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Because We BelongReading Because We Belong Author Beth Kery Nature Ian Misterioso, Dominante, Um Homem Habituado A Conseguir Tudo O Que Quer Francesca Fascinante, Uma Mulher Que N O Tinha No O Nenhuma De At Onde Estava Disposta A Ir Em Nome Do Amor Em Porque Somos Um S , Ian E Francesca S O Obrigados A Confrontar Se Com A Paix O Extravagante Que Os Uniu No Passado E For Ados A Encarar Os Segredos Mais Ntimos Que Amea Am Separ Los Para Sempre Os Segredos De Um Passado Ao Qual N O Podem Fugir O Mist Rio Que Atraiu E Seduziu Francesca, E Que A Enfeiti Ou Com Um Desejo Proibido Para Ambos, O Pr Ximo Passo Liberta O Total Review to comebut I absolutely LOVED this book I just finished Because We Belong A MAZ ING I LOVED IT Holy cow, Beth Kery knocked one OUT of the park with this book It was so interesting with so much detail and back story I was so sad when the book ended that I wouldn t get to hear about all of the characters again, but then saw the excerpt from Since I Saw You and got soooo excited again I really loved the entire series I was really happy that Ian s emotional depth was explored in this book It really looked at his insecurities He really came along in book three I m definitely recommending this to all of my book friends, as well as re reading this I love how each book is so different, yet Beth s writing style is beautiful in e
This was my second time reading this book well my first time reading as I listened to it on audio the first time This book picks up six months after the first book Ian left Francesca after his mother s death and finding out the his father was a rapist Turns out Ian and Lucien are brothers Francesca is lost without Ian going thru her days heartbroken for the lover that has called or reached out to her When Lucien tells her that they need her help in a business matter with Noble Enterprises she agrees to help I hated Ian s cousin Gerard he was a jealous man who wanted what Ian had including Francesca After almost being kidnapped Francesca goes to England to be with Ian s family for the holiday s when Ian shows up her world is thrown for a loop Francesca is angry at him for leaving her and I didn t blame her Ian knows that she is suffering and is willing to do anything to help her so when she comes to him for sex he lets her take the lead, but he knows she needs This two have some hot crazy sex that turns out Gerard is recording and using a
4 Tortured Ian StarsIf you like tortured heroes, then Because We Belong is for you.This is the continuation of Ian and Francesca s story Ian is distraught after finding out who his father is He travels to France to seek out his roots He doesn t tell anyone where he is and loses all contact with Francesca.It is 6 months later and Francesca is still dealing with the aftermath of being left alone She wants to move on, but it s difficult when Ian has left her control of his company.ReviewI wanted to love and hate Ian at the same time There s a good 25% of the book where Ian and Francesca are separated we all know I am not a fan of this , but it wasn t so bad this time You can really feel Francesca s pain She loves Ian so much but he LEFT HER She wants to move on, but she has to be the front woman of Ian s company now.Ian he s just this damaged character that I kind of understood and then kind of didn t He wants to know how he came about, but he doesn t believe he can do it with people, so he leaves his love behind I would consider him very selfish and a tad bit frustrating.The love between Ian and Francesca is very apparent and it s very romantic There s so much tension between the two because of Ian breaking Francesca s heart, it makes a juicy read At times I felt that Francesca was a bit too understanding, I wanted her to make Ian really pay and have him suffer.Regardless if you are an Ian and Francesca fan, then you wi
3.75 stars BECAUSE WE BELONG is the third full length instalment in Beth Kery s Because You Are Mine contemporary, erotica adult series Kery is known for her serial style of writing including the first set in the series Because You Are Mine I am not a fan of the serial style novel therefore I was than pleased that Because We Belong was released as a full length novel from the outset.The premise of Because We Belong continues the story of Ian and Francesca who were the focus of the first series Because You Are Mine Francesca is the young woman hired to paint a scene for billionaire Ian Noble s lobby and in the ensuing weeks to months, the couple will fall in love but not before the reality of Ian s lifestyle demands have Francesca reconsidering what her heart really wants Ian has a dark and kinky side likes to experiment in the BDSM lifestyle and hopes to draw Francesca into his life But Ian also has a secret one that involves his ailing and mentally ill mother and the truth of the situation con
