The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil[Ebook] ➠ The School for Good and Evil ➦ Soman Chainani – The first kidnappings happened two hundred years before Some years it was two boys taken some years two girls sometimes one of each But if at first the choices seemed random soon the pattern became cl The first kidnappings happened two hundred years before for Good PDF ☆ Some years it was two boys taken some years two girls sometimes one of each But if at first the choices seemed random soon the pattern became clear One was always beautiful and good the child every parent wanted as their own The other was homely and odd The School Epub / an outcast from birth An opposing pair plucked from youth and spirited awayThis year best friends Sophie and Agatha are about to discover where all the lost children go the fabled School for Good Evil where ordinary boys and girls are trained to be fairy tale heroes and villains As the most beautiful girl in Gavaldon Sophie School for Good PDF Ì has dreamed of being kidnapped into an enchanted world her whole life With her pink dresses glass slippers and devotion to good deeds she knows she’ll earn top marks at the School for Good and graduate a storybook princess Meanwhile Agatha with her shapeless black frocks wicked pet cat and dislike of nearly everyone seems a natural fit for the School for EvilBut when the two girls are swept into the Endless Woods they find their fortunes reversed—Sophie’s dumped in the School for Evil to take Uglification Death Curses and Henchmen Training while Agatha finds herself in the School For Good thrust amongst handsome princes and fair maidens for classes in Princess Etiuette and Animal Communication But what if the mistake is actually the first clue to discovering who Sophie and Agatha really are. The boys went off to fight with swords while girls had to learn dog barks and owl hoots No wonder princesses were so impotent in fairy tales she thought If all they could do was smile stand straight and speak to suirrels then what choice did they have but to wait for a boy to rescue them? If any book ever deserved to be Disney fied this would be itThis book is seriously sweet It was just delightful It is a middle grade alternative fairy tale which parodies and utilizes fairy tale tropes to excellent effect and I constantly sniggered with laughter at its tongue in cheek hilarityIt is a light book a Harry Potter style boarding school novel based around fairy tales It was just fucking adorable let me tell you but it is not too sweet at all For a middle grade book this story had a surprising amount of darkness and depth It uestions the nature of friendship it uestions good and evil it tells us that it is our choices in life that matters in the long run that our nature is self determined She was Evil always Evil and there would never be happiness or peace As her heart shattered with sadness she yielded to darkness without a fight only to hear a dying echo somewhere deeper than soulIt’s not what we areIt’s what we do This book tells you that you do not have to be what people want you to be There is room for change within your soul You do not have to fit into the mold You are capable of than people expect You do not have to be beautiful in order to have a beautiful spiritThe Summary Most children are afraid of being kidnapped Not SophieBefore you judge her realize that the kidnapper in uestion is not a man but a being A mythical being called the School Master rud to capture two children every 12 years to make them into fairy tale creatures One good child one bad child Boy or girl They will be separated from their families forever For most children this is a thing to be fearedNot SophieSophie longs to be kidnapped she has dreamt of it her entire life She deserves to be a fairy tale princess And indeed there is no one in her village who is beautiful than Sophie Even when she's sleep deprived Sophie is a vision of loveliness Her waist long hair the color of spun gold didn’t have its usual sheen Her jade green eyes looked faded her luscious red lips a touch dry Even the glow of her creamy peach skin had dulled But still a princess she thought So lovely But it's not effortless As all girls know looking good takes a fuck ton of work and Sophie has to work at it Her beauty routine puts mine to shame As for the rest of Sophie’s beauty routine it could fill a dozen storybooks suffice it to say it included goose feathers pickled potatoes horse hooves cream of cashews and a vial of cow’s blood The School Master can only pick one good child and Sophie is determined to be it In her uest for goodness she befriends her polar opposite AgathaAgatha can never be described however generously as beautiful Her hideous dome of black hair looked like it was coated in oil Her hulking black dress shapeless as a potato sack couldn’t hide freakishly pale skin and jutting bones Ladybug eyes bulged from her sunken face Sophie and Agatha may be friends but their relationship can best be described as passive aggressive The passive aggressiveness coming entirely from Sophie Sophie’s eyes flashed “You’re lucky that someone would come see you when no one else will You’re lucky that someone like me would be your friend You’re lucky that someone like me is such a good person”“I knew it” Agatha flared “I’m your Good Deed Just a pawn in your stupid fantasy” On the night of the kidnapping Sophie and Agatha got