Abandoned but not Alone (Kingdom #1)

Abandoned but not Alone (Kingdom #1)❮Reading❯ ➶ Abandoned but not Alone (Kingdom #1) Author Theresa L. Henry – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Join Jason and Aviva on their hilarious and sometimes heart wrenching journey to self discovery Abandoned but Not Alone a contemporary bi racial romance tells the story of blossoming love between two Join Jason and Aviva on their hilarious and sometimes heart wrenching journey to self discovery Abandoned Abandoned but Kindle - but Not Alone a contemporary bi racial romance tells the story of blossoming love between two unlikely characters Aviva meets Jason a wealthy self made man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take matters into his own hands in order to get it Jason isn’t looking for love when it unexpectedly finds him Somehow they must navigate the pitfalls of friends enemies family and childhood trauma to claim the happiness that always seems a fingertip away With happiness finally within their grasp Jason and Aviva are forced into the realization – life isn’t always what it seemsPlease note This book contains sexually explicit love scenes and is for sale to adults onlyWord count Approx . I won't rant and rave about my increasingly present aversion to cliffhangers Needless to say this was one of them However I will say that at least this author gave up a good amount of pages before culminating in a big to be continuedI got to about 87% of the book and that's not wo skipping some pages then I skipped to the end and was sure I didn't miss anything I wouldn't have DNF'ed it if it had only a minimum of typos or editing necessities Yet it didn't Instead I was constantly miffed by the format paragraph PoV changes and rough draft form I'm getting a little tired of this happening in self published books or those published by less established publishers That sounds snobbish so I will say it doesn't deter me from trying to read and support books that are published in the same circumstance but have better care with format and editingOne good thing the jealous best friend getting her come uppance was sweet to read though that only happened in the 1st 20% of the story After that the transition to conflict story just fell apart For the Love that is everything Jason and Aviva have now become another one of my favorite couplesJason King self made millionaire is having the time of his life making money having sex partners and still building his business with his best friend Steve Aviva Johnson song writer single sassy and loving life who is now running for her best friend Hope who is determined to take her to yet another spa In Aviva's uest to get away from her she literally runs almost head first in to Jason who she demands he hide her from Hope using his big body as a shield A body Aviva now realizes is the perfect specimen she has ever seen had no idea that this day and this tiny woman would race straight into his life and into his heart A heart he always believed would never have allowed love to enter and he understood that he did not and would not allow Aviva to exit his life His plan was to make Aviva his and anyone else stupid enough to try and stake their claim on her would meet his fist in their faceAviva is there to sing at her her best friend Hope's wedding to Steve best friend of Jason All seems to be going as planned but Jason senses something is amiss with his best friend and the day before the wedding all hell breaks lose and when the dust clears dreams are shattered and instincts that were ignored brings with it a truth that can not be deniedJason's life is about to be turned upside down with the meeting of a family he never knew existed First growing up in foster care and then being brought up with Steve and his parents He had finally felt like he belonged but with the appearance of brothers and a father it sends him reeling into a state of anger grief and denial Aviva has become Jason's rock and with her he can try and make sense out of what all of this means and in the interim he has fallen in love with her and she with him Together they can whether any stormJason begins to accept his brothers and father they confront the woman who practically destroyed them their mother and then someone had the nerve the utter audacity to kidnap Aviva Jason's angel what the men don't seem to understand is this he is as murderous as one can possibly get and now add in his new found family they will ran down hell upon those foolish enough to come against The KingdomMy first read by this author and it will not be my last I am getting ready to start Book 2 For Love and Vengeance Kingdom Book 2 Woot Woot Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas I would have never guessed that this was a first book by a author this is a really good book Jason and Aviva made a wonderful couple I really enjoyed the way the met it was really funny and smart The author used a lot of comedy to tell this love story and I really enjoyed it This book is a journey of Jason and Aviva's relationship but to me the most touching parts were the one that involved Jason This book ends on a cliffhanger and I will be waiting for the next book to see what happens next OMG This was a great read you know how you read a good book and weeks later you still think about it? Well this book is one of them I can't wait for the next book in this series this a book that will make you laugh and cry and piss you off to the point of cussing lol Yes a emotional roller coaster ride of emotions good so go to your ebook store and download now This book was a pleasant surprise From start to finish Jason Aviva and the supporting characters keep you thoroughly entertained The chemistry between them is so strong that it creates and understandable bond between the to that seems unbreakable though it seems many will try Although the book ends in a cliffhanger which I usually don't like I'm really looking forward to book 2 What? You don't want to read a story about a 6'5 Kung fu fighting body builder billionaire with the intellect of Einstein with a monster penis who's dating a woman so tiny I fear she may slip through the floor board? Seriously the level of contrived and extraness is pretty astounding I had to stop reading several times because it was just too ridiculous A whole lot of telling without saying anythingAn immature annoying heroine1 Good thing you're an adult cause your parents couldn't afford to feed you2 Hiding behind a grown stranger3 A blurted chicken story Theresa L Henry has written a great mulit cultural story I enjoyed reading the book and seeing her create and develope her characters This is her first book and I loved it Aviva Johnson is a short beautiful woman from London who is not to be played with and Jason King is a stubborn man who loves her and her only They both have issues dealing with thier family and Jason has some that seems insurmountable but with the help of Aviva he may be able to recoup and recover I can't wait for the next book to come outIf you would like romance books and one that doesn't just center around the bedroom this is an excellent book for you Excellent reads This author has only written 2 books and its a series I read them both in a couple of days and was so sad when she did not have anything else written as yet Get them both worth every penny Great story line just when I thought I knew where the story was headed it got a little twist Cliffhanger ending but definitely running to the next book to see what happens next