Legacy[PDF / Epub] ☁ Legacy Author Lois McMaster Bujold – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fawn Bluefield the clever young farmer girl and Dag Redwing Hickory the seasoned Lakewalker soldier sorcerer have been married all of two hours when they depart her family's farm for Dag's home at Hic Fawn Bluefield the clever young farmer girl and Dag Redwing Hickory the seasoned Lakewalker soldier sorcerer have been married all of two hours when they depart her family's farm for Dag's home at Hickory Lake Camp Having gained a hesitant acceptance from Fawn's family for their unlikely marriage the couple hopes to find a similar reception among Dag's Lakewalker kin But their arrival is met with prejudice and suspicion setting many in the camp against them including Dag's own mother and brother A faction of Hickory Lake Camp denying the literal bond between Dag and Fawn woven in blood in the Lakewalker magical way even goes so far as to threaten permanent exile for DagBefore their fate as a couple is decided however Dag is called away by an unexpected and viciously magical malice attack on a neighboring hinterland threatening Lakewalkers and farmers both What his patrol discovers there will not only change Dag and his new bride but will call into uestion the uneasy relationship between their peoples and may even offer a glimmer of hope for a less divided futureFilled with heroic deeds wondrous magic and rich all too human characters The Sharing Knife Legacy is at once a gripping adventure and a poignant romance from one of the most imaginative and thoughtful writers in fantasy today. This story is about a new couple breaking new grounds challenging old landmarks amidst prejudice and family drama while fighting magical monsters What’s not to like?This is the second book in the series Fawn and Dag are a brave couple that puts other’s needs before their own but will not settle for anything that wants to tear them apart Fawn is a uick thinker in an outside the box kinda way She is shunned and disdained in her husband’s community for not having magic but she’s saved lives where magic has failed using only her wits In spite all this she stayed courageous and resilient; it also helped that Dag is unwavering and committed to their love and friendshipIt was an entertaining read👌👍👏 The second volume of the Sharing Knife series following directly on from Beguilement Dag and Fawn newly married travel to Dag’s home with the Lakewalkers There they meet resistance to their cross cultural marriage family drama a new malice threat and some strange new developments with Dag’s Ground powers life force magic basicallySince it does not seem possible to review this book without addressing it I’ll pause here to register my continued bafflement over the splitting of the volumes It makes perfect sense I mean my God we could never have a 200000 word fantasy novel Utterly unheard of And everyone knows those romance readers all have teeny attention spans anywayI’m annoyed because I think I would have liked the two books as one better than I liked either separately Also I gather the impetus to split them was an editorial one and given I think it was a bad call on literary grounds that leaves moneymaking motives And that alienates me A lotAhem The book itself is nice enough I complained about some of the la di dah patness of the first volume and this book turns around and delivers a nasty prickly mess of people who never did and never will reconcile let alone accept each other I appreciated that as well as the thematic topnote about living forward and prescribed paths and asking uestions and how to know when you’re doing right and when you’re just compounding tragedyDag murmured It used to happen up in Luthlia sometimes in the winter someone would fall through rotten ice And their friends or their kin would try to pull them out and instead be pulled in after One after another Instead of running for help or a rope though the smart patrollers there always wore a length of rope wrapped around their waists in the cold season Except if someone's slipped under the ice well never mind The hardest thing the hardest thing in such a string of tragedy was to be the one who stopped But you bet the older folks understoodThe book is about being the one who stops and in that sense it’s lovely if unsubtle I do have to admit to snorting than once particularly when the profundities tipped right over into clichés Fawn took a long breath considering this painful thought Some times she said distantly with all the dignity she could gather it isn't about havingthe right answers It's about asking the right uestionsMy God if only someone had ever said that to me before To be fair these are appropriate things to come out of Fawn’s mouth considering who she is and where she’s from but I still rolled my eyes pretty hardThe bottom line though is that this book entertained me but it never moved me beyond occasional mild indignation on Fawn’s behalf Dag is interesting though a bit too close a reiteration of several recent Bujold male leads if you ask me and Fawn is all right but I wasn’t there with them and I certainly wasn’t feeling the romance the way I wanted to Shame really The Sharing Knife Legacy is the second half of the story that begins with Beguilement It begins with a leisurely honeymoon scene before Fawn and Dag who had spent most of the last book with her family go to meet his while the problems with malices continue to get sinister as well as mysterious