kidnapped or rather Sophie went entirely willingly and Agatha got dragged into it Sophie expected to be accepted into The School of Good Agatha is praying against hope that she will not be forced into the School of EvilIt didn't exactly work out the way they planned Stunned Sophie watched Agatha plummet into pink cotton candy mist “Wait—no—”The bird swooped savagely towards the Towers of Evil its jaws reaching up for new prey“No I’m Good It’s the wrong one” Sophie screamed—And without a beat she was dropped into hellish darkness The lovely Sophie wound up in the School of Evil a school that trains fairy tale villains She sticks out like a sore thumb among the hideous creatures her fellow students Here was a mass of the miserable with misshapen bodies repulsive faces and the cruelest expressions she’d ever seen as if looking for something to hate One by one their eyes fell on Sophie and they found what they were looking for The petrified princess in glass slippers and golden curlsThe red rose among thorns Sophie knows what to do She ran for her life The hideous Agatha finds herself among a gaggle of pretty pretty princesses An entire school of Sophies She knows she doesn't belong She knows what to do Agatha did the only thing she knew how to do when faced with expectationsUp the blue Honor staircase through sea green halls she ran Uh no Sadly the school doesn't work right back It's a magical school y'all and like it or not Agatha and Sophie are there to stay Or else Children who fail disappear They have to stay they have to work at it if they are to stay aliveFairy tales are darker than they look and surviving this school will take all of Sophie and Agatha's cunning Will they manage to maintain their tenuous friendship? The fight escalated to a ludicrous climax with Sophie beating Agatha with a blue suash Agatha sitting on Sophie’s head and the class gleefully making bets as to who was who—“Go rot in Gavaldon alone” Sophie screamed“Better alone than with a phony” Agatha shouted“Get out of my life”“You came into mine” Will they be able to face the danger the darkness within the school? “But the boys train for war in class” a girl moaned“We haven’t even learned to fight” said another“Would you like to be a slave to villains?” Beatrix fired back “Made to cook children and eat princess hearts and drink horse blood—”“And wear black?” Reena criedEvergirls gulped“Then learn uickly” Beatrix said Was it a mistake to put Sophie into the School of Evil and Agatha into the School of Good? Or will both Agatha and Sophie realize that they're where they should be all along?The Setting “Well in the School for Good they teach boys and girls like me how to become heroes and princesses how to rule kingdoms justly how to find Happily Ever After” Sophie said “In the School for Evil they teach you how to become wicked witches and humpbacked trolls how to lay curses and cast evil spells”The setting in this book is just freaking adorable Take all the tropes you ever know about fairy tales and suish it into a book You might expect it to be bad? No It's not It's fan fucking tastic We have hideously warty creatures we have snouty socially awkward innately evil villains in the School of Evil We have gloriously charming and handsome boys and girls in the School of Good who are just so full of themselves Tedros was used to girls watching him But when would he find one who saw than his looks? Who saw than King Arthur’s son? Who cared about his thoughts his hopes his fears? And yet here he was pivoted purposely as he toweled so the girls could have a perfect view The setting is beautiful we have fairy tale castles and beautiful bedrooms and pretty fluffy pink candy cane shit in the School of Good and nasty dirty dungeons and food you wouldn't feed to your worst enemy in the School of Evil There are magical geese werewolves gargoyles and fairies they biteAnd then there's the curriculum AHAHAHA The curriculum Uglification can you imagine? Poor SophieThe teachers are hilarious from evil hags and witches to an actual fucking fairy tale princess Princess Uma looked far too young to be a teacher Nestled in prim grass backlit by lake shimmer she sat very still hands folded in her pink dress with black hair to her waist olive skin almond shaped eyes and crimson lips pursed in a tight O When she did speak it was in a giggly whisper but she couldn’t make it through a full sentence Every few words she’d stop to listen to a distant fox or dove and respond with her own giddy howl or chirp“Oops” she tee heed “I have too many friends”Agatha couldn’t tell if she was nervous or just an idiot Sophie She's not meant to be loved She is a character that grows on you If you ever wanted a fairy tale trope Sophie is IT man She is beautiful she is different she has always felt like she was meant to be a princess And man I felt a tremendous sense of schadenfreude when Sophie got put into the School of Evil Sophie is a devious character Don't let her golden fair appearance fool you She may seem fluffy in appearance but she is not a character to be taken lightly Sophie was crouched over a puddle of water on the floor singing as she applied blush in her reflection “I’m a pretty princess sweet as a peaWaiting for my prince to marry me” Three bunk mates and three rats watched from across the room mouths open in shock Sophie is absolutely convinced that she is in the wrong school and we can't blame her