A Dance of Cloaks

A Dance of Cloaks❮Epub❯ ➝ A Dance of Cloaks Author David Dalglish – Oaklandjobs.co.uk The Underworld rules the city of Veldaren Thieves smugglers assassins they fear only one man Thren Felhorn is the greatest assassin of his time All the thieves' guilds of the city are under his unflin The Underworld rules the city of Veldaren Thieves smugglers assassins they fear only one man Thren Felhorn is the greatest assassin of his time All the thieves' guilds of the city are under his unflinching control If he has his way death will soon spill out from the shadows and into the streetsAaron is Thren's son trained to be heir to his father's criminal A Dance PDF or empire He's cold ruthless everything an assassin should be But when Aaron risks his life to protect a priest's daughter from his own guild he glimpses a world beyond piston daggers and the iron rule of his father Assassin or protector; every choice has its conseuencesFantasy author David Dalglish spins a tale of retribution and darkness and an underworld reaching for ultimate power. Executive Summary A premise that should be right up my alley just seemed to fall flat in its execution Full Review I was only vaguely aware of this book when it was chosen by a Kickstarter backer for the April Sword Laser pick It wasn't on my To Read list though A uick scan of my friends showed people who mostly weren't that impressed That said I've surprised at times by books that were chosen and I try to always read the SL pick even if I'm not that into itMost people who read my reviews will likely notice the books I don't like that much tend to receive shorter reviews than the books I really like This one won't be much different I'm not the type of person to rip apart something I don't like I just move onThe premise is one that should appeal to me Several thieves guilds are vying for power over a city run by the rich merchants than the King himself I've always enjoyed playing rogues assassins and thieves in various games over the year Any class with stealth is usually my first pickI would say the first 20 25% of the book was enjoyable for me Maybe that was due to my low expectations coming in I'm not really sure After that however it started to drag for meI don't really like any of the characters There felt like too much was going on I'd guess that's because he was trying to build things for a larger series but for me this made things a bit too haphazardThe book also doesn't come to much of a conclusion Things were building steadily towards this festival The books end with it where a lot of things happened However so much was left unresolved that you're almost forced to keep reading to get any sort of closure Unfortunately I'm just not that interested in continuing this series to find out things resolve One was enough for me25 Stars Giving this an average rating because I thought it was a pretty average book not bad but not great either Right away I sensed that Dalglish was attempting for a Song of Ice and Fire feel for this book The title format as well certain phrases and names dropped as homages hinted at this but he also states as much in his afterwordThis was both good and bad On the one hand I knew I was going to be in for some political intrigue; on the other I also knew I was going to have to prepare myself for most of the characters I meet dying horribly and needlesslyTurns out I was right on both accounts but I was never engaged the same way with A Dance of Cloaks as I was with George RR Martin's A Game of Thrones and I think I know why While Dalglish does a good job with his character and world building he doesn't do enough For example when key characters died the book succeeded in shocking me but where it failed was making me actually care which is what I think is important It's hard to be affected when you don't feel any connection to the characters and I wish Dalglish would have developed some of the secondary characters a bit especially if he was going to have so many of themSpeaking of shock value expect much violence I saw it coming and normally I wouldn't care but I have a weakness for eyes and fingernails Any time anything happens to those two body parts I get a little sueamish and unfortunately for me Dalglish seems to have a particular fixation for eye gouging and other eye related torture and injuries 3 StarsDecent is probably the best word I can use to describe this book It isn't bad but there wasn't anything outstanding about it I could point to either Still if assassinsthief guilds are your thing it may be worth giving it a shotThe plot focuses on a conflict between the thieves guilds of Veldaren a city that is the primary setting for the story and the merchant leaders who rule the city The overall feel I got from the book was a bit of a cross between RA Salvatore's Drizzt books and some of Raymond E Feist's novels particularly the ones that focused on the Mockers Guild although this book was grimmer than either of those comparisons Unfortunately the world of this book felt a bit underdeveloped The story takes place entirely inside Veldaren which never felt distinctive References are made to other cities and locations but they don't feel very meaningful because they are never seen and have no impact on the plot Elves and orcs are mentioned in passing but again are never seen I think there are the seeds of some interesting worldbuilding but at least in this book they were never realized Another different between this book and the comparison titles above is the uality of the writing For the most part it was fine but a few things were noticeable POV switches happen in the midst of events with no warning switching from one person's thoughts to another That's very difficult to do without being confusing and this book didn't uite pull it off Some of the dialogue also felt a bit stilted Also and this is admittedly purely my preference but I don't love the heavy use of modern names for characters Aaron Kayla Alyssa Madelyn Laurie etc I also usually prefer a bit description from author's at times I found it hard to picture events and locations Another problem for me was an inability to really connect with the characters There was no one character that fully captured my interest and I frankly didn't like most of them including ones I was supposed to like I don't think this is a terrible book by any means it just wasn't for me I can definitely see others enjoying it than I did I'm left feeling uite conflicted after finishing this book I did throughly enjoyed this book but I was also in a constant state of confusion while reading it There are so damn many names and places and it all moves so uickly that it's insanely difficult to keep everything straight But