Outsiders Vol. 2: Sum of All Evil

Outsiders Vol. 2: Sum of All Evil[Reading] ➶ Outsiders Vol. 2: Sum of All Evil Author Judd Winick – Oaklandjobs.co.uk OUTSIDERS a new super hero team created by Green Arrow's former sidekick Arsenal is a proactive force against the villains of the world This team of battle tested veterans and inexperienced rookies in OUTSIDERS a new super hero team created by 2: Sum PDF/EPUB ¼ Green Arrow's former sidekick Arsenal is a proactive force against the villains of the world This team of battle tested veterans and inexperienced rookies includes Thunder the density controlling daughter of Balck Lighting; Shift a shape shifting elemental Outsiders Vol. PDF or man; Grace a super strong female bouncer; Indigo a futuristic cyborg girl; Jade the powerfull girlfriend of Green Lantern; and Nightwing the former Robin the Boy Wonder SUM OF ALL EVIL finds the Outsiders facing a literal demon from Hell Can even the extra help from Huntress Vol. 2: Sum PDF È Captain Marvel Junior and Black Lighting be enough to stop this evil threat And if that weren't enough the return of the Fearsome Five will wreak havoc on the team. The Outsiders are starting to come together as a team but is the leader lacking the emotion needed to run it safely? So with the last mission going bad and nearly losing a team member things aren't going exactly the way Nightwing wants The first half of this deals with a Satan looking motherfucker fighting off against our heroes but we have a Shazam Jr to the rescue Yeah it's a tad confusing Next up we also have Roy returning to the fold but not doing as well as he hoped but his best buddy is there to remind him of who he is Last but not least is a arc about 5 villains getting sprung from prison from a mastermind evil bastard but of course they depart him and do their own thing and it's up to the Outsiders to stop them Good The art and fights are really energetic and fun The dialogue is fun and keeps it flowing well I liked the demon from hell guy because he was both super strong and actually funny Watching the heroes come together and fight is pretty cool too I love the difference of everyone and how they all agree and disagree and making it a compelling group of heroes Bad The villains of the 2nd half aren't nearly as strong as the first demon looking dude and take up too much page time Overall another fun and exciting volume of Outsiders This series is a little offbeat at times but always enjoyable A 4 out of 5 I didn't like this one as much as the last one unfortunately Winick's writing of female characters is hit or miss for me I absolutely abhorred the way Helena was written in this She was just there to be desired and snarky towards Dick There's even a point where she gets in Jefferson Pierce's face for no reason at all other than to be a dick I hated that portion so muchI like Grace but her sleeping with Roy because he just showed up at her place was confusing to me The AI Jinx I think her name was is just an annoying character It appears that she has abilities than anyone else yet she honestly seems the flightiest to me WeirdAnyway I really enjoyed the relationship between Jefferson and Anissa I loved everything to do with Roy especially his relationship with Dick The darker vibe of this series is much appreciated I came to hate the art unfortunately None of it was impressive to me and women were drawn so thin that there's no room for their internal organs Judd Winick seems like he’s finally starting to get a little comfortable with Outsiders Sum of All Evil The fact that I’m familiar with the core characters probably helped to Nightwing Arsenal Grace Jade Metamorpho now calling himself “Shift” Indigo and Thunder all return to tie up some loose ends and start to gel as a team a little in this volume A couple of other heroes make appearances as well Huntress fills in for a wounded regular and one character’s father stops by to lend a hand There’s a third special guest I won’t spoil because it directly relates to one of the new villains the team goes up against I thought the guest stars helped to get me into this collection a little than the first It also helped that unlike Vol 1 Outsiders Looking For Trouble there were a couple of bad guys I’ve actually heard of too The dialogue is a little less cheesy in Vol 2 and there were even a couple of interactions that Judd did a pretty good job with Not a huge improvement but an improvement nonetheless A friendship between two team members starts to evolve Arsenal and Nightwing continue their bromance and there’s some pretty cool balls out action Not sure what I think of Winick’s Nightwing yet At times I think he nails him and others I’m not so sure Sometimes he seems to be a little to “Batman” and not enough “Nightwing” Winick seems to be doing a better job at having me buy into the other lesser known characters I am really liking Arsenal and Grace Shift and Indigo are growing on me too I also gotta admit I’m interested in the mysterious stranger plot thread I think the art was a little consistent here that the previous volume as well Tom Raney handled the lion’s share of the work with assists from Will Conrad and Tom Derenick Not great but certainly serviceable and even good on a couple of occasions This one is 35 stars out of 5 Judd along with consistent artwork is slowly winning me over on his run of Outsiders A growing interest in the team on the whole and a couple of new artists guarantee I will be picking up the next volume in the hopes of seeing how some of the ongoing storylines play out The first half of this series was about a hell demon called Sabbac The Outsiders had to deal with super strength flight fire breath and a REALLY bad smell The next half of this series was about The Fearsome Five They were in a couple of Teen Titan comics which half the new Outsiders came from so that made me really happy to see old villains return and get their butts handed to them again There is also a Captain Marvel Jr appearance the cover on that comic got me excited because I thought I was going to see the actual Captain Marvel but still CMJ kicked major butt as well as Huntress becoming a temporary member Overall a good story line with nice consistency and no shortage of uips jokes and good old fashioned beat downs I really love the Nightwing giving Arsenal the Bat therapy for post injury gun aversion The relationship between the two former Titans and Shift's relationship with Indigo really underscore the fact that the rest of the team is just a job These people aren't a family They don't love one another and as we learn from the villains that way lies team dissolution Enjoyed this volume a lot Huntress was a good addition while we had her I love Grace kicking the ass of misogynist male villains The Fearsome Five looked like they would be a great set of villains for the team to go against but I was over it pretty uick The villain from the first half was a good one The stakes felt raised There was a real danger to the team Thunder and her interactions with her dad are so different on Black Lightning It's cool to see some of the comic sources for that I still am a big fan of Thunder in the comics She's a new hero Inexperienced She is eager and ready to really be a hero Even though she's seeing things she wasn't prepared for Outsiders continues to try to figure itself out While everyone stresses its a proactive team and not a loving family they do everything to prove the opposite The group is still an odd collection especially with Roy and Dick being written so similar Winick's dialogue is still very juvenile at times The new version of Sabbac was really good but I wished the storyline lasted longer The art was all over the place Overall a decent read with a good foundation but lacking follow through Great pacing storyline Must have Just as good as the first book which is always a worry when it comes to series All the characters are back along with some good villains; you can't have a good story without a decent villain or three I was especially pleased to note that the humor of the first book was still evident in this one Winick provides an excellent balance between the humor and the action that proves uite effective on the readerSo to summarize superheros are still as fun as always and ditto Judd Winick More of what I liked so much about the first volume Fast paced edgy action and plot oriented stories with just enough character moments to tie it all together Popcorn reading in its purest form If you're interested in the series start at Outsiders Vol 1 Looking for Trouble then continue onto this book

Outsiders Vol. 2: Sum of All Evil PDF ☆ 2: Sum of
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  • Outsiders Vol. 2: Sum of All Evil
  • Judd Winick
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  • 23 July 2014
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