The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies

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The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies is the fourteenth book in Beatrix Potter's famous series of 23 little children's books which are mainly about animals The author wrote these between 1902–1930 and they were published by Frederick Warne She had already written two full length tales with a rabbit as the central character for this publisher The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of Benjamin Bunny and felt reluctant to write another However the demand from her young audience was so great that she wrote The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies featuring both Peter and Benjamin and adding new characters It was published in 1909 The watercolour depictions of the garden in the background are simply beautiful and considered to be some of the finest illustrations Beatrix Potter created For her inspiration here she had looked to a semi formal garden of archways and flowerbeds at the home of her aunt and uncle in Wales It is perhaps no surprise that Beatrix Potter's illustrations are so carefully executed and so detailed She had been a respected watercolourist illustrating plant life insects fossils and various archaeological artefacts as well as the pets and small animals she had always painted even as a child Prior to these books featuring rabbits she had also previously in 1893 illustrated the Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris However the rabbits invented by Beatrix Potter are very different from Joel Chandler Harris's cunning and wily character of Brer Rabbit Beatrix Potter's rabbits are from a gentler world They are eually keen to have adventures and are full of mischief but they are mostly motivated by a sense of funThis story is a perfect example It has danger certainly and a few heart stopping moments But there is little sense of planning in the trickery; it is a case of turning the tables and playing tricks on the big people in a strong mischievous spirit which young children will recognise and love There is also another life lesson here too for youngsters We learn that it was the importunance of the parents their constant having to borrow from Flopsy's brother Peter which led to their young being put into great danger But the story is a light hearted one for all that The book starts “It is said that the effect of eating too much lettuce is 'soporific'”And because the author has introduced a word which few children listening to this will ever have encountered she uickly goes on to explain with a definition in a chummy way “I have never felt sleepy after eating lettuces; but then I am not a rabbit”And opposite the text we have a naturalistic illustration of several little rabbits all asleep on their backs against a lettuce plant PerfectThe book instantly flashes back to how Benjamin Bunny had married his Cousin Flopsy and being very improvident and cheerful the conseuence was uite a lot of little Flopsy Bunnies In fact they had not always enough cabbages to go round their large family so often used to ask for some from Flopsy's brother who was fanfare please Peter Rabbit But when Peter had no cabbages to spare we all know who he had to get them from Mr McGregorThe story follows all the nameless little Flopsy Bunnies there are too many to remember their names the author assures us as they go scavenging in Mr Mcgregor's rubbish heap finding enough lettuces to make them very drowsy indeed and to have to indulge in a little nap I particularly enjoyed the picture of Peter Rabbit complete with paper bag over his head to keep off the flies But when Mr McGregor returns and empties some lawn clippings over the little Flopsy Bunnies he spies what might be the tips of six little pairs of ears peeping out and Oh calamity These six little rabbits are destined for the pot How they eventually escape is down to a new character brave little Thomasina Tittlemouse a woodmouse with a long tail and very sharp teeth Mrs Tittlemouse is herself honoured featuring as the central character in a book the following yearThe ensuing adventure is very exciting as we follow the distress of Flopsy wondering where all her little bunnies have disappeared to the clever contrivances of Benjamin and Thomasina the glee of Mr McGregor followed by a scolding by his wife who had ambitious but nasty plans on what to use the rabbits for and accused her husband of having done it a purpose It ends with a very crestfallen Mr McGregor and a cute little codicil about how the Flopsy Bunnies rewarded Thomasina TittlemouseThe Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies has all the classic hallmarks of one of the best Beatrix Potter stories It is a timeless story of danger and friendship Little children will hug themselves first with fear as the rabbits are in danger of their lives and then with glee as Mr McGregor is outwitted The pictures beautifully illustrate how all the animals watch as their plan goes into action We used to visit the Lake District every year to try some of the gentle climbs up the fells We stayed in a guest house in Near Sawrey Just along the road is another little village called Far Sawrey where we sometimes visited Beatrix Potter's house Hill Top Her furnishings are still there and much of her memorabilia Beatrix Potter had bought Hill Top in her beloved Lake District in 1905 with the profits from her books and a small legacy left to her by her aunt A working farm which she continued to maintain all her life Hill Top soon became a retreat and her home away from London as Beatrix Potter established her life and career thereAfter three years in her new home Beatrix Potter wrote a four page letter with illustrations of the rabbits in her garden at Hill Top to one of her young fans “dear little William Warner” She said that she was “trying dreadfully hard to think about another story about ‘Peter’” because “all the little boys and girls like the rabbits best” But so far she hadn't managed to think of one “I thinked and thinked and thinked last year; but I didn’t think enough to fill a book So I made a story about Jemima Puddleduck instead – and it will be in the shops very soon I hope you will like