The Education of a WASP

The Education of a WASP[EPUB] ✰ The Education of a WASP By Lois Mark Stalvey – Brimming with honestly and passion The Education of a WASP chronicles one white woman's discovery of racism in 1960s America First published in 1970 and highly acclaimed by reviewers Lois Stalvey's ac Brimming with honestly of a PDF/EPUB ✓ and passion The Education of a WASP chronicles The Education PDF/EPUB ² one white woman's discovery of racism in s America First published in Education of a Epub ß and highly acclaimed by reviewers Lois Stalvey's account is as timely now as it was then Nearly twenty years later with ugly racial incidents occurring on college campuses in neighborhoods and in workplaces everywhere her account of personal encounters with racism remains deeply disturbing Educators and general readers interested in the subtleties of racism will find the story poignant revealing and profoundly moving“Delightful and horrible a singular book” —Choice“An extraordinarily honest and revealing book that poses the issue loyalty to one’s ethnic group or loyalty to conscience” —Publishers Weekly. It saddened me that incidents in this book that happened in the 60's are still happening today Are we ever as a society going to overcome this? This was another book I had to read for my multicultural education course through Doane This book is written by a white women Louis Stalvey during the 1960's era The book consists of a collection of experiences with racism from Louis' point of view This book helps you evaluate your own prejudices and takes you on a little bit of a self discovery journey Louis was extremely courageous and stood up for her own beliefs during a time of much hate for black people She went through difficult times exploring and acting upon her beliefs I believe this book is very empowering and would be a great read for new and experienced teachers at all grade levels Had to read this for class turned out just loving it Written by a white woman in the 60's 70's who realizes she has isolated herself from all the racism in the country so she sets about educating herself and her family on the status of race in the USA in the 60's It's really really interesting and thought provoking It's very easy to read This book is truly an eye opener and should be read by any individual curious enough to learn about the nuances of race especially in the 60s Now with racial tensions developing across the American nation thanks to certain political candidates this book becomes potent than ever before Almost 60 years has passed and yet very little has changed in what we are told to consider a modern civilizationLois was raising her WASP family in the early 60s when she received an eye opening experience after listening to a speaker point out some rather cruel racial problems in the world Lois still naive believed these problems were easily healed and fixed but would soon come to find out that they are much bigger than herself and even her few friends she rallys to her side This book is simultaneously fascinating and horrifying especially as it applies to today Lois is brave enough to not only combat racial ineuities mostly between blacks and whites in the 60s but was also courageous enough to write a book about it in hopes that she could penetrate minds than just those she knew personally She does not shy away from how uncomfortable a lot of this process was for her an for her black friends In short she had to swallow the fact that being white allowed her certain rights that has and always has been stripped from blacks in America Whether or not you see these ineuities is what Lois seems to first strive to proveIn this time in America it's important to see all people as just people Another human just like us but just looks a little different We are the smartest creatures on this planet and yet we get hung up on such petty differences as class race socio economic status location and belief Euality for all has replaced Black Power and yet we are spinning our tires just the same This is a true book an honest book and something that should be read in classrooms and as a personally educational experience It only works however if you follow in Stalvey's footsteps I have had SO many uestions Many of them rolling around in me so deep I could not verbalize them Some of them made me afraid to verbalize I was incredibly grateful and feel indebted to this author's biography in the end she has become both student and teacher and in the telling of her own story answered many of my uestions In a time where many I know are indignant at rioting and still say things like 'get a job' oh so ignorantly this curious white woman's simple story answers so many of my uestions I have little hope those I know and love will read this book but if they wanted to and if they took time to really absorb its powerful message pertinent right now I believe they could be part of the change and peace they long to see 50 years have passed since this book was published and sadly not much has changed in terms of racism in this country Ms Stalvey's first and second hand experiences with racism in 60s USA is gripping Racism has never left us and now it is so out in the open as it has become normalized An important read for any white and white passing person who desires a glimpse into what it is like to live as a POC in this country It is though provoking and will open your mind to another reality; to another set of rules; to another way of living when you are left with little choice Enlightening Stalvey a WASP gives us a front row seat into the first and second hand education she received during the 50s and 60s on racial injustice as she and her husband boldly and willingly thrust themselves into a multitude of friendships with African Americans during an era in which it is was unpopular to say the least to do so Still RelevantSadly this autobiographical book is still relevant today I don’t want to believe that 50 years have seen so little progress in race relations and that white Americans are still woefully ignorant of both the history and the current realities Read this book and see I don't say this lightly but I found this book to be life changing Stalvey gives incredible insight that helps you see stereotypes in an entirely different light and aids you in understanding better how and why minorities often can't catch a break This book could easily increase our potential for compassion and caring feelings for others and as a result I strongly encourage everyone to add it to their reading lists Eyeopening autobiography of a white women in the 60's who has become close friends with many African American families This is her story on their stuggle in society through her eyes with a focus on housing and social segregation in our country providing a great insight into sociatal segragation today

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