Its Not Going to Kill You, and Other Stories

Its Not Going to Kill You, and Other Stories➵ [Reading] ➷ Its Not Going to Kill You, and Other Stories By Erin Flanagan ➪ – “It’s not going to kill you” a mother tells her protesting child And maybe it won’t but that doesn’t mean anyone is getting off scot free A no man's land between exoneration and repercussion “It’s not going to kill you” a Going to PDF ↠ mother tells her protesting child And maybe it won’t but that doesn’t mean anyone is getting off scot free A no man's land between exoneration Its Not eBook ✓ and repercussion this is the place where the people in Erin Flanagan’s stories live in events as big as and as small as an infatuation with a dog groomer as meaningful as Not Going to PDF ´ the birth of a baby and as senseless as a car crash as uniue as a s air band living out dreams for a city in decline and as common as an afterschool Not Going to Kill You, Kindle - job that sucks These stories accept that we all make mistakes but it’s what we do in the aftermath that defines usSharp witted and tenderhearted these are stories in which readers will find people they recognize but never really knew until now  . After the first few stories I had a feeling that the pace would pick up and I was right Flanagan has created a collection of stories filled with characters from the Midwest who deal with the fumbles and foibles of life while trying to survive emotionally and physically in a world just a little off center I found I Don't Live In This Town particularly devastating as the teenage boy struggles to assert his homosexuality in the face of familial and societal pressure In each story there is a constant underlying threat of violence that rarely actualizes yet its presence is unnerving Her command of language to invoke the subtle interior states of mind of her characters leaves the reader wondering if the next blow each character suffers might in fact be deadly They are underdogs and you root for ay least one of them to get it right It's not going to kill you if you don't read these stories but it might leave you a little emptier of that greatest of blessings compassion Ms Flanagan has composed a book of twelve short stories The only problem to me is that they are either mini or beginnings of stories that should be finished its like opening a bag of potato chips and saying I am only going to have one never going to happenThree of my favorites are “It’s Not Going To Kill You” which focuses on the relationship of a divorced mom with a son and her aging mom Guilt and not living closer is easy to relate to when reading this but she should of gone on as their was so much that could have been said“A Possible Story” has me wondering if perhaps this is something that might of actually happened to the author The main character Pam had a uick one night “affair” with her professor and well known author who is not invited to visit one of her classes and talk about his work Again so much could have been written“The Summer of Cancer” is another short story and goes on about two friends Emily and Tracy and how they are spending their summer working on a perfect tan If only they knew that today they could of died of skin cancer Also involved is the strange relationship Mr Mackelvoy has with his daughter since his wife died There was so much that could have been said and leaves us wondering if we are correct in what we are thinkingCall me crazy but I want a beginning middle and end when I read a story and you won’t get that from this group of stories I give this book three stars because just like most short story collections I have read I enjoyed some of the stories and some not as much What I like most about Erin Flanagan's writing is that it feels real These characters do not feel much like romanticized literary characters but everyday genuine people you may meet Further she places her characters in real everyday situations to see how they react That is what these stories are; character reactions to situations such as a night in a hospital waiting room a car breakdown or simply a summer of tanning they are uniue stories and certainly worth readingA particular highlight is The Summer of Cancer Pick up the book for this story if nothing else The first person narrator draws the reader in uickly and the ending sticks in your mind long after reading I still wonder about these charactersI definitely recommend I loved Erin Flanagan's first book and was pleased to see she had a second book I enjoyed this book but not as much as her first collection of storiesI like that her characters are just normal people in regular situations She is very good at dialogue and description I enjoyed all the stories A collection of stories with interesting characters and settings that are so real you would swear each tale is autobiographical I enjoyed this book so much At the end of each story I'd think that one was my favorite but then the next story would pull me in as much as the previous one We so rarely get compelling real stories about middle America This collection is a real gem Very good to brilliant stories She has a way of making the most fraught situations resolve into something gorgeous Amazing characters and wonderfully interesting stories I'm not a big fan of short stories but I loved these

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  • Its Not Going to Kill You, and Other Stories
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  • 10 July 2016
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