Shadows on the Road

Shadows on the Road Shadows On The Road Free Author Michael Barry In 2012, Veteran Cyclist Michael Barry Announced His Retirement From The Sport Weeks Later He Testified Against His Former Team Mate Lance Armstrong, As Part Of The USADA Investigation.In A Stunning Piece Of Writing, Barry Explores The Dreams And Passion Of A Young, Idealistic Cycling Fan From Toronto, What It Was Like To Go On To Ride As A Teammate Alongside Such Giants Of The Sport As Lance Armstrong, Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins And Chris Froome, And How Those Dreams Were Compromised Early On In His Career By A Sport In Crisis.But It Is Also The Story Of His Eleven Years Riding Clean, Before And After His Time In The Notorious US Postal Team What Was It Like To Head For Europe At Such A Young Age, And What Was It Like To Escape The Environment Of Doping, To Try And Start Again, All The Time Aware That Past Actions May One Day Catch Up With Him Offering An Elegiac Insight Into The Life And Mind Of A Professional Sportsman The Pressures, Sacrifices, Fears, Crashes, Injuries And Neuroses Shadows On The Road Is A Must Read For Cycling And Sports Fans Alike. A fascinating and well written look into life in the peloton, an interesting take on Sky s no tolerance policy puts cyclists off admitting doping in the past The most interesting parts of the book for
An interesting read, especially after just finishing Dave Millers book The Racer I found the writing introspective, about what he was feeling and the way life as a professional cyclist effected his family and home life Some of the descriptions of what Lance Armstrong s team did to win were horrible, how could they do that to themselves Lance himself comes over as a particularly unpleasant charact
A wonderful book on the author s life as a pro cyclist Absorbing and enthralling, the writing at times is so good, it is almost poetic He really captures the essence of cycling and why the pro circuit destroys it. I read Barry s earlier book Inside the Postal Bus which discussed his 2004 season with the U.S Postal Team, and gave it two stars That book struck me as not particularly well written, trying to offend no one It also ended on an odd note with people shocked, shocked I say, at Tyler Hamilton s doping.This is a much better book Better writing it fees like a book, not like blog posts and with the freedom of retirement, honest about both people and doping This is not a book that makes you long for life in the pro peleton, this is the book you read to experience a bit of that life without having to live it Yet it still communicates the joy to be found in cycling.My only complaint might be that it can be difficult to follow the chronology at times, since it jumps around between chapters and it can ta
I m in some ways obsessed with the sport of cycling now And naturally that obsession began with supporting Lance when I was very young But as the skeletons have come out of the closet, things have changed in my mind and this book helps clarify and confirm a lot of those changes For someone who has been in the peleton all his life, this book is a g
Really niceIt was a fun, good read Most of the book discusses the ups and downs of his career and not the doping which is mainly dealt with in the last chapters of the book The book is a bit demotivating as it shows a lot of the negative sides
The usual issue with sporting autobiographies is that the person may know their sport inside and out but they are not as good at writing as they are at their sport This book avoids that trap Barry can write has a very interesting style and has been around the big moments in the cycl
It s a interesting read, the timeline is sometimes a bit confusing but if you watch Tarantino films you get used to it I was expecting More fireworks, detail, just It s interesting reading about the day to day but the USPS side and doping were mentioned in passing, just very matter of
A well written book by someone who has been at the heart of the problem area in cycling the drug culture A bit rambling in parts but that doesn t detract from the story of his acceptance of doping and subsequent admissions, which are evocatively explained ASs The book is fascinating from start to finish The book feels confessional and the disjointed flow of the narrative enhances the feeling It is the story of someone who made a bad decision, influenced by powerful characters, and regrets that decision.

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  • Shadows on the Road
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  • 03 October 2018
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