part of what I enjoyed about the book was how fast paced it was Hence the feeling conflicted Despite all of that it was an excellent and deliciously vicious story and I'm definitely looking forward to the second book Ugh what a terrible book One of my New Year's resolutions this year was to give authors of a chance Especially indie authors This book definitely tried my patience and I had to force myself through it I'm now regretting that resolution because Dance of Cloaks never got better the ending wasn't satisfying and it was a total waste of time I should have gone with my instinct on this one and put it down after the first few chapters but I figured well this book has a pretty high rating on goodreads so maybe it gets better NopeCharacters are inconsistent with either very fluctuating or non existent motivations AaronHaern has a bizarre complex with his name and the fact that his father wants him to be a killer Half the time he kills people on a whim then he decides he doesn't want to be that person and he kills people on a whim anyway Except for the random person who it's suddenly wrong to kill There's no justification for his actions Thren was the most consistent character in the book but that's because he was so 2 dimensional that he didn't have anywhere to go He was stuck in the blackwhite aspect of the story I can respect that Dalglish tried to put some dimension into his characters but they're so flaky and inconsistent that they're annoying to follow and to read Kayla in particular is wishy washy and sadly not purposefully wishy washy The plotline is relatively simple and so to be a good book needed to be character driven Unfortunately the characters fail at driving any sort of plot and plunder along at the author's whim Oh and then there's really no conclusion just a set up for a seuel CLASSIFICATION Featuring a world wherein there are multiple factions at work this book is a dark character driven gritty fantasy novel in the vein of George RR Martin Brent Weeks and Peter V BrettFORMATINFO A Dance of Cloaks is 217 pages divided over twenty nine numbered chapters with a prologue epilogue Narration is in the third person via several different point of views both major characters and supporting ones as well including the main protagonist Aaron Felhom Thren Felhom Alyssa Gemcroft Kayla Veliana Maynard Gemcroft and many other minor players A Dance of Cloaks was supposed to be a stand alone novel however the author soon realized that the entire story could not be told in a single volume and hence is the first book in the Shadowdance trilogyThis book is set in Dezrel the same world as that of the Half Orc Series and enough background information is provided for readers The plot of the book is set before the events of the Half Orc series The book ends on a clean note but clearly indicates there is to followAugust 19 2010 marked the North American publication of A Dance of Cloaks via paperback and ebook format Cover art is provided by Peter OrtizANALYSIS I read this book last year however due to certain personal reasons could not get the review published While I was reading it I was certainly struck by its fast pace constant plot switches and mainly the unpredictability it brought to the table A bit of history before one reads this book the tale is set in the world of Dezrel the same one of the Half Orc series however any new reader can jump into this book and have no problem with it I did the same It focuses on the character of Aaron Felhom who is in line to be the heir to Thren Felhom the leader of the Spider Guild and a thoroughly deadly individualThis book originally a standalone was supposed to show how Aaron became the person whom some readers have already met in Book 2 of the Half Orc series Secondly the author was heavily impressed by George RR Martin’s A Game of Thrones and therefore was inspired to create a world wherein nothing is ultimately safe and the reader will be forced to turn the page to find out what happens next It is safe to surmise that David has indeed accomplished what he set out to doFirstly there are four primary story threads ongoing in this tale the first one focuses on Thren and his relentless march to wipeout the Tri fect and secure a kingdom for himself the second one focuses on Aaron Thren’s heir and who is rather forced to learn how to become an effective ruler the third thread focuses on Maynard Gemcroft who is worried about his daughter Alyssa and about the precarious nature of his house and lastly Alyssa who is willful and faces danger through her choices There are a few characters and I feel to spell it all out would ruin the charm of this book For most characters nothing goes out as planned and the atmosphere prevalent is one wherein the reader will be forced to think about each character’s motives and plansThe author does a fine job of constantly switching the tale focus and keeping the reader hooked with various twists and new POV characters I was very surprised by this book as I simply went in without any assumptions and yet I was completely blown away by the writing and overall plot The prose is very good and draws the reader in and then keeps them hooked The world setting is not explored much beyond the city of Veldaren but then you hardly notice as the action and intrigue never lets up The world is much deeper than imagined and we do get glimpses and conversations of other things rummaging on the background but readers who have read the Half Orc series might be able to glean from themNegative points if any were almost negligible not that this book is a masterpiece and will be counted as the next “A Game of Thrones” What it is though; a fine book from an upcoming writer who read the aforementioned book and crafted a worthy tale set in his world There are a few tropes which have been utilized here but again they have been presented in such a way that you do not cringe Some readers might be a bit thrown off by the number of POV introduced especially during and just before the climax also a couple of characters make an appearance after being introduced in the earlier half but then again its not difficult to read and find out what they are up to Another thing the author is guilty of; is that of finding the tale is longer than he imagined it to be but considering his inspiration this can be easily forgivenCONCLUSION A Dance of Cloaks is a gritty book with intriguing characters and has a plot which will keep you hooked till the end David Dalglish will definitely be gaining new fans with the release of this book and if he can continue his form with the next two releases in the Shadowdance trilogy I can foresee him ascending new heights and being counted as one of fantasy’s rising stars