The Collector

The Collector[KINDLE] ❀ The Collector ❄ Victoria Scott – Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome and he knows it His good looks killer charm and stellar confidence has made him one of Hell’s best — a soul collector His job is simple weed through humanity and Dante Walker is flippin’ awesome and he knows it His good looks killer charm and stellar confidence has made him one of Hell’s best — a soul collector His job is simple weed through humanity and label those round rears with a big red good or bad stamp Old Saint Nick gets the good guys and he gets the fun ones Bag and tagSealing souls is nothing personal Dante’s an eual opportunity collector and doesn’t want it any other way But he’ll have to adjust because Boss Man has given him a new assignment Collect Charlie Cooper’s soul within daysDante doesn’t know why Boss Man wants Charlie nor does he care This assignment means only one thing to him and that’s a permanent ticket out of Hell But after Dante meets the uirky Nerd Alert chick he’s come to collect—he realizes this assignment will test his abilities as a collector and uncover emotions long ago buried. Actual rating 35 starsOkay let's start this review off with some straight up trufax On my own it's possible I may not have chosen this book to read That's not because the blurb didn't sound interesting it's just that out of all the other YA sub genres Paranormal Romance is the one I have a very inconsistent streak with Which is unfortunate because when it's done right I fall in love with the story My start with The Collector reminds me of what happened with Obsidian I kept seeing it all over other's twitter avatars and hearing about it on a few blogs I follow you know the drill but somehow that simply wasn't enough for me to actually say Hell yeah Sign me up But that was a mistake because The Collector had me LOL'ing from beginning to endThe thing about this book is that you are not going to like Dante at first He's an anti hero who will partly grind your nerves so bad you'll see red He's the most conceited selfish slightly womanizer ish sarcastic little prick And he knows this Hell he'd probably respond by saying But the thing about Dante is that deep down he has a good heart Throughout the story we see his good growing stronger and stronger through his interactions with Charlie When he first meets her he's pretty mean to her I mean she's the sweetest girl and he's preying on her like a vulture I just wanted to toss him out a window for real But thankfully Dante has tons of character growth and becomes somewhat of a standup guy by the endThat's not to say this is a perfect book While the writing style and characters were all right up my alley the second half did seem noticeably weaker than the first I really think this may have been due to the Big Guy vs Boss Man mythology The Collector isn't preachy at all if you're worried But I did have a hard time believing that Dante's BFF Max didn't know how his Boss got kicked out of heaven Another thing there are only 6 Collectors for the entire earth? They must have been putting in some serious overtimeStill I really was enjoying myself so whatevs I'll allow itThe best part is Dante's voice HILARIOUS Scott created a very entertaining character who was really distinctive When I first read the blurb I thought it was a little ambitiousDante Walker is flippin' awesome and he knows itAll that sentence did is make me turn my head to the side and emit an O RLY? But the thing is that blurb really shows the tone of Dante and the novel unlike other blurbs that mislead peopleSo here are 3 very good reasons why Dante Walker is flippin' awesome1 What up gangsta?I'm trying to think of the best way to describe this guy The one thing that sticks out in my mind every time is that he's like a mini gangsta Which I guess makes sense considering he does work for Hell and he calls his employer Boss Man And seriously all I needed was for him to start rapping  But unlike Jamie Kennedy from Malibu's Most Wanted Dante is cool  Know why? Well that brings us to the second reason2 Check my swag yoAnd I'm not talking about that fake wannabe stuff Sure Dante's a bit full of himself but he backs that shit up Because he possesses one thing I think it was incredibly smart of Scott to include It allowed me to like just a small piece of him until his redeemable ualities showed upGirl I got swag for days And then Dante says things like fo' shizzle and I start thinking that he's secretly one of Snoop Dogg's love children Park it like it's hot Snoop 3 His relationship with Charlie and the gangCharlie and Dante are the most unlikely PNR couple I've ever encountered so far I really didn't expect sparks to fly between the two because their first interaction began with Dante turning his nose up He considers her undesirable unpretty a waste of his time and good charm etc Charlie's beauty is something he doesn't understand at first and tries convince her a change is in order Fortunately Charlie's lovely ualities have an effect on him and he not only starts to develop a