It is a lifelong dream and it was dashed to the ground in one moment Her character development is marvellous All these years she had tried to be someone else She had made so many mistakes along the way But at last she had come home Agatha Undoubtedly the sympathetic of the two The hideous girl always the hated one She cannot look past her own appearance to see what's underneath Agatha prickled with shame In this School for Good where everyone was supposed to be kind and loving she had still ended up alone and despised She was a villain no matter where she went Agatha's self esteem is so low that it's below sea level Agatha is dependent upon Sophie in a way They were friends before and Agatha clings onto that friendship for so long that she nearly forgets what it means to be independent Agatha felt familiar shame rise Everything in her body told her to shut the door again and hide But this time instead of thinking of all the friends she didn’t have Agatha thought about the one she didAgatha slipped into the pink parade put on a smileand tried to blend The Friendship The friendship between Agatha and Sophie is so beautifully written Their relationship is one fraught with power play struggles and they are so complex because of it Both love one another while deeply resenting one another but they have one common purpose Eventually they realize that they have to rely upon one another to make it through The girls collapsed in tormented heaps“Ready to go home?” Agatha pantedSophie looked up ghost white“Thought you’d never ask” A fantastic middle grade book enjoyable by all ages Highly recommended Sooooo this is a lesson on how an amazing cover can sell even the worst book I deeply regret buying this Let me tell you whyAt first I read the way Good was portrayed especially the girls and I thought this will be overturned By the end it will be revealed that these vain catty boy obsessed children are actually evil And I can't really blame them for being vain and catty because if they aren't asked to the ball by a boy they fail aka they die Literally But then I start to realize that the divide between Good and Evil is REALLY confusing Evil can never have love the catch phrase of the book and yet according to Dot being a friendless villain is humiliating Evil does not forgive they seek revenge and yet Dot who is evil saves her roommate's life and they're friends againGood is about purity and not vanity and yet at the end when the evil students do good things they become beautiful Dot even becomes skinny and the good students become ugly some even go bald Aside I find the implied fact that fat and bald are indicative of evil to be incredibly disturbing Evil must be ugly because only when they're ugly can they get rid of vanity and be FREEEEEE so they obsessively try to make themselves uglierSo at the end when the evil people did good and got pretty and the good did bad and got ugly I realized that what the book was ACTUALLY saying was that appearance actually does indicate the state of the soulBut I hear you say isn't it saying that the outside reflects what's inside making a physical response to the saying actions speak louder than words? You would be right if you weren't so wrongBecause Aggie who everyone thought was evil is said through most of the book to be very ugly thus everyone thinks she is evil Then a teacher tells her she will make her beautiful When Aggie thinks this has happened she is beautiful people even stop and stare amazed by her beauty When Aggie finally sees a mirror and realizes nothing has actually changed she realizes that because she thought she was ugly she was ugly So even though she was good poor self esteem was enough to make her look evil Once her self esteem had been boosted and she thought she was beautiful she was beautiful Let this be a lesson teenage girls even if you do good things unless your self worth improves you will always be ugly and people will call you a witch And actually I'm not sure this book even says THAT because is it really self worth if you only thought you were beautiful because other people were telling you as much?However now that Aggie is pretty and has self esteem suddenly she fits right in with the good girls Suddenly she doesn't care about going home seeing her cat seeing her mother or helping Sophie her only friend Because who needs home family or friends when you've got BOYS One boy in particular Now that she has the possibility of a happy ever after she throws everything out the window and tries to get asked to the ball so she doesn't dieThat's right it's a world where if a girl is not pretty enough for a boy to ask her out she is killed And apparently every year the boys make a pact that two of them will go together rather than having to be the one to go with the ugliest girl And again I thought this will be overturnedNOPEInstead of the girls becoming self reliant beings who are worth than what a man is willing to say they're worth the magical thing that happens is THIS year all the good girls get asked and no one diesBut that's not how it ends It ends with Sophie evil friend dying for Aggie good friend and Aggie's kiss bringing Sophie back to life true love's kiss Sophie says who needs princes in our fairy tale? and for a moment I think YES It is all undone Realizations aboundNOPE Because as the girls disappear to go to Happily Ever After together Aggie realizes if she goes with Sophie she'll