Clemente[Download] ✤ Clemente Author The Clemente Family – Baseball great family man humanitarian—the life and enduring legacy of Roberto Clemente as told by his familyWith a swift bat and fierce athleticism Roberto Clemente intimidated major league pitcher Baseball great family man humanitarian—the life and enduring legacy of Roberto Clemente as told by his familyWith a swift bat and fierce athleticism Roberto Clemente intimidated major league pitchers for eighteen seasons compiling three thousand hits His legs were among the uickest of his era His throwing arm was one of the strongest gunning down base runners from right field with incredible freuency He would spend a career fighting for respect and finally achieve it after a historic World Series performance and a second half of a career that would have him mentioned with greats like Jackie Robinson Hank Aaron Willie Mays and Mickey MantleBut what Roberto Clemente did off the field made him an eually great humanitarian One of the first athletes who understood how the power of sports could be used to transform not just a handful of lives but many thousands of them he would die following his heart and conscience by helping others Clemente was on an aircraft loaded with supplies for an earthuake stricken Nicaragua when the plane crashed in the Atlantic OceanForty years after that tragic day the widow and sons of this regal athlete and consummate humanitarian open up for the first time about the husband and father they lost Featuring an extensive array of rare and never before seen photos of Clemente on the field and off this powerful memoir tells his inspiring story from the voices of those who knew him bestINCLUDES PHOTOS. With Hispanic Heritage Month officially getting underway on September 15 I wanted to pay homage to baseball's Latino star players Earlier in the month I attempted to readPlaying America's Game Baseball Latinos and the Color Line by Adrian Burgos which ended up being a reference book and left me desiring a book which spoke to the passion and flair that is the Latino brand of baseball As Major League Baseball recently announced its finalists for the Clemente award I decided on Clemente The True Legacy of an Undying Hero that the Clemente family edited as a labor of love honoring the memory of their father and husband Most current baseball fans myself included are familiar with the story that now takes on mythological proportions Pirates star Roberto Clemente who recently recorded his 3000 hit was about to embark on an humanitarian mission to Nicaragua to aid victims of a recent earthuake After boarding a DC 7 cargo carrier in San Juan Puerto Rico on December 31 1972 the plane took off almost immediately killing its five passengers Clemente included He had always told his wife Vera that he lived his life to the fullest because he knew that he was going to die young Before the crash he had been having premonitions that something would go wrong with his plane yet having raised thousands of both dollars and aid for the earthuake victims he went ahead with his mission as planned Vera was left a widow with three young sons who did not know their father Over forty years later she is still carrying out Roberto's mission as both a Latino baseball ambassador and good Samaritan all star having chosen never to remarry Her sons say that in many ways their mother is still married to their father and this showed through at this year's major league baseball game in Miami which honored the Clementes as Hispanic baseball pioneersWhile Clemente is known for his average two MVP awards and world series titles as well as his flair in which he played right field few know the prejudices he faced when he first arrived in organized baseball First signed by the Dodgers Clemente as a nineteen year old not knowing the language was assigned to their Montreal farm club Receiving little playing time he was drafted by the Pirates the following year and then became their starting right fielder for the next sixteen years He played through various injuries and ailments that today's superstars would sit out because he realized that he was playing for all Hispanic ballplayers facing the additional prejudice of having dark skin color Clemente faced similar challenges as Jackie Robinson and met them with the same dignity even meeting Dr Martin Luther King and joining forces on a number of dialogues and conferences to better people of all walks of lifeWhile this book tells Clemente's story it is also a pictorial account of his and provides glimpses of the man off of the ball field that few knew Vera includes pictures of their courtship and wedding as well as of their life together Puerto Rico There are numerous photographs of Clemente during his ball playing days; however I was interested in Clemente the person and how he came to be an ambassador for goodwill His sons have tried to carry out their father's legacy but in the Pirates organization two of the sons never made it past the minors A neighbor from Puerto Rico did make it to the Pirates Orlando Merced who grew up in the Clemente home and played in the majors for thirteen years The name Clemente still carries godlike status in Puerto Rico as children schools roads and even the airport have been named for him Likewise in Hispanic communities in the United States there are numerous institutions named for Clemente the trail blazing ball player and all around all star individualIn 2002 President George W Bush awarded Clemente with the Presidential Medal of Freedom the nation's highest honor to a civilian There has been a push around Major League Baseball by the Hispanic community to retire Clemente's number 21 in the same regard as Jackie Robinson's 42 Both were larger than the game itself facing numerous challenges so that today's generation of superstars can play the game with their uniue style and flair They both met these obstacles with the same magnanimous results and should be eually honored One current star said it would be a greater honor to win the Clemente Award given annually to the player who best gives back to his community than to win most valuable player of his league I thank Vera Clemente and sons Luis Roberto Jr and Ricky for compiling this book as it is a fitting and telling memory of Roberto Clemente the ballplayer and person5 stars “Clemente The