conscience but feelings for her He sees how much her friends love her how despite her background she made something better out of it It causes him to really look at his own life's actionsI'll never understand the friendships Charlie has Friendships where it doesn't take cash or hookups or saying the right things to stay in the circle No Charlie's friendships are different She tries to protect her people and they in turn protect her They accept each other's imperfections and support one another My friends weren't like her friends which makes me wonder if I ever had any at allI loved seeing his character developAnd then you have his interactions with the other characters Scott really brought everyone to life with her wit and charm I kept bookmarking my favorite uotes until I realized I was damn near highlighted every other page She spread her awesome out evenly and it resulted in hilarious dialogue a lot of the times between Charlie's best friend Annabelle and DanteIn this trunk she says with a serious face is God's gift to womenChocolate?NoMidol?What? NoTampons?Stop guessing she saysReading The Collector was like listening to a great rock CD There are songs I love than others There are songs where I find myself singing along There are ones that make me laugh and the ones that pull at my feels And let's not forget the slightly annoying ones with the lead singer screaming into the mic ; But every last one of them is memorable I think The Collector will appeal to a lot of readers especially those with an awesome sense of humor Even the reluctant ones like myself ARC was provided by the author No favors or monies were exchanged for review but wouldn't that be awesome?More reviews and other fantastical things at my blog Cuddlebuggery Book Blog Dante is making me give his book 5 stars I swear sometimes that boy gets on my last nerve You girls can have himand his bedroom eyesand his killer smileand his dangerous waysandandnever mind Dante is mine ; What’s up people Name’s Dante Dante is a name you will not soon forget Not because he’s incredible or prodigious or fascinating He is however a person with charms and that eventually grows on you I’m in fact feeling the same exact thing for Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon a Time and we can agree that he as a person is not to be uite admired I am The CollectorIt’s not as bad as it sounds I’m kinda like Santa Claus We’re both jolly guys with a passion for frosted cookies the color redand sorting souls And he sure has an interesting sens of humourIt’s not the most well written book on earth that is evident but still is that always necessary in order to enjoy a read? It was pleasant enough and it definitely did not bother my reading experience Also I a little expected it since I’ve read Fire Flood by the same author and was not impressed At allThis though was better than that dystopian story Not only did it include multiple riveting characters but it also had this light and credible nonetheless ambience that will only help you connect with the characters better and get invested in their story I look like a movie star and move like an athleteIt’s okay to be jealous to covet me Now I’m not saying that the characters are perfect because either they’re flawed or stereotyped It’s just that they all had this suitable characteristic that added some pigment of originality in each one of them Charlie is undeniably stereotyped to the max Yet she changed and grows and it won’t matter any Dante has in fact a character development as well surprisingly His personality did not bother me though so even if he wouldn’t have ended up having one I would not have made a scene out of it ''You know why I’m the best collector? Because I know how to play games I play to win Understand? I do whatever it takes'' The setting is not very peculiar it takes place in Alabama as well as in some high school Dante enrols in in order to get closer to Charlie whom is his assignment that will once fulfilled get him a promotion Which he wants Real badThe plot itself is uite simple It has a spark of originality but you will certainly predict some events here and there It wasn’t a problem for me since I mostly focused on the characters and their reaction to every single thing they and I wonderfully clicked And were really the ones making me enjoy this bookI wish I could recommend this to everyone but of what I see this does not have a high rating average So I guess you shall decide if Dante is the kind of main character you would appreciate reading about—for entertainment this is not what you probably call a ‘serious’ book Have a lovely time meeting Dante I loved this book from the first page It's so uniue Victoria Scott has taken all of the normal YA conventions and thrown them out the window First of all Dante isn't just your run of the mill YA bad boyhe's a villain A REAL villain who you often won't like in the beginning But at the same time you can't take your eyes off him because he's hot witty and just fascinating And all the while you'll be thinking I can't wait to see this boy's world get