The Oasis of Now

The Oasis of Now❮Read❯ ➲ The Oasis of Now Author Sohrab Sepehri – The Oasis of Now is the first US book publication of the works of Sohrab Sepehri 19281980 one of the major Iranian poets of the twentieth century Well versed in Buddhism mysticism and Western traditio The Oasis of Now is the first US book publication of the works of Sohrab Sepehri one of the major Iranian poets of the twentieth century Well versed in Buddhism mysticism and Western traditions Sepehri mingled Western concepts with Eastern ones creating The Oasis Kindle - a poetry unsurpassed in the history of Persian literature In Iran his Persian verses are often recited in public gatherings and lines from them were used as slogans by the protesters in This first full length American volume collects poems from three of Sepehri's most important books including the highly acclaimed Water's Footfall I want to knowWhy is a horse noble and the dove belovedbut no one keeps a pet vulture in a gilded cageWhy is the humble clover trodden upon rather than the red tulipI want to see anew and wash the words of the worldin wind and rainSohrab Sepehri wrote the poems collected in The Oasis of Now after traveling through Japan China and India where he was exposed to the arts of those countries as well as the spiritual disciplines of Buddhism Taoism and Hinduism This book is crucial for anyone interested in Iranian arts and cultureKazim Ali is author of ten books of poetry fiction essays and translations He is an associate professor at Oberlin College and founding editor of Nightboat booksMohammad Jafar Mahallati is Presidential Scholar in the religion department of Oberlin College He served as Iran's ambassador to the United Nations from to and was instrumental in brokering a peace agreement between Iran and Ira during that time. 455Beautiful dizzying mesmerizingLike Sergei Parajanov's The Color of Pomegranates but in literary form 16A crack in the wall fights off the persistent advances of the sunlight Stairs struggle against the Sun’s long leg Loneliness fights the song Pears ache to fill the empty basket Pomegranate’s jewel seeds refuse to burst under the teeth’s insistence Fascists march on the delicate touch me nots Parrot outdone by elouence Forehead pushes itself against the cold clay prayer tablet Mosue tiles unpeel from the walls flying toward defenseless worshipers Wind thrusts apart the rising soap bubbles Butterfly army takes on the Pest Control Program Dragonfly swarm versus Water Main Workers Regiments of calligraphy pens storm the printshop assaulting the leaden fonts Poetry clogs the throat of the poet Century undone by a poem Orchard beaten by a starling Alleyway conuered by two of us saying salaam Town defeated by a handful of wooden horsemen Every eid conuered by the troop of ceramic dolls A baby’s rattle murdered on the mattress A story killed at the alley opening of sleep Sorrow done in by song Moonlight shot at command of neon lit night Willow tree strangled by order of the government17 18I am close to the beginning of the earth I check the pulse of each flower I divine water’s wet fate the tree’s green destiny My spirit flows in new directions following all matter My youthful spirit coughs out its longing Without other meaningful employment it spends its days counting raindrops that slowly mark the lines of mortar between the bricks My soul is true as a rock in the road18 19Life that pleasant chore has wings and feathers wide as Death and launches itself skyward searching for love Life should not be unmoving in our mind like a jar on the habit shelf just another little task on the list of things to do Life is like the hand that aches to pluck June’s not yet ripe figs Like a syca refracted in the fly’s myriad eyesIt is a bat flying in the dark the migrating bird’s strange directional instinct Life is like a train blowing its whistle in the daydreams of the lonely tunnel bridge Like from the airplane’s windows it is a distant garden seen Newspaper coverage of a rocket launching spaceward21Our mission is not to unpetal the rose’s layered secret Maybe our mission is to float drunk on the mystery of the rose Let’s pitch our tents on the other side of the hill from Knowing28Let’s not stir up any mud in the water Downstream a pigeon may be drinking or a thrush in the thicket having a bath Or someone in the village filling a pitcher Let’s not stir up any mud in the water Maybe it flows past the poplar on its way to soothe some lonely soul or the wandering dervish is there soaking his dry bread crusts63Into the breathing of my loneliness send splinters of my intelligence Send me flying after the kite of that other day Take me to the solitude of life’s wan measurements and show me the presence of soft Nothing Life should not be unmoving in our mind like a jar on the habit shelf just another little task of the things to doLife is like the hand that achesto pluck June's not yet ripe figsLife is like washing a dishLike finding silver coins shining in the gutterEarth multipled by our heartbeatsThe simple geometry of breathWherever I am let me be thereLet's forget about everythingLet's pitch our tent on the the other side of the hill of KnowingWash our hands in the leaf's green ecstasy and prepare the picnicLet's be reborn when the sun dawnsLet's unleash everythingSelections from Water's Footfall by Sohrab Sepehri tr from the Persian Iran by Kazim Ali and Mohammed Jafar Mahallati featured in THE OASIS OF NOW Selected Poems of Sohrab Sepehri 2013 by BOA EditionsSepehri's long form nature infused poem Water's Footfall was a complete joy to read This poem is about one third of the book and is intoxicating Sufi mysticism fused with forest bathing and meditation Short pieces make up the rest of this collection Eually beautiful and evocative in theme bit for me the long lyric was the favorite Looking forward to reading by this well known Iranian 20th century poet and artist Superb writing To be honest I did not read the third section the subject matter did not interest me as much as the first two but Sepehri was as insightful and gently elegant as Rumi or Hafiz His images are not merely clever they speak of a firm immersion in the wisdom he expresses With nothing to compare the translation of Kazim Ali and his colleague to I can't speak with certainty but the words do flow with such ease and candor that the work seems to have been originally written in English while it actually was not One should cross the riveraccompany the far horizon;one should sometimes settle in the vein of a singlewordOne should cross and eat mulberries from the tip ofthe branchI was walking on the shores of LyricismIt was the rich season the season of blessingsAnd under my feet the sands shiftedA woman heard and came to the windowlooking out checking the weatherSo young and so delicatelyher hands plucked the dew of minutesfrom the body of death’s feelingsI paused The sun of Lyricism rose high in the skyI pondered the evaporation of dreamscounting the number of times that branches of astrange treestroke the body of the mindWe thought we had no marginsWe thoughtwe were floating amidst legendary debates in thesacred textsAnd that few seconds of negligence is our presentexistence I will reconcile understand walk onI will drink lightI will loveEven that I do not speak Persian I think that it is difficult to find good translations of Persian poetry This is an excellent translation of sublime poetry I loved this book A thoughtfulness in nearly every line that surprises with its insight and beauty The final section The Traveller is not as strong as the first two which make up the bulk of the book but that's a uibble in light of this deeply stirring collection

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