Great cover okay storyThe concept was great just wish time had been spent fleshing out the characters and the world The characters all had potential to be very interesting but never fully came to life for me except maybe Aaron His conversion was partially what kept me reading although I think some of his experiences were a little unbelievable and rushed especially in the very beginning I was prepared for many a violent and bloody run in but there were a couple scenes I could have done without One was so stupid and gross I considered stopping because I can't stand when authors add things just for shock factor The other was an unnecessary scene involving a little girl Not very detailed thankfully or well written and added absolutely nothing to the story Other than that I can’t say there was ever a dull moment as there was always someone fighting dying plotting or hiding so the story kept a uick pace Not a great read but simple and sort of entertaining I'm going to try seuel in hopes that it gets better I have to say that this story didn't get me that excited To be honest I think a large part of that is because of the narration which is some of the worst I have heard The narrator is fine with the story itself but his characters are just awful and it makes you cringe so much that it becomes unlistenable If you ever wondered what a LebaneseScottishSlavic accent sounds like you'll hear it this story just before it changes into a northern English with a hint of god knows what He just failed to hold onto an accent and deliver clear definition with each player The other big problem was that in trying so hard to create a character accent he forgot all about inflection There were moments of great drama and the voice came out as flat as my last souffle attempt Saying uick we need to move before we burn to death in the same way as you'd say are those peas doesn't work and you completely lose the atmosphere of the storyI was hovering around 2 stars until I changed to reading the story instead of listening Then it dramatically improved and pushed it back out to a threeThere are some inconsistencies with the story that annoyed me silly things like a father telling his son that family is everything blood is thicker than water etc etc than happily watching one son kill another and praising him My other beef is that whilst our main character has a lot of shit happen things still work out really well in almost every occasion The characters he meets roll over to his golas way to easy and it seems that everything happens completely to easyUnderneath all this is a solid story I like a lot of the other characters and would have preferred a lot detail on the actual Dance of the Cloaks which we are given very little detail but has so much potential in the story Overall I am not inspired to read book two i'll have to read other reviews to see if I can be inspired to jump into the next in the series Overall i have to say that this book did not meet my expectations I wasn't to big on Brent Weeks either so if you loved hi assassin stories you would probably enjoy this as long as you read and not listen I understand the difficulty with self publishing and the burning desire to have your work out there for the whole world to enjoy So self published works especially debuts will always get a lot of slack from me Unfortunately the edition I read was a republication through Orbit done with the cooperation of a professional editor and which according to the author is a better version than what was originally self published I dread to think what that self published version read like because this reworked version with its new tied off plot lines was jumbled hectic and childishOrbit what happenedThere are too many characters in the book without a clear protagonist The author tries to make it look like Aaron is but without any success Kayla is featured a lot but there is no character depth to her The same goes for all the others Eventually all the characters behave and think similarly and completely irrationally I particularly got tired of the feebly written death threats issued by various characters to each other every three pages or so “I will bury you in my cloak” “I will drown you in the river” “I will hang you upside down till you die” or some such nonsense that a twelve year old would find highly entertainingAnd that is probably the biggest reason I was disappointed with this book It made me feel old since I was unable to enjoy the shallow and juvenile plot or the absurd and unnecessary violence or the one dimensional and yet superhuman charactersThe saddest thing about this book is that I connected with the note from the author at the end of the book than I did with the book’s content Those few pages where the author told about the book were actually gripping touching and credibleThis book barely scratches the 2 star rating for me because despite being based on a good idea and having an interesting magic system the writing itself left much to be desired Review of Cloaks by David Dalglish is dark and bloody delve into the world of assassins If you are one to enjoy the grimdark path that a book like this will take then definitely give it a shot Personally I really enjoyed it It’s a book that sucked me in and kept me turning pages I love unpredictability; I love books where any characters safety is not a sure thing In this Dance of Cloaks succeeds extraordinarily well It is not as complex as Martin’s ASoIaF nor are the characters uite as memorable But let’s face it for fans of Martin that is a very high bar for a book to achieve I would say this is on par with Brent Week’s Night Angel trilogy and would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed that seriesI first read this when it was self published and I was still fairly new to the genre I have seen others complain that there is nothing new in this that it is unoriginal Well I didn’t have that complaint Maybe because everything in the genre was still fresh for me maybe because the grimdark scene lines up better with my horror roots I don’t really know or care I enjoyed the characters the city the politics and the magic I may not have felt uite as attached to some of the characters as would be ideal but overall I enjoyed it enough to not careIf you are sueamish you probably shouldn’t read this book If you are tired of assassins or thieves don’t read this book As for me I’m not sueamish I don’t like characters to be safe and I am not tired of thieves or assassins even now two years after I first read this bookdisclaimer – I never use grimdark as a deragotory term I uite enjoy all of the most predominant books that have been given this label

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