Бэтман Аполло

Бэтман Аполло➷ [Reading] ➹ Бэтман Аполло By Victor Pelevin ➬ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Посвящается моим друзьям и сверстникам поколению русских вампиров 1750 2000 гг рождения всем кто вошел в эту жиз Посвящается моим друзьям и сверстникам поколению русских вампиров гг рождения всем кто вошел в эту жизнь как в приветливый ночной клуб не зная что приютившая нас ночь уже на исходе В книге действуют герои романа Empire V но предварительное знакомство с ним не обязательно Вы можете начать отсюда и прочесть Empire V потом. What empire V has started Batman Apollo finished with a fascinating mind blow Honestly I'd never do drugs and I never have yet the effect Pelevin has on you seems to beat any transcendental high it causes hallucinations paranoia uncontrollable laughing the whole package And of course you can't get enough of it The only catch is that his addictive literature doesn't kill you it elevates you and kindles those insanely intelligent ideas you've locked somewhere deep in the torture chambers of your brainPersonally I'd recommend this book as a successor to the Bible It's magical speaks the ultimate truth and makes much sense eually mystical and prone to misinterpretation and ambivalence Overall a trip worth taking and cherishing forever More like a philosophy essay than a novel one of my Pelevin's favorites It's a very sad book While the initial book in the series Empire V also suffered from excessive narration at least it had the allure of introducing us to a new world The seuel also introduces a few new ideas but in doing so it clearly departs from the science fiction genre by delving deeply into mysticism and occult while reaching a new high in the narration to action ratio A disappointment I gave it 4 stars only because I liked Empire V and that book is a preuel to this one It seems that the writer analyses deeply and thoroughly political and social uestions so I am not even sure if I understood the whole thing In other words the book is a very demanding one so it is definitely worth reading it than once I would recommend it to anyone interested in such topics It will surely make me stick with Pelevin hopefully reading another his book soon Reading Pelevin is like coming home His writing is the perfect mix of erudition nihilism and call to revolution I enjoyed that he returned a bit to his Buddhist leanings I hate his character's stereotypically Russian sexism and homophobia I don't know if he shares it But this really is Pelevin near his finest If you enjoy his mentally masturbatory verbal and semiotic gymnastics this is amazing Happy to find in that book Positive vampirism Brain B and Bablos Undead American Dream Controlled dreaming Black Media Info kormInfo food Evangelic pigs from the internet Digital masturbation and small boxes for suffering Many reflections and hope for a happy end Great intellectual entertainment Though same consumer society critiue theory was already used by the author in his work Generation P eastern philosophy theory used in Chapaev and the void I didn't like the Vladimir Sorokin critiue in a glossary article called srkn at the end of the book sorry but srkn is still much greater writer than plvn Empire V Vampires Iwas really good this one promised a lot too much author's thinking about nothing Though great visual concept if to shrink thinking part this book could make a very good movie with great graphics Another great book by V Pelevin A bit of philosophy lots of modern Russian society problems and fantastic language Loved it One and only V Pelevin Even a somewhat disjointed chaotic ranting book like this one is head and shoulders above a lot of the contemporary Russian drivel

Hardcover  ✓ Бэтман Аполло eBook ¼
  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Бэтман Аполло
  • Victor Pelevin
  • Russian
  • 12 December 2016
  • 9785699634460