it”“The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck” was number twelve in the series and was published in 1908 Only a few months later in the autumn of 1908 Beatrix Potter wrote to her publisher Harold Warne saying that she had several ideas for new books These included the book which is reviewed here The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies which was intended as a seuel to The Tale of Benjamin Bunny as it featured Benjamin's offspring the Flopsy Bunnies Another tale she sent Warne was about the village shop in Far Sawrey That story eventually became the next one The Tale of Ginger and Pickles number fifteen in the series Both books were subseuently published after the letter during the next year 1909Spurred on by the fact that the very letter to “dear little William” is to be auctioned this weekend I read this little book and was enchanted Here is the final page of the letter What a privileged little boy William Warne was to be sureLast time we visited Hill Top we wandered around the pretty cottage garden It has a large vegetable patch which is maintained much as it would have been when Beatrix Potter lived there The carrots lettuces and radishes all grow in neat rows exactly as if Mr McGregor had just popped inside for a moment It is so very easy to imagine the tips of a few furry Flopsy Bunny ears sticking up out of a pile of grass clippings Or a glimpse of Benjamin's bright little eyes in a furry face peeping out at you from behind the lettuces Or perhaps just maybe it is not merely the imagination at work It is said that the effect of eating too much chocolate is soporificI have never felt sleepy after eating chocolate but then I am not a lightweight The effect is most likely known as diabetes howeverI also did not grow up to marry my cousin which though possibly legal is not a sufficient enough gap in the gene pool to stop the potential of a sixth or seventh finger But Benjamin Bunny doesn't care for all of that He married his cousin and also probably his sister as wellWhich explains his children's lack of stamina Woe betide any rabbit that cannot handle his lettuce Woe betide also Mr Mcgregor who seems to have no luck be it with catching rabbits or doing right by his wife i wonder if those poor flopsy bunnies knew how close they got to being eten Soporific But in this specific case it's a complimentI must share with you this wonderful passage from John Evelyn's Acetaria A Discourse of Sallets 1699 uoted in McGee's On Food and Cooking by reason of its soporifous ualities lettuce ever was and still continues the principal foundation of the universal tribe of Sallets which is to cool and refresh besides its other properties which include beneficial influences on morals temperance and chastityI still have a few reservations about the Flopsy Bunnies' morals but I would not dare cast aspersions on their temperance or chastity I loved this but why just why did two close cousins have to get married and have children? I get that they're not humans but that's still weird One of my most prized possessions is my ‘Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends’ box set I remember my Mum and Dad reading the stories to me before bedtime and when I became a confident reader I would sit and read the books for hours admiring the beautiful illustrations In fact sometimes I just looked at the pictures because I loved them so much One of my favourites from the collection has to be ‘The Tale of The Flopsy Bunnies’ This is a story of Benjamin Bunny’s children They venture into Mr McGregor's scary farmer garden and find lots of overgrown lettuces Amazed by their find they decide to eat way too many lettuces and end up falling asleep When tragedy strikes and the little bunnies go missing Benjamin and Flopsy do everything they can to find their childrenAlthough there are a few peculiar elements within the book Benjamin is married to his cousin Flopsy; I particularly like the theme of greediness and mischievousness that runs through this book The plot is simple but still captures the attention of children with a few scary moments between pages The traditional water coloured illustrations are adorable and really compliment the story wellI fully intend to make use of this box set and read the stories aloud to Key Stage 1 and possibly early Key Stage 2 children Here we see Benjamin Bunny grown up and married with little bunnies of his own We get the impression that Benjamin was not uite as industrious as he should have been because he seemed to depend on relatives to help provide for his immediate familyOne of these relatives is Peter Apparently Peter turned out pretty well because in this book he owns his own farm and is prospering Sometimes he can help Benjamin with extra cabbage sometimes he has none to spare Or maybe like all of us he gets tired of free loading family members taking advantage of his hard work and using the plight of the children as a guilt toolBut this is a children's book Sweep away those cynical thoughtsBenjamin then resorts to thievery Off he goes to Farmer McGregor's And here the adventure begins The Flopsy bunnies are kidnapped by guess who and now Benjamin and his wife must figure out how to rescue them Great art Benjamin Bunny is a pappa here and he has little bunnies They spend a day eating well and sunny when the little bunnies are caught It was not disturbing to my niece They do escape and all is well I enjoyed this little story as did my niece She wanted to hear another one Such a delightfully sweet story Beautiful watercolour depictions that were created between 1920 1930 and are still as relevant todayThe story is light hearted and sweet about Rabbits Benjamin Bunny marries his cousin Flopsy and their children venture into Mr Mc Gregors garden who is a scary farmer and find lots of lettuces they obviously tuck in and end up falling asleep with their bellies full What happens? You'll have to read it to find outCould be a little scary for some children Lots of mischief and merriment and obviously lots of learning points for childrenI received this as a gift along with others in the set For some reason these books escaped me in my childhood They are simply lovely and Beatrix Potter was a genius

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