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This story was typical of any good horror story. It hooked me from the beginning and kept reeling me in. David is suffering the effects of a traumatic brain injury that he received in a car accident.

From the beginning you don't know if the events are just effects of the injury or something more sinister that is going on. This book is a must read that I couldn't put down. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the end! David has been plagued with massive headaches, mood swings, and depression that resulted in a traumatic brain injury due to a horrific car accident. He has lost his girlfriend and most importantly his job due to his erratic and scary behavior. Now David finds himself haunted by a ghostly black shadow of a man who has been stalking him. C S Dixon has written a frightening tale of David slowly going mad in his imagination or for real? I highly recommend this suspenseful horror story that this author has been able to write in his most clever and chilling thriller. Shadow, a short story by C.S.Dixon, is a pulse quickening, page turning and gripping thriller, that keeps you engrossed from the very first page to the unpredictable and unexpected last one.
David, the protagonist in this tale, had been involved in a road traffic accident some months earlier that caused serious head injuries leaving him a traumatised and much changed man. With few friends and no immediate family, life is difficult for him as he becomes haunted by a ghostly shadow. BUT: Is it just his imagination getting the better of him or do his ghosts actually exist? What is real and what is not!
This is a spellbinding story that will keep you guessing all the way through. I recommend it, a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Shadow is the story of David, who laments the recent breakup with his girlfriend, Lucy. While David tries to carry on with his life, he finds himself haunted by this shadow, which seems to follow him everywhere he goes. Shortly after encountering the entity a few times, David sees most everyone around him as this mysterious and frightening being. Is this shadow merely a recurring nightmare from the accident he suffered months ago, or is there a deeper, more hidden meaning? Read this gripping thriller to find out! This is the first short story I have read by this author, but I can tell it won't be the last. Meet David, a man suffering from a brain injury after an accident, or could there be more going on? That is something for readers to find out when they grab a copy of this book. The author has a great writing style and this short story is a suspenseful page turner. great job.