Natural Selection Adaptation #15

Natural Selection Adaptation #15[PDF / Epub] ☂ Natural Selection Adaptation #15 Author Malinda Lo – I was born on Earth not Kurra I'm not humaneven though I try to be My people the Imria think I'm a little unusual because of that They call me an Earthsider as if I've crossed a line chosen a side Gon I was born on Earth not Kurra I'm not humaneven though I try to be My people the Imria think Natural Selection Kindle - I'm a little unusual because of that They call me an Earthsider as if I've crossed a line chosen a side Gone native Before she met her girlfriend Reese before she knew the role she would play in the fate of two worlds Amber was a fifteen year old Imrian torn between two identities Imrian by blood Amber was forced to hide her true self to pass as human during the time she spent on earth And even when she returns to Kurra her human experiences including first love and heartache still separate her from her fellow Imrians But when Amber undergoes kibila a traditional Imrian coming of age ceremony during which Amber will choose her name and identity for the next fifteen years she will be forced to either accept her role in both worlds or forge her own pathMalinda Lo's digital exclusive novella companion to Adaptation and Inheritance takes readers on a journey through Amber's past giving fans a glimpse into her life on Kurra and a deeper understanding of one of Adaptation's most compelling characters. If Dean Winchester approves who are we to say otherwise? ;This is why novellas are taking the world by storm and have become such an expected thing nowadays In Natural Selection we get to see the world through Amber's eyes While sometimes the format of the novella itself led to some headache for some example when Amber was going from telling things from her past and then to the present the story is one you don't want to miss not if you plan to read Adaptation's seuel Inheritance It was horrible at first I missed my parents and my Imrian friends and after four years on Kurra Earth felt like an alien planet The food was weird the clothes were strange and I had to speak English all the time which meant I had to remember to call my parents mom and dad rather than ama aba and adaWhile Natural Selection isn't a bridge between novels it is still very much a must read In Adaptation we didn't get to know Amber as much as I would have liked something I made note of in my review But with Natural Selection I feel like now I can properly root for Amber I've come to care about her We get to read about her past how she was born on Earth and raised half here and half in her home planet how she is kind of a celebrity but doesn't act like it who she is and what she wants out of life We also get to learn about the planet Kurra I now find myself appreciating the kind of story Malinda Lo is trying to tell with these aliens who are not that different from us Why do we always assume that if it's an alien story they must be extremely different from us ala Futurama why can't they be alike us but different at the same time? Humans were just so incredibly different from the Imria Their emotions were so volatile that even though I tried to close myself off to them sometimes they still broke through unexpectedly At the beginning it felt like I was trapped in an unending game of dogde ball and I couldn't keep my defenses up 247Natural Selection is also really good in that it gives us a lot of information on the planet Kurra and the Imrians It tells us about their traditions their way of life their interactions and their overall stand on visiting Earth It shows us the kind of society they are The only annoying thing I found was in the language how they call their parents is ama aba and ada Confusing? Definitely Their family structure is also very interesting—Amber has two dads and a mother—but never fully explained Has it always been this always? How does it exactly work? They seem to all live together happily so I am just curious Now I am dying to read Inheritance I want to re evaluate the relationship between Amber and Reese and I want to read about Amber It's a shame the book won't be written with her POV I like her now than I like Reese I also want to see what is going to happen will the humans embrace or retaliate against the aliens? Will Reese and David tell the press the truth? And yes I don't want to be that girl BUT will Reese choose Amber or David at the end of the day? DYING TO KNOW I read this immediately after reading Adaptationlike literally within an hour of finishing Adaptation I had found this in ebook format and started reading it This was a perfect time to read it; it gave some really beautiful and compelling backstory that was really useful to have right after reading Adaptation What a treasure of a series I'm so excited to read the next book And then everything else the author has ever written This was such a great look at how the different worlds interact This also added another layer to Amber and made me love her all the This insight in Imrien culture was a great way to explain Ambers background and how she functions  Wow wow wow Malinda Lo's writing tends to be kind of EH but this was spectacular This novella tells two different stories in alternating chapters which was a little bit hard to follow but both stories are amazing In one we feel the pain of rejection and an untrue friend and in the other the discovery of a new friend and finding acceptance Both are told in the context of a sort of coming of age trip one from earth and one from her planet All the parallels and symmetry were fantastic The pain of the rejection story was emotional but it wasn't too painful because we were hearing it alongside the much positive storyI LOVED getting to learn about her homeworld She is my favorite character from Adapatation I loved the naming ritual the descriptions of her planet and SHE HAS THREE PARENTS weeps with joy You never see that in books let alone YA omgggggg I did feel the It's okay to be gay was a little heavy handed and preachy but that was only a blip in an overall amazing storyI can't wait for the seuel D This novella fits between Adaptation and Inheritance which I have not yet read giving us Amber as a first person narrator Readers who haven't tried the first book would not be confused but certain discoveries would be spoiled It's a tightly written story the structure underscoring Amber's dual nature as a supposed human from Earth and as an Imrian The story steps between Amber's preparation for and her undergoing the every fifteen years ritual expected of her people while she reflects on her experiences the previous summer Amber comes to terms with several important realizations making a friend as she does I really enjoyed it For a detailed review please check out my review belowDebra's Book CafeDebs A lovely addition to the Adaptation universe Natural Selection is told in Amber's point of view in two concurrent stories one of an overnight field trip when she lived on Earth dealing with her first crush; and of her coming of age ceremony on her home planet Kurra where she has to choose her first name and decide who she is An evocative and telling look at the incredible worldbuilding in this universe 37 starsview spoilerOMG IT'S FROM AMBER'S POV Though I'm still a bit wary with her for lyingIt's nice to know a bit about her planet Kurra It's very different from Earth I thought they might be or less the same since they look the same like humanI'm a bit disappointed honestly I thought I might be able to read about Amber's thoughts on Reese when they first met hide spoiler Brilliant I thought I loved Amber before but this just solidified it for me And learning about the Imria was a nice plus as well because obviously Adaptation left us hanging on a delightful cliffhanger without much to know about anything This way at least we're a little ahead of Reese in the information game This is Amber's coming of age on Kurra and coming out on Earth story There are hints as to where the larger AdaptationInheritance story will go Excellent writing I already adored Amber and now I do even Can't wait for the last book

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