never get to be with the BOY She whirled to Tedros With a cry her prince seized for her 'wait' And as I understand it in the seuel Aggie regrets spending happily ever after with her best friend so she leaves and goes in search of TeddyOne brief shining moment and then that So what is the book about? It's about how girls are motivated entirely by boys Female friendships are broken apart by boys The back stories of evil women usually involve boys And even though you might not need a boy in the end you REALLY want one Also poor self esteem makes you ugly and no boy will want you thenTo be followed by the seuel which is about how best friends will never replace boys although to be fair I haven't read it And won'tBut I'm not finished I could in fact go on for a very long time about all the problems with this book go ahead ask me I dare you but I just want to mention uickly the problem of the wolves and the naked thing I'm not sure the author understands what wolves are in fairy tales In this book the wolves are in charge of the evil school and at one point Sophie refuses to change into her school uniform So the wolf took care of it himself So this child has just been stripped and re dressed by a wolf In a fairy tale Later Sophie dreams of her father who is wearing a wolf mask I felt kind of sick to my stomachThis leads me to my final problem how often the girls are naked in this book I don't have the patience for it but if anyone is going to readre read it I would love it if you would put a flag next to every time a character is nakedwrapped in or hiding behind something to hide their nakedness They take each other's clothes off their backs they wear boys' PJs because they burned each other's clothes they come back naked from this spell that they do and they do it a lot a boy becomes naked to use his talent It would just be interesting to see how many times in this book children are naked Okay tl;dr I'll shut up nowBut don't buy it I'm begging you Don't pay money for itEDITGUYS IT'S DISASTEROMGEEEEEEEEE NO PRINCES?gag ♫ ''Two towers like twin headsOne for the pureOne for the wickedTry to escape you’ll always failThe only way out is Through a fairy tale'' I would love to say that this was a cute story filled with beautiful and lovely themes like friendship love and trust but it was actually the oppositeAnd it was violent uite violentWhile I didn’t expect the story to be like that I did enjoy it and found it very entertainingSophie is a princess like girl who dreams of princes and forever beauty while Agatha is a gothic girl Boys are not what she seeks She wantsa friend a true friend who will be there for her whenever she needs oneI really really thought this was going to be a lovely tale about friendship but the truth is Sophie uses her ''friend'' Agatha to accomplish her goals She doesn’t understand why she has been put in the Evil school while Agatha the ugly one was sent to the Good schoolWhat was interesting is to see how much effort Sophie put in trying to prove to everyone especially Tedros that she was the good one and deserved to be changed school She never stopped trying to prove herself and that got my respectbefore she actually did start to act—and be—like a witchI liked the world building and even almost loved it The problem is that it was overcharged There were so many characters and teachers and names that that’s what they ended up being for me; names without a body When a character talked except for the main ones I had to dig hard in my memory to find who that person actually is and what herhis connections with the girls or prince areThe prince Tedros by the way started out being very entertaining He’s the kind of prince that seeks a princessand beauty like Sophie Of course Agatha was for him nothing while Sophie charmed him after only a glance from her in his directioncoughs superficiality coughsToo bad Evil and Good can’t be togetherOr can they?It was a fast paced read even though it started out slow with a beautiful writing and characters that will surprise you in both ways I enjoyed reading it and look forward to discover how the story continuesI think you will enjoy it than I did if only you don’t get your hopes up thinking that this is a heart warming story filled with only endearing characters that will enchant you Image source I was pretty excited to read The School for Good and Evil until I realized it was a middle grade book Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against middle grade books generally but the ones I prefer tend to be the meaningful stories starring kids with deeper themes anyone can appreciate rather than the dumbed down intentionally silly or overly simplistic takes most middle grade authors choose to write instead Still I gave this one a chance and Soman Chainani actually surprised me at first after a few chapters I really thought The School for Good and Evil would fall into the former category rather than the latter but by the end my overall impression is a book that’s rather shallow yet completely incoherentFirst of all I’m not a fan of black and white good versus evil I tend to find those kinds of stories played straight well boring and judging people based on their looks just plain dumb and not a lesson any kid should be learning no matter how many cheesy fairy tale riffs are used to liven up the story I guess I’m just one of those people who much prefer a book that asks uestions what makes