Promote Their Own Books On Facebook One Of The Free Downloads For Anyone Who Purchases This Book Is A Guide To Book Promotion On Facebook That Can Cost Pennies A Day The Authors Have Also Created A Secret Facebook Group For Readers Of This Book Only A Group Where New Additions To The Book Will Be Introduced First, So You Ll Get A Head Start On Trying New Techniques For Making Sales TIME TO SPREAD YOUR WINGS There S Never Been A Better Time To Spread Your Wings And Get Your Books Out Into 100% Of The Book Buying Marketplace Click The BUY Button And Get Going With New Promotions And Sales Starting Right Now. Wonderful resource book for beginners.Since last 9 months, I am in publishing world as an independent and traditionally published author I spent a lot of my time in reading, experimenting and learning about publishing This a book which I must say all facilities are available under the same roof Seriously, it contains practical knowledge I would recommend this book to all aspiring authors as must read.At the same time, I would suggest Nancy to look into the formatting of Section one of this book. As someone who has been in indie publishing for the past year, I didn t find anything new in this book I have already researched every bit of indie publishing But I wish I had read this book at the beginning of my journey as an indie author It would spare me so much headache.This is a real must read for anyone who is only a beginner The book covers almost all the fields, from KDP to Twitter The authors generously share with the reader their own experience, talk about self publishing, promoting, social media, and many .Some of the fields this book covers and KDP select the book explains all the pros and cons of using KDP select, publishing with , using the promotion days.Smashwords Smashword is another good platform for the indie authors The book is precise in describing how to publish with smashwords and make your book available at BN and Apple store.Goodreads with millions of users, Goodreads has become one of the most helpful platforms for authors The book gives some good hints about the goodreads giveaways.Facebook this one doesn t need introduction The book gives not only valuable advice, but also has links to some book author writing groups.Twitter good info about using twitter.Youtube very helpful information about how to use youtube and even how to make videos.Creatspace how to create the paperback of your book.LightningSource how to create a hardback.Audible how to make an audio version of your book, how much it will cost, how to find a good narrator, etc.The authors even give you great templates for review requests, blog tours, interviews Priceless info for newbie authors.Some very helpful information about promoting your book Links, websites, google ads, facebook ads, and many, many .Overall, this is a very helpful book for anyone who is not only writing, but also doing their own marketing.Worth every penny I recommend the book to anyone in the business Good luck I downloaded this book for free in exchange for an honest review. Highlighted the book like crazy Made tons of notes Full reviewing coming very soon.Received review copy from Story Cartel Authors in exchange for honest review enjoyed so much bought a copy I downloaded this book because I recently finished Campbell Scott s book, Goodreads for Authors and found it very helpful I am working on marketing my first e book, The Way Home, and looking for resources to help I was amazed at how many useful and mostly free opportunities were listed in this extremely helpful book The book is divided into four sections Get Your Book into Multiple Platforms Promotion and Marketing If you Book Doesn t Sell and Save Time and Improve Your Writing In the first section, the authors explain in detail how to use the major platforms for books including audio, Kindle, Smash words, Create Space, and one I wasn t aware of, Udemy, where you can make your book into an online course They include the details of how to do it, costs, what resources you will need, research on pricing, and royalty schedules Everything is explained clearly and simply, with lots of examples from their personal experience and links, links, links I found the promotion and marketing section even interesting, as there were many resources new to me, all with links, of course, and hints on how to maximize time and budget They emphasize tracking your marketing, automating everything, and even sample letters with suggestions of how to approach bloggers and book reviewers The section on advertising is practical and realistic, and again, contains many good resources, including sources for outsourcing the tasks for which you don t have the time or patience They include tips on how to research what s hot, and some information on making sense of s listing I am going to check out many of the links and resources in this valuable book, and expect that it will be a staple in my reference library Highly recommended for anyone marketing a book. This book is five stars PLUS It s clear that the authors know their stuff and they are willing to share it all the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to all the other avenues open to authors aside from They tell you so many ways to promote your book beyond and not just what to do but HOW to do it with detailed information They also give great resources, free programs and even the best vendors to use for outsourcing much of the work Once you read this book, you ll never wonder again what else you could be doing beyond selling your book or ebook on Kindle again and you ll start making a lot money It s definitely a MUST READ for serious author entrepreneurs I love learning new marketing tips from authors, and there are some great ones in here for newbies experienced marketers alike I learned about , some new sites for paid promos, and some recommendations for using Fiverr. Good in depth book marketing toolThis is one of the better book marketing books in its genre The author gives you a surplus of tips and advice on how to use the market to your advantage. Covers all you need to know as an indie writer From writing to publishing to marketing, you will get almost step by step instructions It is a MUST read for anyone interested in starting down the path of an ebook creator. Pretty goodThere s plenty of useful information in here Some of it s a bit outdated, but that wasn t too bad There are a few new things I intend to try. I m a busy Mom, and haven t had a lot of time to learn everything I need to know, to sell my new books So I was very pleased with this guide The authors cover a wide variety of subjects that I m going to find very useful especially the sections on CreateSpace, and promoting your book.Nancy and Michelle both write in a clear, organized, and helpful layout I think this is a book well worth reading if you re really serious about being a successful author yourself It s great to have all of this in one spot And now that I ve finished this happy review, I m off to start making use of the great stuff in this book I was given a copy of this from Story Cartel in exchange for my honest review.

[BOOKS] ⚦ Make Your Book Work Harder  ✫ Nancy Hendrickson –
  • Paperback
  • 206 pages
  • Make Your Book Work Harder
  • Nancy Hendrickson
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780615909202