The A-Z of Curious London

The A-Z of Curious London❮Reading❯ ➺ The A-Z of Curious London Author Gilly Pickup – An A Z of eccentric characters strange events and curious happenings this book reveals the amazing and curious history of the city of LondonSpooky gruesome and weird but true things about one of the w An A Z of of Curious PDF Ç eccentric characters strange events and curious happenings this book reveals the amazing and curious history of the city of LondonSpooky gruesome and weird but true things about one of the world's greatest cities come alive here Discover London's tiniest house a year old mouse made from Nile clay and the amazing things people leave on London's trains including false teeth a human skull and even a park bench Why did a dentist keep his dead wife on The A-Z PDF or view in a shop window Where did a shopkeeper murder customers Which ueen showed her bosom to an Ambassador Why was a man arrested for wearing a top hat In the center of the city why is no thoroughfare called a road To sum up eccentrics legends folklore murders scandals ghosts incredible characters and oodles of wow factor—it's all here. Did you know that a ‘tsunami of beer’ once flooded a popular London street killing nine people by sweeping them away on a tide of beer? Or that some of the strangest items left behind on the Tube have been human skulls a pair of breast implants and a bag containing nothing but a Rolex and £10000 in cash? These are just a sample of the bizarre things you will discover in The A Z of Curious London; a collection of facts trivia and strange details that shows London in a new and interesting lightThis book is a handy resource for the uirky bits of London such as where to go if you want to see Winston Churchill’s dentures or if you want to go have a look round The First Shop in the World Nicely set out in alphabetical order from the man that was Arrested for wearing a top hat to the most famous Zebra crossing in the world it’s easy to dip in and out of to get to your favourites tidbits Even if you know London well you will learn something new in the pages of this book Gilly Pickup has done an excellent job of finding odd and unusual facts instead of just your run of the mill touristy information and history lessons Touching on history science myths and the paranormal this book will enlighten and entertain anyone with an interest in one of the world’s greatest cities One of the most fascinating cities in the world London has had its share of 'oddball history' as revealed in Gilly Pickup's charming informative book Here can be found details on the dentist who kept his dead wife on view in a shop window London's oldest restaurant the ghosts of Ham House Sweeney Todd's evil doings the smallest police station in the UK Newgate's Black Dog and other stories of 'the good old city' Pickup's book is fun reading and catnip for Londonphiles Mike O Marathon County Public Library Find this book in our library catalog The book basically does what is says on the cover but it was still a let down I thought there would be weirder stuff in here Ultimately it was like a watered down tourist guide with some uirky passages It wasn't substantial enough to make it entertaining and not extensive enough to make it comprehensive A lot of the images were just lifted from wikimedia commons This book would make sense as a community run webpage rather than a book that you pay 10 Euros forSome of the entries were misleading For example under Punch and Judy you get an abbreviated history of the Royal Opera House and one sentence about Punch and JudyBasically this is a good springboard to do in depth research later The perfect book to pick up for a few moments at a time There was an entertaining mixture of political history social history food history drink history architectural history and You could read for a minute or hours on end

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  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The A-Z of Curious London
  • Gilly Pickup
  • English
  • 11 October 2015
  • 9780752489681