someone good? what makes someone evil? which is why I saw a lot of promise with Chainani’s premise with the beautiful but vain Sophie ending up in the School for Evil while the ugly and loathed Agatha's in the School for Good Made me wonder why is Sophie evil? Her vanity? And is everyone wrong about Agatha because besides Sophie they don’t really know her? For a while actually Chainani did seem to be going in that direction with self professed goodie Sophie confronted with situations that brought out the evil inside her and Agatha doubting whether she truly is a witch as everyone says As an exploration of good and evil not the subtlest thing ever but for a middle grade book pretty goodUnfortunately it seems to me like Chainani really didn’t know where he was going after those initial few chapters because even before the story of good and evil totally falls off a cliff The School for Good and Evil is just horribly inconsistent Sophie is one moment an incompetent villain and the next the most powerful and feared witch in both schools Agatha spends most of the book holding Sophie’s hand as Sophie struggles as a villain then all of a sudden discovers her inner princess and now can’t go toe to toe with Sophie even though she’s been better with magic through the entire book Sophie’s fellow witches Hester and Anadil are one moment Sophie’s evil tormenters the next her evil coconspirators and finally on Team Good Things about the School Master and his mysterious agenda are revealed but then they don’t go anywhere There’s some talk of why Good succeeds in fairy tales while Evil doesn’t but that doesn’t go anywhere either After reading through all these twists and turns trying to figure out the point of the reveals I’m sorry but the plot just didn’t make any sense none of the characters behaved with any rhyme or reason and if there’s supposed to be a coherent message about good and evil it’s completely lost to meAnd ultimately that’s my problem I wouldn’t be complaining if I thought Chainani wasn’t trying to tackle good and evil in a way that’s far deeper than the typical middle grade adventure but with all the inconsistencies and a zigzagging plot built for random unpredictableness than conveying a moral The School for Good and Evil is like a fairy tale written by M Night Shyamalan than the Brothers Grimm Even before the ending which caps a book of nonsense with a scene that makes the least amount of sense of all with an explanation for Good’s triumph and Evil’s failure that reads like it was borrowed from a fortune cookie I didn’t like at all the way Agatha and Sophie characters initially written to challenge stereotypes of good and evil themselves become stereotypical good and evil characters After so many pages spent on these two friends discovering their inner selves whether hero or villain at this school why one is good one is evil I’ll never know And if you can’t even deliver on the central premise of the book then what’s the point?As for positives Chainani’s writing is fairly amusing in places and that’s about it The School for Good and Evil works as a middle grade princess and witch story I guess but those who read fairy tales looking for morals and deeper meaning should probably stay away 45 starsNow before you do anything I want you to take a good long look at the blurbSounds cute right? A re imagining of fairytales A Hogwarts like school where princessesprinces and villains are trained Two very different girls that hint at an unlikely friendshipOkay now throw those thoughts in the lake Go onThis book will not be anything like you imagine Many times have I found myself uestioning whether or not it should even be classified as middle grade The pretty cover clothes a disturbingly dark story but one of humor friendship and dare I say it true loveSophie and Agatha are two very different girls Sophie is gorgeous stuck up and only dreams of being a princess and marrying a prince Agatha on the other hand is hideous and after getting kidnapped to the school she only wants to go home with her best friend Sophie Who as you can guess is so not interestedI did not like Sophie at first The girl is supremely shallow and bitchy She only does good deeds so she can get into the school of Good and her friendship with Agatha in the beginning is nothing than a charity project She sort of reminds me of Sansa from A Game of Thrones before all that shit went down and she gained some brain cells But her character development was brilliant and totally realistic She relapses to her old selfish ways multiple times in the narrative usually over a prince and screwing Agatha over in the process but towards the end I was rooting for so hard even though view spoilershe had turned evil hide spoiler EDIT After finishing A World Without Princes I realised that I didn't remember what happened in the first book So I had to re read it The first book is slightly better than the second one Btw Tedros needs to be punched HardNaprosto boží Jedna z nejlepších knih kterou jsem letos četla Chystala jsem se na ni už dlouho ale říkala jsem si že počkám až vyjde u nás Pak jistá osoba z ní byla tak nadšená že jsem si ji musela přečíst taky A teď ji doporučuji naprosto všemJe spousta retellingů pohádek nebo knížek které se na nich zakládají ale nikdy jsem nečetla něco takového DTy malůvky jsou naprosto boží Jestli zůstanou v českém vydání tak si ho půjdu koupit DSophie mě naprosto štvala