rocked It's a sweet journey watching his eyes slowly pried open LOVED it And Charlie? Sweet Charlie? There has never been a character like her I love her so hardYou guys are going to love it Can't wait for it to hit the shelves next year Get ready to laugh swoon and be taken on a mystery ride Victoria Scott is an author to keep your eye on Done I could only wish I could go shopping like Dante Wait what?Review to be posted PromiseUPDATE as of March 30 2013Guess who's reading The Collector right at this moment Gueesssss whoooooo?MeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeMeAll those sexy dances have paid off Thank you Netgalley and Entangled HOLY SMORGASTASTIFAB Oh dearDANTEThere goes my pantsand my shirtI am now lying in my own puddle of sweat and nervesI shall pose for you to entice youand sing for youand dance dance dance for youJust promise me SEXY TIMES AHEADCause For you and you aloneXOSarah loves 3 12 starsWhat's up people Name's DanteThis was fun Anyone up for some mindless fun? Then you should definitely drop into Dante's world He's ridiculously gorgeous he's sexy he's dangerous damn the tagline says it all He makes good girlsbad But this book is also funny enough to balance out that huge dollop of cliche bad boy I don't uite know how to describe this book and I agree with Wendy Higgins when she describes this as uniue which I certainly didn't expect to For one thing the use of Collectors is new to me and brings something delightfully refreshing to the urban fantasy genre For another Dante himself is unlike any other character I've read about Dante is several different things all at once He is a villain As in a real unapologetic kinda misogynistic villain But that's okay because no one's pretending he's the good guy he gives it to us straight from the very start He doesn't meet plain old Charlie and just fall madly in love with her for no reason anyone else can see In fact his first thought is “My eyes widen at the sight of her This is the girl Boss Man is after? She looks like a porcelain doll beat three times with an ugly stick” and his second thought “Her wavy hair falls to mid waist and I think how she looks better this way From the back” He's such a dick But a funny one I found myself simultaneously laughing and cringing the further I got inside Dante's head Like this uote “Dante this is Annabelle”No No way That name is reserved for females with grace and elegance not this girl This girl is beastly “Annabelle” I say “It suits you” I do like that this book is told from the point of view of a guy who genuinely doesn't care Who is a little evil and doesn't give a damn who's life he ruins while he's just doing his job Everyone loves a good villain don't they? Especially one who's funny and happens to look good naked But that's where I think this book started to let me down in the second half Because I preferred villainous doesn't give a damn Dante over the Dante who was madly in love with Charlie Because the things that made his character so uniue started to fade when he became little than just another love interestThe story? Dante is a soul collector straight from the fiery pits of hell He places seals on the souls of humans when he catches them engaging in sinful activity; the bigger the sin the bigger the seal But now he's been sent on a mission to collect the soul of a girl named Charlie In order to do that he must make sure she sins enough so her soul is ready for collection And Dante Walker has no problem getting women to sin But as his influence on Charlie leads her further down a path of wrongness Dante finds himself uestioning what he's doing for the first time And as Charlie becomes important to him he starts to wonder if he can really damn her soul to hellI have to reiterate the fact that I love this whole soul collector idea and would like to see it explored further But I didn't love the novel's romantic turn I also found it hard to believe in the development of Dante's feelings for Charlie It was gradual enough that wasn't the problem but Dante's disgust for everything about Charlie in the beginning her looks her clothes her behaviour her attitude didn't seem like something that could be turned into attraction Pity maybe But not attraction I just couldn't put the two of them together in my mind perhaps it was general chemistry which they lacked? But it didn't work for me I do recommend this book for those looking for something light and funny but I think readers who are not big romance fans should be aware that the second half becomes far romance y than the first was If you can’t love Dante Walker then you’re probably not going to love this book He is cocky flamboyant arrogant hilarious and sassy Luckily for me I absolutely loved him Victoria Scott has perfectly encapsulated the jerky arrogant seventeen year old who thinks he’s a straight up badass – and nothing is satisfying than watching Dante Walker realize that not only does he have a sweet kind side but he’s also a good person and a good friendThe book basically went like thisDante would be all likeAnd outwardly I