ぬらりひょんの孫[PDF / Epub] ☄ ぬらりひょんの孫 ✓ Hiroshi Shiibashi – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Rikuo Nura adalah bocah lelaki yang memiliki darah yokai siluman Ia tinggal di rumah utama klan Nura bersama para yokai dan kakeknya Nurarihyon pemimpin klan Nura yang juga dikenal sebagai Komandan Yo Rikuo Nura adalah bocah lelaki yang memiliki darah yokai siluman Ia tinggal di rumah utama klan Nura bersama para yokai dan kakeknya Nurarihyon pemimpin klan Nura yang juga dikenal sebagai Komandan Yokai atau Penguasa Segala ArwahApa jadinya bila satu satunya cucu Nurarihyon itu menolak menjadi pemimpin klan Nura. 25 January 2013Creepers But oh so fun Nura Rise of the Yôkai Clan Volume 1 Becoming the Lord of Pandemonium is an impressive debut manga that weaves old Japanese folklore into a modern twist of a ghoulish action adventure Rikuo Nura is the grandson of Nurarihyon the Yôkai Supreme Commander Nura is three uarters human and a uarter yôkai His childhood ambition is to become the Third Yôkai Supreme CommanderThat is until the day he tells his classmates who his grandfather is and they all mock him into embarrassment Filled with doubt he uestions his goals and decides to shirk his clan duties and embrace his human side His resolve wavers when he learns that his friends are endangered Unable to let his friends get hurt he takes on a powerful transformation to save themNura's transformation begins a ripple effect throughout the clans Some rejoice but there is political unrest among the others who begin to manipulate a power play for his title Unfortunately there is something tricky to Nura's transformation that could affect who becomes the next leader of the clanThe plot gets really interesting with the introduction of Yura Keikain the last of the Keikain Onmyoji Clan bloodline I'm looking forward to seeing what dynamic she will have with Nura It'll be intriguing to see if rival clan members can become friendsThe Nura Clan Main Family's yôkai are so amusing I really like the disciplinarian Karasu Tengu but I especially adore Aotabo He's a lovable lug who for some reason reminds me of Captain Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean I know they don't really look alike but I can't stop thinking they do in my little twisted brain Although there is a lot of silliness with most of the yôkai in Nura's house the evil ones in the story really really creeped me out There is one scene that reminded me a little too much of Ringu and I still have that image burned into my head Eek Ringu scared the crap out of me and I haven't been able to watch a scary movie since I'm such a wussview spoiler hide spoiler Reason for Reading I love yokai These are a class of spirits demons or monsters from Japanese folklore which range from evil to mischievous Some are vile and wicked others can be cute and fun They can be anything from a massive ogre to an animated umbrellaAn exciting beginning to a new manga series Riku is 34 human and grew up in a house full of yokai his grandfather is the supreme commander of the Nura clan Growing up Riku has heard all the tales and thinks that the yokai are cool special and the good guys but once he starts school he learns differently He speaks up against someone who has done a report on the demons and tells the truth about his household everyone laughs at him and doesn't believe him He learns the truth at home Five years pass and Riku is a young bespectacled teenager who is supposed to take over as the leader of the Nura Yokai clan but he refuses to have anything to do with them Being 34s human this is easy for him to do but somehow that 14 yokai blood comes out every once in a while and that 14 of Riku is very different and he wants to be the leader he is meant to beFor a first volume this is packed with story and background Much happens and I was drawn into the world right away Riku's city has a high amount of yokai activity so we see them popping up freuently and a rival clan comes to town to challenge Riku's leadership causing an instant conflict Riku is a complex character wanting no part of the evilness of yokai yet protecting his clan from being found out by school mates He battles emotionally with the repugnance of the evil that some yokai do and the petty thievery of others while at the same time obviously loving and caring for the yokai he has grown up with On top of that there is plenty of humour from many sides The story is light but can get intense though not dark at this point anyway I had a real fun time with this one and see that there is a steady publication release for future volumes throughout the year I can't wait for volume two I really admired this book In the previous books and now a 14 year old boy named Rikuo was living in a mansion full of demonsyokai When he was young he was very enthusiastic of telling everyone that his grandpa is the lord of all yokai Many kids thought he was lying of course since no one believed in supernatural beings and only believed that they were just a myth As Rikuo grew up he wanted to be human as everyone else because his most trusted friend Kana told him that they were suppose to be evil and so he believed her and didn't want to interfere with any yokai business So Rikuo tried to live a normal life but since he inherited 14 of his grandfather's blood he had to become the next heir of the Nura clan ever since his father's death One day he awakened his 14 yokai blood and transformed into his yokai formside Ever since that day he had to be cautious around his friends about that secret and his family connections Not only that but he also decides to protect his family and friends and successfully become the next heir of the Nura clan info awhile reading the book In my opinion this book is very compelling and unexpected The events are unpredictable and at the end it reveals a gripping suspense that makes the reader very captivated craving for what will happen next What I also really admire about this book is that it's Fiction and Fiction to me contains various amounts of events that would set your mind in curiosity and wonder This type of genre out levels reality as if it was a different world and creates many unbelievable possibilities Though there are also some other things that concerned me in this book In the back round the author doesn't really explain very well of his father'sRihan death which creates many complications I was also confused by that at first until it took me some time to notice what the author really meant Hiroshi Shiibashi wasn't being really accurate and specific in his details and explanations However the story it's self is interesting enough to pull me into it and start reading even I only recommend this book for those who are intrigued by supernatural and Fiction books Though if those that really like action series you'll never regret reading this book So for those who are interested what are you waiting for? Start reading now Now I don't usually review books I've read and especially not manga but I think this series deserves a special mention I was trolling for manga to read at the library and I'd already read all my favourite series at least twice Now this series had just arrived and although I was sceptical I decided to give the first one a try It was definitely not what I expected Now Nura the protagonist is three uarters human and one uarter yokai and his grandfather is the supreme commander of the yokai clan Now looking at the cover I expected the main character to be a bit of a jerk honestly but I was pleasantly surprised to find a normal looking boy who only uses his yokai powers when someone close to him is hurt which at the start is absolutely adorable considering he's only 8 and soon evolves into being uite awesome And yes I suppose the loyal and powerful character who wishes he were normal is very cliché but I found the story interesting the art extremely well done and I can't wait to read the next one A yokai comedy where the yokai are like Yakuza and the next in line doesn't want to live the yokai life at allIt's an interesting premise that just didn't uite click for me The characters are okay The individual chapters are okay The conflicts are okay I guess what I was really hoping for was yokai mischief with Rikuo solving the issues either peaceably or by force as the Nurarihyon I saw hints of what I wanted out of this one in the old school building and the possessed doll and the comedic timing on the doll was especially goodThe art was passable for a shounen manga though some of the facial expressions look a bit weird on the designs particularly on the girlsI'll probably give the next volume a shot and see if it gets closer to what I want Not awful but not one I feel much enthusiasm for continuing either It's very lore heavy with lots of unnecessary dialogue and I think there were too many characters to keep track of for a #1 I really liked the main character though Interesting but I'm not sure if it is interesting enough So want the book series Really well drawn and written although after watching the anime of this I would recommend reading the manga first guess who's adding manga on gr as well? me add me as a buddy on mal as well i'm teavious there as well