taková nána nafrněná A víte co je na tom nejhorší? Kdyby to myslela vážně tak by z ní byl jeden z nejlepších villain Ale to ona ne Ona si raději balí okurky Někdy jsem měla chuť jí je vrazit někamSice jsem Team Evil nečekaně ale rozhodně fandím Agathe D Ta má aspoň nějaký pořádný charakter DKdyž jsme u charakteru School for Good bych přejmenovala na školu pokrytců A Tedros by byl první z nich ten kluk mě nehorázně vytáčel S Beatrix nebo jak se to jmenovala D by se k sobě náramně hodili A ten konec? Wow ani v nejmenším jsem to nečekala CHCI POTŘEBUJU další díl I ten trailer je boží prosím Já chci aby to natočili A nově trailer k druhému dílu moudrá teda z něj nejsem akorát vím že bude nářez D No one knows a girls’ friendship like a guy amIrite? Just kidding totally sexist of me just like this entire hetronormative mess of a Hogwarts derivative with contradictory messaging than Trump’s CDC It can’t decide if it wants to deconstruct fairy tales or affirm them think Shrek with less humor; similarly the definitions of ‘beauty’ and ‘ugly’ I hearby challenge Chainani to read The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf click here for an updated interview with Ms Wolf as well as definitions of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ I will tell you the truth here what it ultimately does is affirm all of those things in the most conventional fashion Literally Add the final scene which will feel semi cliff hanger to some and you have a hot mess of a bookChainani clearly did his Rowling research and thought “how can I capitalize on this magical school goldmine?” But instead of wasting time in the mundane world and spreading development over seven books he accelerates full speed into the magical school with classes contests secret night adventures and survival in the woods There’s a remote castle in the woods where ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’ are taught There are teachers who are present but have virtually no authority and a mysterious School Master Magical creatures abound to enforce the rules There is even a culminating trial where only one house side can win and it’s been Good for two hundred years followed by a fancy dress ball If all of this sounds Potter iffic I think that’s because it’s meant to and I also believe that’s why it appeals to many readers despite it’s inherent and profuse problemsThe lead characters are Sophie a beauty obsessed twelve year old looking for a Prince and Agatha the introverted and ‘ugly’ daughter of a village ‘witch’ and her only friend Every four years two children disappear from this isolated village in the woods perhaps to become lead characters in a future fairy tale One person becoming the ‘good’ character and one person the ‘bad’ Sophie’s been primping for the ‘Good’ role for years because according to their definitions ‘good’ means ‘lovely’ along with a token good deed or two When Sophie is kidnapped Agatha follows seemingly by accident as she is trying to save her friend Pink and primped Sophie is dropped at the dark scary School for Evil staffed by wolves and goblins and homely sloppy Agatha is left at the School for Good staffed by fairies and princesses Agatha just wants to go back home but Sophie sees it as the chance to find her PrinceWorth seeing what happens maybe? And at first Chainani seems to be doing something interesting with making both schools sound eually horrible just with a different kind of metric Also like Hogwarts we get a variety of ‘hands on’ learning but what’s uniue is that it is about being ‘ugly’ or ‘beautiful’ as much as magic Classes on the ‘good’ side include how to be beautiful and classes on the ‘evil’ side include ‘uglification’Eventually some of the classes are combined between the two groups so that we get to see the two interact These situations particularly suck because the lesson is ‘identifying good’ ‘identifying your princeprincess’ set up Sophie and Agatha in opposition to each other over one of the Princes Sophie becomes obsessed with the idea that she is both in the wrong school and deserves the Prince and Agatha spends her time helping Sophie achieve her goal because a kiss from her Prince will solve a riddleSo let’s see three way love triangle literally Attractiveness is about your image Friendship is a tool to accomplish a goal Being the subservient ‘helper friend’ is okay as long as your friend does some personal growth in the end Girls operating under the philosophy of “If your true love kisses you then you can’t be a villain” with the corollary “For every Ever there is only one true love” followed by “So if a girl doesn’t get asked to the Ball then she fails and suffers a punishment worse than death But if a boy doesn’t go to the Ball he gets half ranks?” Categories of good and evil both suck except when they don’t Friendship means being a doormat to your friend’s needs and not expecting reciprocation in respect or understanding Do I have that about right? Man this is some stellar messagingI had stayed with it because–major spoiler here–view spoilerI had read Agatha and Sophie kiss at the end hide spoiler AFGHASDFGASHDF THIS BOOK I’ve never been emotionally unstable in my life Far from true but still I’m torn up insidehttpsemmareadstoomuchwordpresscoI love the premise of it so much it hurts me to try to put it into words But I will suffer through this pain for youSo The School for Good and Evil focuses on Sophie