would be likeBut then when I thought the book wasn’t looking I’d be likeThere’s another character Charlie Cooper who I just loved Mostly because though Dante is so mean about her at the beginning Scott wrote her with such empathy and compassion Even while Dante was waxing poetical about how unattractive and what a loser she was and even while she was acting like a loser I still loved her I think everyone who’s been an awkward teenage girl could see part of themselves in CharlieWhilst the writing of The Collector was pretty good it was the slang and dialogue that really got me Basically she nailed it Nailed teenage guy with a great finesse The plot itself is pretty cool if a little simplistic Bad Collector dude spies innocent virgin girl Shenanigans ensue It was hard for me to grasp the greater moral aspects of the book the struggle between good and evil etc when I spent the whole book going “God girl Just ride that guy to O Town already” As the book progressed I found myself rocking backwards and forwards begging her to not change NEVER CHANGE CHARLIEI guess this was the only aspect that I found a little less satisfactory than I would have liked For me where it really made up for it was the characters The dynamics between Blue and Dante and Charlie Between the Liberator and Max and Dante Between them all I just couldn’t get enough of those awwwwww moments And then it ended and I wanted Especially of teh sexy Which meant I finished the book shaking my fist at Victoria Scott sayingWhich is really just my way of saying “I love you” I can't find the energy to write another scathing negative review this week So this is just agif review The Story Dante Charlie The Love Story Conclusion This was a read along with Basuhi You can read read her review here She has done a much better job of hating on the book D Given my recent history with hating the influx of obscenely douchey characters in fiction I'm surprised at how I was amused than annoyed with Dante He owned his douchiness to the point of being completely over the top with the thoughts in his head which made for a few laughs on my end Several of his offbeat comments were uite funny and you could tell they weren't meant to be taken seriously although a few times his intended sarcasm missed the mark The you have to only use one strap backpack line reminded me of the scene from 21 Jump Street in which Channing's character realizes this no longer applies I guess someone forgot to inform Dante Anyway back to the story You see Dante is living for himself He's a soul collector If he collects souls he gets what he wants flashy cars unlimited credit card hot chicks for days Man it feels good to seal souls Like eating a little slice of bacon Of course a girl is always bound to come along and screw up every guy's dream life right? I could get used to having a sidekick gone rogue Charlie was supposed to be the opposite pole but for the first half of the book she seemed like a kid sister and not really a love interest I get the moral of the story but hrrmmmI'm not sure I felt the connection What am I supposed to feel? Guilt? Shame? No I won't I am The Collector That's right Dante WRECK THAT GIRL Oops I meant have fun trying to turn her badDon't get me wrong Charlie is a sweet girl Saintly even How can someone be cruel to this chick? It's like picking a fight with a chipmunk So the big bad demon found that he had an inner protective streak Alright that is kind of cute I have to admit I guess it's a not all that far fetched to see how a guy might feel something when he has a girl who is nice to him because she doesn't realize that he's scamming her and she actually thinks he's a decent human beingMaybe I was too hard on Charlie Chipmunks are cute after allBut after reading the synopsis for book 2 view spoiler SECOND BITCH BETTA NOT INTERFERE hide spoiler This book is AMAZING I'm too excited to give a full review right now but I'll be back shortly to rock it how it should be Mark it to read NowOh and I called dibs on Dante a year ago He's mineUpdatedDante is one bad mother I fell in love with him from the first page of THE COLLECTOR I knew going in that Dante would be a little rough around the edges and Scott doesn’t hold back with the true bad boy character for which is extremely refreshing He doesn’t wobble walking the line between good and bad he’s full on and doesn’t hold back I found Dante’s swagger and cocky as all get out attitude humorous and deserving of sworn worthy praise But that’s not all there is to him—he’s forced to face some very hard choices and grows through the story to reveal the amazing and lovable guy underneath all that toughness This is what I loved most about him the moment he realizes that he’s fallen for the one girl who calls him out on all his crap and he jumps into protector mode to save his girl Charlie is a breath of fresh air herself and she and her band of wonderful friends along with truly adorable side characters make this story one that won’t soon be forgotten and one that will linger with me while I impatiently wait for the next installment