London For Everyman

London For Everyman[PDF / Epub] ☉ London For Everyman By William Kent – PRE ISBNPage count includes 48 pages of full colour maps at the back of the bookFrom the front inside of the dustjacket“Modelled with slight deviation on Paris for Everyman this book is intended as PRE ISBNPage count includes pages of full colour maps at the back of the bookFrom the front inside of the dustjacket“Modelled with slight deviation on Paris for Everyman this book is intended as a comprehensive guide for the visitor to London and as a welcome companion for the cockney The text has been most carefully written and compiled; they supply concisely yet comprehensively all kinds of information historical and practical on the exploration of London In the order in which they appear the sections are London For Epub / Disposal of Time a note on time saving; Where to Stay a list of hotels; Where to Dine a list of restaurants; Amusements theatres cinemas etc; A Short History of London an outline in sixteen pages; Day Walks eight sectionalised walks pages which take in all the principle historic places and enumerate their particular points of interest; Evening Walks six in number pages especially arranged to include as far as possible sights which may be seen as well in the evening as during the day thereby giving greater time for sights only suited to day walks; Extras areas of interest not dealt with elsewhere; Some Interesting London Graves; America’s Links with London; Days and Hours for Visiting Public Buildings – museums gardens etc – with prices of admission etc; Bibliography of books about London; Index to Streets and Places”. This book is a rich guide to the packed venerable history of London from Roman times onwards The detailed historical maps at the back are particularly rewarding for showing how small Roman London was and how it initially grew slowly through later centuries until the period of very rapid expansion in the 19th and 20th centuries the fruit of the Industrial Revolution and railwaysI find this delightful pocket sized book particularly interesting because it describes central London pre World War 2 As such it is particularly entertaining to follow the walks described; making freuent necessary mental adjustments for the disappearance of old buildings and the appearance of newer buildings likewise to streets and traffic flows Staying alert and keeping one’s wits is all part of the fun of solving the puzzles; “Hmmm Now where do I think such such WAS?” The text is packed with interest I particularly like the friendly thoughtfulness behind including information for American visitors; such as the fact pg205 that it was from a shop at what is now 44 Fenchurch Street that tea was supplied and shipped to Boston in 1774 where it was thrown into the harbour as a Brit I cannot help but wince at what a terrible waste of good tea that must have been I feel the urge to rush off to St Olave’s Hart Street London to see if the memorial tablet relocated from All Hallows Staining to the shop’s owners Messrs Rawlinson Davison Newman is still there?What now appears to be uaint advice about travelling by Tube London Underground trains; warnings about intermittent stations act to remind of the number of the now ‘ghost’ stations of which many still exist some blocked off some simply now darkly invisible The costs given for taxi fares are also charmingly out of date If only a taxi fare now 2013 was 6d sixpence pre decimal for a distance not exceeding 23 of a mile and time not exceeding 7 ½ minutes However I do find it curious that the publisher calls this book ‘a welcome companion for the cockney’ because directions for exploring the East End are not given At that time late 1920s very early ‘30s that was most definitely not a safe district for genteel residents or visitors to London to exploreUndoubtedly this book is likely also to be enjoyed by anyone who reads books fact or fiction for example Bulldog Drummond set in the London of the period of publication and earlier