and Agatha Sophie is beautiful shallow and a bit of a snob Agatha is ugly insecure and very kind They live in a world in which fairytales happen and every year the two kindest and most terrible children respectively from their village are kidnapped never to returnBut eventually they show up in the fairytales the children readThat’s actually one of about a thousand massive plot holes but whatever We’re not done yet synopsis wiseSophie is obsessed with the idea of ending up in a fairytale Agatha dreads the idea of becoming a witchThey’re both kidnapped unsurprisingly BUT PLOT TWIST Agatha ends up in the School for Good and Sophie in the School for EvilDUN DUN DUNIt’s actually a whole lot boring than that This book is a million pages long and every possible bad side effect that could come with that does It’s boring; it’s repetitive; it’s slow moving; it’s filled with plot holes; it’s supremely indecisive about its own themes characters and storylinesBut That premise thoI am so fully torn on EVERYTHING ELSE about this book The characters eual like and dislike Agatha is pretty consistently adorable and likable; Sophie is occasionally a total badass but most of the time so snobby and intolerable and mean I just wanted her to accept her inner villain and it was awesome when she did BUT IT LASTED LIKE FIVE PAGES GuhThe relationships eual like and dislike There’s this guy Tedros who is a total babe and Sophie targets him but I kinda like the himAgatha schtick? Except it’s always made to be sooooo dramaaaaatic and justyuck There’s a big friendship with Sophie and Agatha which I normally love yay female friendship but it’s just so problematic sometimes To uote the great Britney Spears “toxic”The themes eual like and dislike There’s a shaky theme of “no one is truly good or evil” which is cool except it completely ruins the chances of me seeing the badass villains I wanted so badly out of this book It also seems like there’s some sort of attempt toward feminism based off how short the princess end of the stick is compared to the princes’ but it never uite gets there???The premise versus the execution Seriously one of the most brilliant creative worlds I’ve EVER EVEN HEARD OF but the execution can be just awful SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL I COULD CRYI don’t know I guess I’ll read the seuel and see whether like or dislike wins out HA Like whether “Good” or “Evil” wins in this book I am so funny I impress even myselfBut then I’ll probably still read the third one either way because I am both a massive pushover baby and a glutton for literary punishmentAnd I wonder why my average rating is so lowBut I digressOh I almost forgot This absolutely no way no how is a children’s book Nor is it YA Nor should the characters be 12 or however old they are That’s digustingYippeeBottom line I DON’T KNOW WHO KNOWS PS The book trailer for this book is A M A Z I N G “She had always found villains exciting than heroes They had ambition passion They made the stories happen Villains didn't fear death No they wrapped themselves in death like suits of armor” Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Did you ever wish you were part of a fairy tale like Snow White or Cinderella? Yes? Than that’s the perfect book for you Every four years two children are kidnapped from Gavaldon and disappear This year the mysterious man takes two girls two friends Sophie and Agatha But when they arrive a strange thing happens the beautiful Sophie is send to the school of evil whereas Agatha is send to the school of good The confused girls try to get into the right side of the schools and learn that nothing is as it seems Now an adventure begins in the school of fairytales of good and evil First I was a little bit skeptical about the whole story but the I read the I loved the story It was really really entertaining and the last 30% were filled with action betrayal and really crazy stuff It was absolutely awesome Characters ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I need to say I was a little bit skeptical with the characters Even though they fitted the story they felt a little bit simple Their thoughts dreams etc So so simple Go homeget to the right school save my friend get the princeBut the farther I got the I learned to love the characters especially Agatha But next to Agatha and Sophie the other characters felt really simple and plain Also I had a problem with the age of the characters they didn’t feel like twelve year olds The way they acted the feelings they felt and other things made me always think that they were sixteen or at least fifteen World ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️There is a world where fairy tales exist And even though you wonder how can that be? That’s not the only thing The people in this stories the princes princesses evil witches and monsters don’t appear from nowhere There are being taught at a school For every part of the fairy tale there is a school one for good and one for evil And in there they learn how to fight how to do magic how to speak to animals and so on It’s really magical Absolutely perfect worldbuilding Relationships ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️The only real relationship I can see in this book is the one between Sophie and Agatha and oh man is this a complicated one Even though I have no doubt at Agatha’s side of the friendship I was a little bit skeptical about Sophie She’s really really egotistical and most thoughts in her mind are about herself or her beautyprincehair But then they still had a really strong friendship and I really adored the way Agatha always thought about Sophie and her wellbeing and saving her and herself She always protected her friend and that was so so sweet I don’t want to say anything about the love story in this book but it was not my favorite one even though it was kind of sweet Writing style ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I loved the story and the execution of it but sometimes it still felt a little bit too simple for Young Adult and too much of a middle grade novel But it was still really entertaining and I had fun reading itMaybe I’m just too critical because I’m too old for this book Is 23 too old? Is it?