True Legacy of an Undying Hero” by The Clemente Family published by CelebraCategory – SportsBaseball Publication Date – September 24 2013One would be tempted to say that this book would be of interest to only those who knew Roberto Clemente and were interested in baseball and specifically the Pittsburgh Pirates but Roberto Clemente transcended both the sport and the PiratesThe book gives a condensed version of his life It tells of his beginnings in Puerto Rico and working his way to the Major Leagues It is a story of his love for his fellow man regardless of race color or creed Clemente was always ready to help those in need and did so with very little notoriety Clemente was a family man who took great pride and joy in his wife and children Clemente although a Hall of Fame player may best be known for his death He was in a fatal plane crash while attempting to deliver much needed supplies to the people of Nicaragua after a devastating earthuakeThis book is a wonderful read with many photographs unfortunately the people in the photos are not identified and will leave wondering who they were especially the players on the Pittsburgh Pirates teams and does one remember the Old Gunner Bob Prince This is not a biography It's a book filled with memories from his family and closest friends It's full of never before seen photographs too It's hard to be a baseball fan and not fall in love with Roberto Clemente He wasn't the first Latin baseball player but he was the best He's so much than just a ballplayer He's a humanitarian who cared about people He was a man of honor who also happened to be a remarkable baseball player This book had a lot of great uotes from family members and GORGEOUS photos but serves better as a supplement to a extensive Clemente biography than as a standalone volume Maraniss's biography of Clemente is still the gold standard of these books as far as I'm concerned This was a solid biography that offered a uniue angle because it was written by Roberto's family members However the book didn't really follow a timeline and zigzagged back and forth between parts of Roberto's life which made the book difficult to follow Review title From the land of Roberto ClementeIn the world of sports celebrities I think it is a safe bet that none is so universally loved and is so richly deserving of that love than Roberto Clemente Yes he died young and tragically still at the peak of his skills and became an instant legend anhonor and weight that sometimes makes realistic appraisal impossible in light of his beloved legacy But even 40 years after his death no secret life of shame no tell all biography of the real Roberto has come to light even in the instant history era of the internet We can only conclude then with his family in this adulatory book of interviews and pictures that Roberto Clemente really was and remains The Great One baseball's last hero as he is subtitled in David Maraniss's biographyThis is not a biography go to Maraniss if that is what you are looking for but a memorial by his wife Vera and their three sons now middle aged men who have found their own way in life after losing the father their only knew through the eyes of little children They are honest in expressing the pain of losing a father and husband and feeling the guilt and pressure of being the living heirs and the left behind to deal with those who wanted something from Roberto even if just the remembrance of fandom in Pittsburgh and Puerto RicoThe book also includes dozens of photographs most of them obviously unstaged candids that reveal Roberto Vera and the boys on and off the field For a fan the photos are fascinating as they show the broad shoulders and narrow waist of a natural athlete and a strikingly handsome man utterly composed and alert in every picture He is always observant never surprised in any of these picturesSurprise would come only in tragedy at the moment that sealed his fate and legend forever and left his family to carry the weight of fate and the light of legacy onward They have carried it well As the family says of people from Puerto Rico When they say they are from Puerto Rico they say they are from the land of Roberto Clemente That is a true legacy This is a must read It is a compilation of stories thoughts from Roberto's Family and closest friends He was so much than a Baseball player and the book lets us know Roberto the man Coming to Pittsburgh in the 1950's had to be daunting a black man with a language barrier coming to a town that for all intents and purposes was still segregated He paved the way for Latin ballplayers which virtually changed the game The book is filled with so many special pictures My 3 favorites are The back view of Roberto his sons in Pirate uniforms Roberto on 2nd base after his 3000 hit the proud Roberto This is the image I will never forget and lastly Roberto Jr kissing a picture of his Father Clemente was the hero of my youth I am a die hard Pittsburgh Pirate fan and love the game of Baseball Living in Pittsburgh I was fortunate to see him play Poetry in motion is how one would describe him He didn't play for a BIG market team so many people never witness his greatness until the 1971 World Series And what a show he put on I was never so proud and elated for him I still get tears in my eyes today when I think of him I couldn't wait to get the book It was a bittersweet read There are some lovely anecdotes about Clemente's life told by his family teammates and friends and the book is full of pictures half of the book is comprised of uncaptioned photographs but I wanted I think this is a wonderful supplementary resource to the biography by Davis Maraniss but you should definitely read about Clemente or have some knowledge of the man his career and his legacy before reading this book This is a touching tribute to Roberto Clemente by his family The book is filled with stories of the good deeds Roberto did in his too short life It's also filled with some amazing photographs of him as a player and with his family The world was truly robbed of a great person when he died This book is a great collection of photographs well reproduced of the Great One Roberto Clemente Besides the great photos this book is also special because includes so many comments from Vera and Roberto's sons

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