Half-Life❮Reading❯ ➹ Half-Life Author Joshua Prager – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Am I paralyzed Am I going to die Those were the uestions Joshua Prager asked a paramedic on May 16 1990 after the minibus he'd been traveling in during a visit to Israel was blindsided by a runaway tr Am I paralyzed Am I going to die Those were the uestions Joshua Prager asked a paramedic on May after the minibus he'd been traveling in during a visit to Israel was blindsided by a runaway truck At the start of that day he had been an exuberant athletic nineteen year old an aspiring doctor and an all star baseball player who loved the Yankees A golden future seemed assured The accident in which Prager suffered a broken neck instantly turned his life from before to afterIn Half Life Reflections from Jerusalem on a Broken Neck Prager an award winning journalist delivers an often agonizing freuently comic and always soulful account of a young man's attempt to survive a near fatal injury and recover his formerly carefree existence only to discover that it is gone forever Prager's determination to make a new life for himself fully bears comparison with Jean Dominiue Bauby's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly in which a man trapped in his own motionless body overcomes his limitations with a mind and heart free to travel anywhereBut Prager is no meek paragon of sickroom virtue He spares no one in his account—not insensitive doctors not irritable nurses and not himself On a trip from the hospital to his childhood home he struggles to crawl up the steps despite doctors' orders to stay away from stairs He threatens to sue Columbia University to make it accessible to the disabled Eager to date he must find a way to fend off the pity of potential girlfriends And yet he is not too proud to make use of the disabled section in order to attend a sold out Bruce Springsteen concert To celebrate his half life he wants nothing than to play a game of catch with his fatherThe columnist George Will has lauded Prager for his exemplary journalistic sleuthing skills that the now forty one year old writer has applied to recording the highs and lows of his life so far Rich in literary allusion and bursting with heart Half Life is in the end less about the loss of physical powers and about the growth of a mind and an indomitable will. Read this book for Prager's insights into why lives change and what it can teach Read this book in order to get a glimpse into how other people feel and how trauma changes a person Read this book for perceptions on memory on how we invent memories in order to make sense of our lives Joshua Prager is an accomplished writer and he has good material honed from his own life in this moving memoir I came across the author via his TED talk like many of the other people who have reviewed his book it seems Joshua Prager comes across as a thoughtful guy with a lot of self reflection and as such I wanted to give this book a higher rating It felt almost mean spirited to do otherwise Prager says in the book that he wants his writing to be judged for what it is and not have the writing be criticised or be given credit because of his disability is writing should stand in its own And therefore likewise disability aside I should probably also not give extra credit because I feel that he is likeableIt's hard to pinpoint exactly what did not uite appeal to me about the writing Was it the numerous Melville uotes? Or the short diary like sentences which one would have thought would make it personal jarring slightly with the slightly detachedobservational reflection and narration?I think his point about Abed's unexamined life was moving and it's worth watching his talk just to absorb and ponder that notion I was drawn to this book after seeing Joshua Prager's TED talk about his accident and his return to its scene Joshua Prager's story is very compelling and he's very likable His resilience in the face of a truly life altering event is admirable I liked the book but I think it would have benefited from better editing Josh bounces around in time too much and it is nearly impossible for the user to keep track at each point of whether Josh is talking about the time of the accident a return visit to Israel a little after the accident or now As a result the user is always a little off balance Still Joshua Prager's story is an interesting one and I enjoyed hearing it told in detail An interesting read Joshua Prager reflects on his life as two halves being divided by an unfortunate accident that left him physically injured for life yet mentally strong and uite resilient Even with his physical limitations he continues on to live a fulfilled life while searching for answers and yearnings that we as humans seek fruition His story is poignant and personal and yet has uotes from others than I found necessary to make it complete would be my only negative critiue Interesting story but uite a lot of jumping between the past and present day But it demonstrates the healing power of human body and the emotional power of forgiveness I too read this book after I watched the author's TED talk I wish him well