🤷🏻‍♀️ Either way I really liked this book and will continue with the rest of the series 🎈 REVIEW TO COME TOMORROWSecond Read Review THE REVIEW IS POSTED For he looked into your hearts and saw something very rare Pure Good and Pure Evil this book was recommended to me by my big sister she said that this book was good and she thought I would like it and I should tried reading it but that time I hated reading novels for no apparent reason I just hated so I just ignored her recommendation until February 2015 I don't remember the exact date but I do remember that on February 2015 I went into a bookstore just because I wanted to buy comics not a novel but I couldn't find any comics that I wanted to buy and then I saw this book and I remembered how my sister recommended it to me and she even said I would like it and I should tried reading it So I decided to buy a copy and I didn't even think I would become a book lover I just wanted to try it and if it's boring then I would stop reading it but my life has never been the same after I read this book I have changed from being a person that hated novels to a person that can't live without novels because they help me to become a better person and they make me stronger to get through hard times I just can't live without books any so I wanted to say thank you very much to Mr Chainani for writing this book because without this book I wouldn't become this person and I wouldn't have all these amazing adventures that I got from novels this book changed my whole life and I never want to be the person I was before I became a book lovernow lets talk about the bookI decided to reread this book because I used to love it and I gave it 5 stars so I wanted to know whether I still loved it or not and at first I didn't really enjoy it like it bored me but I kept reading it and the story got interesting and this book also made me laugh so much and I also found myself muttering like JUST KISS way too many times and maybe that's because I mostly always read YA books and the pacing in this book was okay it wasn't too fast or too slow it was fine and when I reread it I felt as if I was reading it for the first time because I didn't remember anything except the opening and the ending of this book but when I almost reached the ending I somehow didn't feel as excited as I used to feel when I reached half of the book I don't know why though shrugsand this book has romance and in my opinion the romance wasn't really good it was kind of boring I think I would enjoy it much if it didn't have romance I honestly don't know why Agatha still wanted to be friends or best friend with Sophie this girl hurt her Agatha was so nice because if I were Agatha I wouldn't want to be Sophie's friend any not after THIS Poor? Agatha coughed You pushed me through a win dow WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? seriously If I were Agatha I wouldn't care about Sophie any Agatha's heart was so good no wonder she got into School for Good I tried the uiz and I was an Ever but still if I were Agatha maybe I would forgive Sophie but become her friendbest friend?? NO WAY Sophie was crazy bitch I mean didn't she think twice before she pushed Agatha? I know she was angry at Agatha but Agatha helped her several times I could see how much Agatha love her and didn't she think about how much Agatha have helped her? this girl is really an ungrateful bitch and few days ago while reading this book I thought I would order the second and the third book but then after I finished reading it I changed my mind I won't order the seuels because I just don't really care about the ending or what will happen in the seuels and actually this book was 3 stars for me but I gave one extra star because this book got me into reading and it also made me laugh and I don't laugh easily while reading thank you guys for reading and liking my review hope you all have a nice day First Read 5 Stars GUYS I tried the uiz and the result was I'm an Ever I got accepted to the The School for Good with a soul score of 70% Good and 30% Evil But before taking the uiz I thought I was a Never and I would get accepted to The School for Evil what about you guys? Have you tried the uiz? If you have which school you got accepted? What are you? A Never or an Ever? and what about your soul score? I AM REREADING IT THIS BOOK WAS THE BOOK THAT MADE ME LOVE READING BOOKS I used to hate books without apparent reason and I'm STILL so grateful I tried reading this book because if I hadn't read this book then I wouldn't have been here and I wouldn't have had all these awesome adventures with books