Fawn the young heroine is smart capable full of energy and knows her own mind She's emotionally balanced probably than Dag is She is possessed of a generous spirit and an eually vast curiosity about how the world works she would never have been happy settling down to wifedom on the farm though she would have done her duty without martyrdom because she also finds satisfaction in the work of her hands no matter how humble and in her interest in and sympathy with the people around her But she's capable of and Dag seems the one to give her the worldIn this book Bujold widens the lens on how this fascinating world works She does not just give us terrifying monsters in order to keep the plot zippy she hints at layers and depths below or behind those monsters raising and uestions about the development of history and culture about how its magic works About everything And because it's Bujold we know that future stories will depend on all these tantalizing hints; we do learn that there was an apocalypse after the people's ancestors gained far too much power The Lakewalkers with their grubby existences actually have a surprising history As the stakes build the uestions become important and it's clear that these two books are the opening of a larger story Meanwhile the characterization is complex and involving and overall there is that nifty hard to define humor that I believe springs from a sense of grace Terrible things can and do happen in Bujold's books but they are never mean books Compassion sorrow hard won wisdom infuse the humor with a lingering depth so that I spend days after I finish one of her books thinking it over then retrieving it to reread passages I opened up Vol 4 and realized that I couldn't remember the series well enough to understand what was going on so I went crazy and got all four books from the library and devoted my week to reading them all in a row What a lovely week it was I am just so enthralled by this world she has created the ground sense magic the ancient immortal malices growing out of the earth the difficult cultural divides and so many lovely and starkly real characters This wasn't the most fun I've had reading a Bujold book not packed with bigger than life action and rollicking good times The pacing was lovely but it was a very grown up book with magic full of real adult problems magical in laws that won't accept you a world not ready to make the changes it must make and no easy answer for the uestions what next The world is falling behind the malice threat and the so clever culminating battle with this beautiful powerful malice and easy ending that turns out to be so difficult the solutions such as they are coming from an outsider a farmer girl who doesn't know better than to try something wildly different And the horrifying mound of bodies that pile up at the end It's heart wrenching and the only solution is to get their two cultures lakewalkers and farmers to somehow work together but the barriers to this happening are vast and so difficult I LOVE Bujold she is a master In withdrawal from the the ending of the Vorkosigan series I am sticking with this one but it is a slog Bujold writes great relationships and political schemes but I just can't get into this limited rural world of nomadic rangers vs farmers vs some ancient evil thing that has to be killed with a laboriously complicated process the nomadic rangers think they have a monopoly on So really this is 400 pages of the minutiae of peasants camping I was afraid thart the plot would be repetative but it would seem that LMMB managed a new twist for every book int he series higly recommended Bujold's story of Fawn Dag Farmers and Lakewalkers continue in Legacy You learn very uickly how deep seated tradition closes off family and clan to that which is unknown and forbidden Again it is a story of how ignorance and close mindedness hurts not only those that you love but those that could benefit from an open mind and understanding Luckily asking new uestions and always sticking together keep Dag and Fawn together and safe through a lot that happens in this book This book proves that listening to your own intuition will always out way listening to those that think they know best for you Bujold is a beautiful story teller One of my lower ratings for one of Bujold's books but still a very good one This one was a continuation of the story in the the first book than its own stand alone story so don't skip Beguilement I love Lois McMaster Bujold Just love her books the complexity and the particular knack she has for writing a third act that pushes beyond what most authors would have taken for an end point to see the larger repercussions The Vorkosigan books are very dear to my heart and while I've only read The Curse of Chalion from her main fantasy series I loved that too So when I saw this at the library book sale last year I had to snap it up even though it was second in a series and there was no sign of the first book on the SFF tableNote The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook AudiobookThis series just gets better with each book I really liked the first book in the series and this one was even better I just hate when people do something for someone's own good knowing that they're driving them away Ugh That part of the story had me totally invested The malice part seemed really brushed over on how he was killed it was a story of the aftermath Great fantasy series

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