Because You Are Mine

Because You Are Mine❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Because You Are Mine Author Lena Hart – Betrayal cuts deep especially when it comes from someone you trust And no one understands this better than Cara Sinclair’s old love now new boss Drake Ross Growing up these two shared an undeniable Betrayal cuts deep especially when it comes from someone you trust And no one understands this better than Cara Sinclair’s old love now new boss Drake Ross Growing up these two shared an undeniable bond until they found themselves in a fight for their Because You PDF/EPUB or lives Twelve years later fate conspires to bring them back together Yet while Cara is torn between chasing a lost love or pursuing another Drake is left uncertain of the truth and his feelings for the girl he believed betrayed him But the love that binds them proves impenetrable And when light is finally shed on the secrets that haunt them Cara and Drake will soon discover that danger still lurks and betrayal cuts deeper than they could have ever imagined. Oh dear I just don't know where to start with this oneI think that half of the problems I experienced with this novel are that it is of a novella 116 pages and the story needed time to unfold and flesh on the bonesCara Sinclair was attacked as a young woman but she recalls nothing about the event her boyfriend at the time Drake Ross was wrongly accused by her step father of being her attacker and he was arrested and sent to prison until his family bought off Cara's familyTwelve years later Drake has manoeuvred his way into being made Finance Director at the firm where Cara works and he fully intends to extract revenge for the way in which as he sees it Cara lied and extorted money from him and his familyI really liked the sound of this as summarised by me above but the execution fell flat for me Cara was just too wet and virginal and plain confused there is only so much of that I can takeOf course Cara's attacker is someone they both know well and it came as absolutely no surprise to me when his identity was revealed frankly it couldn't have been any obvious if he had a flashing neon sign above his head saying creepy attacker over hereDrake and Cara still have feelings for each other his despite the fact that he believes she was a con artist who falsely accused him for money which inevitably leads to them doing the dirty Now this bit I thought was well done Drake turns on Cara afterwards leaving her hurt and confused At this point I thought the book was going in the right direction bringing some tension into the relationship etcBut then bish bash bosh everything is wrapped up in three chapters and an epilogue view spoilerCara's mother confesses her part to Drake totally out of the blue Cara's attacker happens to visit her apartment on the very same day Drake Cara's mother and the detective he hired manage to save her at the last minute and they all lived happily ever after hide spoiler Book 2 – Cara and Drake’s StoryThis was a shorter read but I still very much enjoyed the story I felt sad that it took 12 years for this couple to find out the truth about what happened to Cara which ended up with Drake getting the blame So glad Drake gave his cousin the beat down he so richly deserved The betrayal of the couple in this story was totally shocking the people who were involved in itReally enjoyed the mystery of the story Great read This was a great short story that was uite heart wrenching I love strong alpha male characters and this book certainly had that The heroine wasn't weak she was strong but in her past she had been brutally attacked and still carried scars from I love that it had a HEA and that justice was served 25 stars Great read I love the story line It’s really captivating I couldn’t put the book down I would definitely recommend it to all my friends Since I discovered this author a few weeksmonths ago I’m having a hard time moving on I read a few of her other stories and I enjoyed them for the escape they provided This is one I didn’t care for as much It’s good but I’ve read better stories from Hart so I can’t say that my like is as high Cara Sinclair has always liked you could even say loved Drake Ross They met when they we both very young Cara’s mom was the nursing aide to Drake’s grandmother and created a very strong friendship The story starts off with Cara’s being assaulted we don’t know by who but the assumption is that it’s Drake Cara’s step father that jerk convinces the sheriff that Drake is the person who assaulted Cara because her blood is on his hands Okay go with me here for a second because that part is so convenient for the storyline that somehow the author thinks that neither this reader nor the local law enforcement doesn’t need actual evidence to convict But it’s okay because not a lot of time is spent on Drake’s time behind bars anyway We jump 12 years into their future where Cara’s working as an analyst at a consulting company and Drake is hired as her new directorboss We don’t know what either have been doing in the previous years other than getting to the place where their are now Without a better back story that what was provided it’s very hard for me to find something about either character to bond with The thing is that Drake has some understandably pent up feelings you can say hate because I did Then even interesting about these two is that somehow Drake’s family was able to pay off Cara’s family to drop the charges and move away Weird rightWhat’s strange about that is that Cara’s mother