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Java Threads[Read] ➬ Java Threads By Scott Oaks – Threads are essential to Java programming but learning to use them effectively is a nontrivial task This new edition of the classic Java Threads shows you how to take full advantage of Java's threadin Threads are essential to Java programming but learning to use them effectively is a nontrivial task This new edition of the classic Java Threads shows you how to take full advantage of Java's threading facilities and brings you up to date with the watershed changes in Java Standard Edition version JSE It provides a thorough step by step approach to threads programmingJava's threading system is simple relative to other threading systems In earlier versions of Java this simplicity came with tradeoffs some of the advanced features in other threading systems were not available in Java JSE changes all that it provides a large number of new thread related classes that make the task of writing multithreaded programs that much easierYou'll learn where to use threads to increase efficiency how to use them effectively and how to avoid common mistakes This book discusses problems like deadlock race conditions and starvation in detail helping you to write code without hidden bugsJava Threads Third Edition has been thoroughly expanded and revised It incorporates the concurrency utilities from javautilconcurrent throughout New chapters cover thread performance using threads with Swing threads and Collection classes thread pools and threads and IO traditional new and interrupted Developers who cannot yet deploy JSE can use thread utilities provided in the Appendix to achieve similar functionality with earlier versions of JavaTopics include Lock starvation and deadlock detection Atomic classes and minimal synchronization JSE Interaction of Java Threads with Swing IO and Collection classes Programmatically controlled locks and condition variables JSE Thread performance and security Thread pools JSE Thread groups Platform specific thread scheduling Task schedulers JSE Parallelizing loops for multiprocessor machines In short this new edition of Java Threads covers everything you need to know about threads from the simplest animation program to the most complex applications If you plan to do any serious work in Java you will find this book invaluableScott Oaks is a senior software engineer for the Java Performance Engineering group at Sun Microsystems and the author of four books in the O'Reilly Java series Formerly a senior systems engineer at Sun Microsystems Henry Wong is an independent consultant working on various Java related projects. At the turn of the century I was developing and teaching a series of contract training courses in Java for a local IT company When they made the reuest for a course covering Java threads I needed a uick refresher in the subject This is the book that I used The content is as much a primer on threads multitasking than it is an in depth explanation of how threads are implemented in the Java programming language There is no large project while working code is included it is generally in the form of short snippets There are only two or three instances where the code example is than two pages long and there is a great deal of internal whitespaceTopics covered include controlling scheduling creating activating and deleting Java threads While this book is of course very dated regarding the specifics it still has value as an introduction to this critical and increasingly important coding techniue good bookfor basic and advanced aspect have been explained through some theory and examplei think you should read not only onceand if you have some uestionyou come back and find the answer in the book Not as deep as Concurrency in Practice but at the time the only book available on the topic was enough at the time but would not take you very far today

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