The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry

The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry[PDF / Epub] ☉ The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry Author J.P. Webster – Join author JP Webster as he explores the fascinating and complex history of the Philadelphia State Hospital at ByberryThe uaker City and its hospitals were pioneers in the field of mental health Yet State Hospital PDF/EPUB ½ Join author JP Webster as he explores the fascinating and complex history of The Philadelphia State Hospital at ByberryThe uaker City and its hospitals were pioneers in the field of mental health Yet by the end of the nineteenth century its institutions were crowded and patients lived in shocking conditions The mentally ill were uartered with the dangerously criminal By the city had purchased a vast acreage of farmland incorporated into The Philadelphia PDF/EPUB ² the city and the Philadelphia Hospital dubbed its new venture Byberry City Farms From the start its history was riddled with corruption and committees investigations and inuests appropriations and abuse Yet it is also a story of reform and redemption of heroes and human dignity many dedicated staff members did their best to help patients whose mental illnesses were little understood and were stigmatized by society. Well Documented History Light On Personal StoriesThe book documents the history of the hospital itself laying out an intriguing and sordid history of corruption and political maneuvering It doesn't though delve far in to the personal horror that the hospital brought on so many There are a handful of tragic anecdotes but this mostly sticks too the political corruption that plagued the management of the hospital itself and often the author gives the staff the benefit of the doubt without much proof one way or the other Still as one of the most horrific hospitals to ever exist this is a fascinating look at part of it's history It's almost too much really – the unbridled entitlement the greed the heartlessness the suffering the hopelessness the compassion the dedication the advances the backward thinking the attention the neglect the expanse the expense the reality All that and fills the pages of JP Webster's “The Philadelphia State Hospital at Byberry” It becomes almost too much because all this unfolded mere steps from my front door The last patients left the hospital on June 21 1990 Coincidentally we moved into our house on August 1 1990 I've always been curious about the hospital vaguely aware of the intense goings on that had to have occurred there; mental illness is fraught with suffering But I didn't know the half of it Now I do As someone that grew up in Philadelphia not too far as the crow flies from Byberry and had spent a lot of time in the abandon buildings searching around and making a fool of myself with my friends Never thinking of the mold decay asbestos and such but always with the horrors of what happened with me Movies like Grave Encounters House on Haunted Hill remake Session 9 and others cannot even begin to scratch the surface of what went on at Byberry Long after the site has been demolished and made into The Arbours at Eagle Pointe which to me is as terrible an idea as living over an old Native burial groundWebster spared no expense with his research into the failed concept gross mismanagement and deplorable conditions that left people scarred broken and at times killed by the inhuman treatment of the people who needed the most help Of local interest but that's where it ended Very thorough with history but not enough stories Way too many names to which one cannot put faces This book goes in depth on the political corruption and the greed of political parties and those that ran the institution The history that was told shows us that this institution was set for failure since day one No one seemed to care about the patients they only seemed to care about lining their own pocketsThe treatment of the patients and day to day life was discussed a little less than I would have liked it seemed the author focused on much of the political side of the State Hospital It was not a boring read A phenomenal read This is a tale starting from early on in the city After that the author goes into the city's need and desire to expand its capacity to serve the mentally ill population in the late 19th and early 20th centuries In his telling of this tale the author goes into great detail describing the corruption of the city and mistreatment of the hospital patients Throughout the book the author thoroughly describes the evolution of the hospital before its eventual demise and closure I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Philadelphia history Definitely about the history of the building itself and the politics and people behind the building and the choices made in regards to it The patients themselves and their day to day experiences weren't really the focus No rating from me since this wasn't what I was looking for I spent 3 months at byberry as a student nurse in 1963 It was crowded chaotic and understaffedbut I loved it It saddened me to see the great need there and I decided I would work there when I graduatedbecause I wanted to make a difference But my life took on a different direction marriage and a move to northeast Pennsylvania I was disappointed in this book because it dealt mainly with facts and figures political agendas and buildings Very little about patients treatments evolving therapies In contrast I was reading Bellevue at the same time and it did everything this book did not The opinions of the author tried to overshadow the facts of the horrendous treatment of patients For those who currently work in the industry and continue to support the survivors of institutionalization recognize that the impact of such monstrous treatment has left scars that will never be swept away as the physical buildings have been Although the author tries to redeem himself by recognizing the impact of stereotyping of this fragile population it is not enough to overcome the many pages filled will justification for the abuse that occurred or the excuses he so readily provided for the administrative and direct care staff at Byberry This was a missed opportunity I lived in Somerton section of Philly growing up As teenagers we would sneak onto the property and scare ourselves nearly to death cruising the old roads and buildings It was almost a right of passage U truly werent initiated into young adulthood until u could say u were there and had witnesses Creepy doesnt even begin to describe the place A feeling of despair is absolutely palpable I was always curious about the history of the place and I was thrilled to find this book I enjoyed it thoroughly

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