claimed innocence of knowing that her husband took bribe money to go away I couldn’t believe it either like seriously I thought that was complete BS to have that woman so stupid to not realize something’s up Then there’s the speedy getting back together that didn’t make sense to me Cara’s just accepted Drake’s pseudo apology for his harsh and rude behavior at work Yes the sexy times were not far behind I’m serious it was minutes I liked Cara enough but she was smart in business and a complete push over with Drake Then there’s Drake who was not unlikable but not likable either And that’s why this one didn’t make me feel the same enthusiasm for their story as I have for other stories by Hart Just blah Happy Reading FolksRating CReview posted at wwwredhotbookscom This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader Because You Are Mine is a free book I got on All Romance eBooks this month I didn't have many expectations going into the story Didn't realize how short it would be with a complicated plotThe story starts off abruptly with Cara Sinclair in extreme pain after being beaten We don't know much else at this point other than the sheriff has detained Drake Ross as a suspect since he is the own who brought in Cara with her blood on his handsFast forward 12 years and Cara has a job in finance in Chicago With a new boss on the way she is shocked to find out it is Drake In bits and pieces we get the story of what happened to Drake but in reality is was as clear as mud Cara doesn't remember what happened to her Her mother and stepfather accept money from Drake's family and move away So when Drake arrives there is a lot of hostility between the twoDrake works Cara hard and Cara can't stop the attraction she feels for him Because of her loss of memory and her parents protection she doesn't know all of what happened to Drake She tries to keep it professional while Drake tries to keep his distance It all seemed silly and I don't know why Drake has a valid reason for being angry after losing his reputation and being detained and harassed for two years Cara has a valid reason for not knowing anything about what happened nor what happened afterwardsSee Cara made some moves on Drake the day of her attack He turned her down and that caused her to not want to see him after the attack Not to ruin the story but Cara finally remembers everything and the story climaxes fast and furiously without any gratificationExtremely short and lacking character development I just thought this story needed a little something to make me like it This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader Because You Are Mine was presented with skillful turns in phrasing It is based on classic themes but all are fresher from the usage of brisk pacing and the author’s uniue voice The editing was well executed as I only noted a single error in the entire work and that was a homophone Though I have to admit in the first few pages I was spellbound with the tale and finished it in one sitting So I could have missed uite a bit and that would include a herd of elephants stampeding past meAs a matter of fact if I read one work of hers that is just as good as this one Lena Hart will easily land on my auto buy listThe book is constructed to be a mainstream and the lovemaking is on the sweeter side of the spectrum Although with romantic trends painting a full picture in the bedroom and precious few descriptions provided elsewhere I appreciate the concentration given to plot But no sci fi props or paranormal tricks needed to give the tale any additional flair as the hero and heroine throw sparks from the moment they are introduced There’s a bit of everything misunderstandings deceit jealousy and even a spot of blackmail There are characters that could easily be loved and others that I loved to hate including the heroine’s mother But just a scene or two wouldn’t have been amiss as that could flesh the honed story out slightlyAs the ending was chuckle worthy and left me smiling there was no complaint on that end The only thing that got me was the fact that I wanted Not that there’s anything wrong with that either it just means that like The Terminator I’ll be back to read it again Reviewed by Jennifer Romance peppered with a bit of mystery375 stars The story of Drake Ross and Cara Sinclair is the first story in this trilogy Cara has loved Drake since she was eight and he was fourteen Years later she follows him into the woods and tries to seduce him; Drake is attracted to her and almost yields to her advances Feeling rejected Cara runs further into the woods and is attacked and hospitalized and Drake is jailed as the attacker Twelve years later Drake is hired as a department head at the firm where Cara works Their mutual attraction is rekindled and culminates in sexual intimacy that reveals to Drake that Cara is a virgin everything regarding that incident is revealed including the attacker A sweet short read This is a great well written emotional love story about two characters that knew each other as children and are reunited as co workers It’s an intense interracial love story which reunites Cara and Drake after years of having no contact This couple is the most unlikely pairing I’ve seen in a story because the hero was accused and arrested for hurting the heroine when they were teens The author created a believable backstory and did an excellent job of sprinkling it in and building the tension between the characters I highly recommend this novella a great emotionally charged story with characters you grow to love