Delincuente argentino

Delincuente argentino[PDF / Epub] ★ Delincuente argentino ✪ Ernesto Mallo – Recuperado de sus heridas Lascano decide ponerse en acción y salir en busca del peligroso general Giribaldi con el fin de recuperar la pista de Eva Asesinos ladrones policías y militares se dan pris Recuperado de sus heridas Lascano decide ponerse en acción y salir en busca del peligroso general Giribaldi con el fin de recuperar la pista de Eva Asesinos ladrones policías y militares se dan prisa en redefinir sus roles en esta etapa de la transición argentina ue pasa de la dictadura a la democracia. First published than a decade ago and set in the 1980s among the messy aftermath of the military junta that terrorised Argentina for years following a right wing overthrow of the Argentinean government in 1976 Ernesto Mallo's SWEET MONEY is a slim but powerful crime novelBuenos Aires is a city rife with corruption Many of those in positions of power are violent and criminal than the criminals they're theoretically tasked with stopping Inside this maelstrom Superintendent Lascano tries to maintain a semblance of honour and ethics even as those very things may get you killed by those who fear and cannot trust anyone who isn't on the take alongside themSWEET MONEY is a vivid and blistering expose of life in Argentina in the early mid 1980s Even as the military junta came to an end and some sort of democracy was restored the after effects of years where suspicion and fear were the order of the day and 30000 people were 'disappeared' means that daily life is still turbulent and dangerous The hyenas are scrapping for survival in a changing worldPerro Lascano is recovering from being gunned down by a death suad but returning to his old job may be even dangerous after the new Chief of Police a tainted man who despite his flaws valued and protected Lascano is murdered Dirty cops are circling like vultures Lascano wants to uphold justice and be a good cop but his world may not let him Meanwhile another man with a broken life 'Mole' Miranda is released from prison A non violent robber who has his own sense of honour Mole is forced to return to his former life despite wanting to go straight When the ' one last job' goes horribly wrong Mole finds Lascano on his tail Two rather decent men in a corrupt societyMallo delivers a compelling gritty atmospheric tale in his own distinct style For example dialogue is run together in italics which takes a wee adjustment by readers but the story is so good that I didn't find it too distracting and uickly got into the flow There's plenty of 'bigger' ideas and issues touched upon as the crime story unfolds giving SWEET MONEY a strong sense of layer and depth Lascano is a philosophical character and the author muses on various topics throughout but this never takes away from the rich story The second in a planned trilogy SWEET MONEY is a terrific book and we can only hope that at some point English speaking readers can look forward to a third For me it was uite hard to follow the story since I haven't read the first part and since I don't know much about history of Argentina On the other hand the story has some plot twists that were uote unbeliavable for me and it lacked dynamics in development in general Also one of the things that kept me constantly confused was using a whole bunch of names and nicknames for only one character sometimes the same person is refered to by name by last name or by nickname so I had to write them all down to keep track Introducing new characters was abrupt and for some of them I felt they were completely unnecessary for the main plot Vanina for example So in general although I could mainly understand what I've read in the end often it was confusing and filled with side stories for which I felt they were rather a burden than exploration of a good plot baseNevertheless I liked the not so harsh realistic style and the main characters since they were well written as two genuinely good guys in a world gone mad uite good but not in the same class as Needle in the Haystack mainly because the ending is untidy A short book about the violent and corrupt world that dominated Argentina Loscano is recovering from being shot The Apostles a violent group of policemen want to kill him The Mole a serial thief is due for release from prison He needs just one job to raise funds to go straight The policeman and the thief develop a symbiotic relationship in order to survive This is the second in a trilogy It will be a tragedy if the third book is not translated and published in English I have read the book halfway through and I just couldn't continue The book is confusing I could barely concentrate on what I was reading couldn't connect a thing This is only the second book I couldn't read to the end For me it's a no Likable characters The style of writing takes a little getting used to confusing leaps to next scene without warningHe captures the historical times of Argentina very nicely The translator left enough spattering of Spanish words so we would not forget the setting When Mole Miranda is released from jail he pledges to never again rob banks and to go home to his wife and child After all his cohort in the crime has been keeping the money safe right? When it is revealed that the lovely young daughter of his friend has been diagnosed with cancer and all the money has been used for her treatment Mole decides one last job is in order Mallo brings us in to the dubious character painting him at once wretched and loveable and in fact by the time you think that he is the protagonist along comes former superintendent Lascano a man left for dead and who has even been replaced on the police force so that he has become persona non grata Not a bad place he surmises since it is the corrupt cops on the force that had originally done him in anywayLike Orwell before him Mallo is one that believes to be successful you don’t follow the norm in fact break any of these regular rules All dialogue takes place is a separate paragraph all run together and written in italics For a speed reader like me it takes an immense amount of concentration to read each sentence and figure out when the other party is talking More than a little confusing Luckily for Mallo is does not detract from either the plot or the elouent language that this fine work of art is written inWhen female problems and money become a common denominator the former criminal and the former cop find their paths crossing at every occasion possible to the point that they cannot deny the bond that has developed and the liking they have for each other With the final scene you find yourself whistling the theme song “The Girl from Ipanema” and visions from an old Bogart movie dance before your eyes All in all a most satisfying read Sweet Money is very much the second book in the Inspector Lascano trilogy and I would recommend reading Needle in a Haystack first That said this could be read as a standalone and very good it is to The story has a gritty realism with some very nice prose and good dialogue My sense is that the translator Katherine Silver has done an excellent job at keeping the richness of description in the text The real strengths of the book are the character development evocation of the history and politics of early 1980s Argentina its very well developed sense of place and the carefully structured and layered plotting There are a couple of nice twists and turns and a couple of lovely sucker punches especially the one at the end Like the first book I found the continuous stream of dialogue where the reader has to work out when one person has stopped talking and another started and who is talking a little bit too much unnecessary work Other than that which didn’t really detract from the story itself I really thought this was an excellent read the 2nd Mallo translated to english Set in Buenos Aires in post horror years with Perro the cop coming back from the dead luck in to solving crimes get his heart broken even than it was start smoking again and disappear into the Brazilian sunset A taut police procedural with same inside the head style as the first Needle in Haystack and the small amount of dialog as italicized run together sentences at the ends or beginnings of chapters The things that make these superior novels are accurate and colorful history and setting a palatable heartbreakingly sad lovelife and a real understanding of the wickedness the nightmare of Argentina during their holocaust and what that does to a society straight or crooked Sweet Money by Ernesto Mallo Trans from Spanish by Katherine Silver Bitter Lemon Press 2011 I normally don’t read mysteries so when I was offered this book I was sure I wouldn’t read than a few pages I ended up reading the whole book and was surprised that not only was it suspenseful which I had anticipated but it was also fairly intelligent well structured and written in a minimalist style that goes well with the plot The background is that of the 1980s Buenos Aires and as expected the criminal and the political world are intertwined Add to this Silver’s great skills as a translator and you’ll have a very enjoyable read