animal behavior

animal behaviorEbook Animal Behavior Author Gabrielle Holly Alex And Gwen Are Both Desperate For Change They Find It In An Unexpected Place.When Shy Veterinarian Alex Turns To Dark Magic To Cure His Awkwardness Around Women, A Botched Spell Transforms Him Into A Werewolf By Day He S The Star Of TV S Dog Talker And Uses His Powers To Communicate With Pets Under The Full Moon, He Becomes A Man Beast Driven By His Unquenchable Need For Sex.Gwen Is Running From A String Of Bad Relationships And A Failed Business Venture When An Unexpected Inheritance Brings Her To The Tiny Northern Minnesota Town Of Talbot She Ll Soon Learn That Her Grandfather Left Her Much Than Just His Home.As Alex Struggles To Keep His Insatiable Libido Under Control, Gwen Stumbles Into His Life And Complicates Everything Until She Understands The Werewolf Pack And Her Unique Role In It Alex Must Be On His Best Animal Behavior. The first book in the Wolf s Mark series is an erotic and unique world of werewolves.Alex is a shy veterinarian who is very awkward around women and her turns to dark magic to help boost his confidence and gets than her bargains for One botched spell later and now he s a werewolf with his own dog talking show with an unquenchable thirst for sex Gwen is desperate for a change and when an inheritance from her grandfather complicates her life by landing her in a unique role babysitting werewolves.The author has added a unique spin to the werewolf romances and created an interesting and intriguing world While it is a slower paced book, the plot flips between the present and Alex s past smoothly adding depth to the story The characters are compelling with strong personalities that the readers can relate too and want to know about The romance between Alex and Gwen is co