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.This review contains spoilers for Because You Are Mine and When I m With You, the first two stories in the series You could try to read Because We Belong as a stand alone book, but I wouldn t recommend it.After having to read the previous stories in this series as serial novels, it was a huge relief for me that Because We Belong was being released as a complete book from the start The prologue takes place hours before the dramatic moment in When I m With You when Ian found out that his mother had died and that he and his good friend had both been fathered by the same man who had raped their mothers and thousands of other women before his death We then move forward six months to find that Ian has been missing that entire time, with only his personal assistant Lin knowing where he is or what he is doing Francesca has moved back into the house she once shared with all her old roommates while trying to go on without Ian, angry and sad that he has refused to contact her even once When Lucien returns to ask for Francesca s help in managing a delicate financial crisis at Noble Enterprises, her decision sets off a chain of events that put her in danger from an unknown enemy and force her to confront the mania driving the man she doesn t want to live without.I loved Ian and Francesca so much in Because You Are Mine, and hated having to wait each week for th
4.5 stars Ian Noble 30 years old Billionaire Playboy British and French Royalty Dark hair Blue eyes Dom Francesca Arno 23 years old American Painter Master student of Arts Graduated in Architectures and Arts Red gold hair Brown eyes Innocent Loved Book 1 and I loved this Book 3, which is actually the second book dedicated to Ian and Francesca s story, since book 2 was dedicated to Lucien Ian s best friend and recently discovered half brother It was necessary to see Ian and Francesca s story developbecause people grew to love them and book one only give a glimpse of their beautiful and tormented love.The story itself deserves 5 stars, but just because the sex scenes sometimes were too long 1 2 chapters I have to give less The story development in Book 2 was unexpected and impressive, I liked that this second part of the story took place in a royal environment and that inspected of Ian s life and gave light about his parents story and took his and Francesca s love story into a total new level, putting their love in test many times.Book 2 has mind blowing sex, but also a lot of dramaa lot of intrigues and war for power and money between members of Ian s family I totally ship Ian and Francesca, they re an other hot and lovely couple who will take your breath away D For those who love the Dom Submissive erotica romances this is a great one, even some small things like billionaire student dom submissive might remind to 50 shades, the story i
Title Because We BelongAuthor Beth KerryPublisher Year Penguin 11 5 13Length 368 pagesSeries Because you are Mine 3OverviewThe wicked good storytelling Jaci Burton of New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery continues inBecaue We Belong, the new Because You Are Mine novelIAN the herodark, mysterious, and very dominant Smexy Books , a sexual force to be reckoned with, a man accustomed to getting what he wants.FRANCESCA a fascinating heroine Heroes and Heartbreakers , a woman who had no idea how far she was willing to go in the name of love.Introduced in New York Times bestselling author Beth Kery s erotic phenomenon Because You Are Mine, they aroused an addictive and delicious USA Today romance that dared to break the rules of attraction.In Because We Belong Ian and Francesca return to reignite the exquisite passions that drew them together, and to finally face the intimate secrets that threatened to separate them forever The secrets of an inescapable past that was one man s darkest mystery a darkne
Though I enjoyed the other books and anticipated this one, I only gave it 3 stars I was disappointed I like parts of it, but the overall feel was too wordy It took too many words to describe the mostly non original action Thus taking away from the excitement At the end of the previous book, Francisca and Ian are engaged At the beginning of this one, it s six months later Ian is acting odd Francisca feels something is wrong Then he disappears without a word, leaving Francisca in limbo, feeling totally empty This reminds me of the part in the second book of Twilight where Edward leaves Bella Same storyline Several of Ian s family and friends help her rejoin the world Lucian and Elise are the best friends they could have Elise is as wise and helpful as she was in her book Ian s grandparents are sweet, but their characters are kind of flat I have no idea what Clarisse was supposed to be doing other than muddying the action And I hate Gerald Though he probably was the most intriguing character in th
I received an ARC of this book I have read the complete series and I think I like this one the most It has mystery and suspense The story of Ian and Francesca continue This is the story about Ians fears He needs to find out about his past and who exactly his real father is and why he is such a mystery After he suddenly disappears after his mothers death and no one hears from him except one person Then just while he is gone a business transaction comes up and Francesca finds out that she has been left in charge of his business and its up to her to make the final decision but Gerard, has other plans But Francesca decides its beside to listen to Luciens side or what he thinks that Ian would do But then she is invited to go to Ians grandparents anniversary ball and from then and on the story gets juicy This erotic romance book has the pages smoking I loved this book and the story of Ian and Francesca and how their love conquers all Their love is everlasting I highly recomend this book be

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