Never Underestimate Your Teachers

Never Underestimate Your Teachers[Reading] ➰ Never Underestimate Your Teachers ➸ Robyn R. Jackson – Author of the ASCD blockbuster Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching Robyn R Jackson returns with advice every school leader should read about how to develop the Author of the ASCD blockbuster Never Work Harder Than Your Students and Other Principles of Great Teaching Robyn R Jackson returns with advice every school leader should read about how to develop the mindset and habits of master teachers in every teacher Explore a new model for instructional leadership that euips you with everything you need to assess and move all teachers toward becoming the best they can be Jackson's real life examples practical tools and strategies ensure you know how to Recognize good teaching and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of every teacher from the Never Underestimate Kindle - raw novice to the seasoned veteran Know what to do if you aren't seeing exemplary instruction in the classroom Use evaluation to help bad teachers become good good ones become great and great ones become even greater Meet teachers where they are and through a series of supports help them all move forward Whether you're a district leader principal instructional coach or teacher leader get the strategies you need to help teachers grow want to grow and to do all they can to move your entire school toward a professional culture that is focused on masterful teaching. Fantastic read for anyone who works even adjacent to teachers I’m just a plain old classroom teacher—not an “instructional leader” in any kind of measurable capacity—but I found so many gems to work with here I had an epiphany while reading Jackson’s description of how will drivers work in teachers A short book that packs a punch Robyn Jackson talks about the skill and will of teachers and how administrators and coaches can best provide support to all kinds of teachers What I found really interesting was the explanation of the four different will drivers she has identified I am curious where she gets this information The four will drivers she identifies are autonomy mastery belonging and purpose There are lots of practical tools in the book and I see the fit with Instructional Coaching Makes a lot of practical sense when dealing with teachers Very insightful Not totally convinced but the strategies and processes are worth putting into place Good professional read for any principal Would be great to have a discussion with colleagues uick easy read with practical examples and strategies Great resource for instructional coaches mentors and administrators An incredible instructional coach recommended that I read this book and she was right It discusses strategies for serving teachers by helping them build skill if needed or learning what drives them and makes them energized in order to build will This information is applicable not only for my role but for anyone who is in various types of school leadership I also learned a lot about myself and what drives and motivates me in a work setting I knew I would like it when i saw it was written by Robyn Jackson It’s a very practical way of looking at individualized teacher learning in the same fashion we want to provide individualized learning for students The bottom line is getting to know each teacher and analyzing their perceptions goals and needs A belief system that practices what we preach as far as ALL FOLKS CAN LEARN I loved that it helped to determine prime motivators to help with assessmentteam building This book was written to help administrators categorize teachers so that they can best help them move towards mastery It is similar to how we put students into groups to help differentiate While I do not mean to say we should limit ourselves to these categories for either group it is helpful to to know how to approach professional development for teachers knowing which group best describes their teaching approach As a teacher my take away is learning how coaches and principals would look at me or my colleagues and to know what would best serve me in the coaching and evaluative process leading to better teaching I know which groups I fall into and the best approach to coaching me Robyn does a very nice job discussing the benefits of addressing a differentiated staff and gives concise examples of how to lead them all towards mastery Nice work

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  • Paperback
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  • Never Underestimate Your Teachers
  • Robyn R. Jackson
  • English
  • 05 August 2015
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