The Kids Guide to Money Cents

The Kids Guide to Money Cents➳ [Reading] ➶ The Kids Guide to Money Cents By Keltie Thomas ➩ – Teaching children how to spend and save their money wisely is difficult when advertising peer pressure and ever changing trends constantly bombard young people Now boys and girls can join the Money Ce Teaching children how to spend Guide to Epub á and save their money wisely is difficult when advertising peer pressure and ever changing trends constantly bombard young people Now boys and girls can join the Money Cent gang three The Kids ePUB ✓ kids with very different money personalities as they get the inside scoop on money and discover their financial potential Features uizzes checklists puzzles and. 1Personal reaction I loved this book So much was going on throughout the story all relating to the topic of money It provided information about budgeting making money the need for money and many topics relating to money I loved how it made up situations through narratives in which students would need to work out to solve the money topic being explained 2 Purpose This would be a great book to read during a math unit on money This book would be great to use especially when discussing topics in math relating to budgeting This book can also be used to introduce money word problems to students for simple math problems are created to test students understanding of the specific money topic This book would be a great independent read for students in the 4th grade and above The book is lengthy and on each page a good amount of text is provided But to ease up the lengthy text simple and fun pictures are provided to help students visually see each step in the money topic being discussed This book would be appropriate for this age group because the math problems and word problem provided do reuire some thought and can be challenging But for students in this grade knowledge of money and math problems including money topics will have already been provided The book also provided an index at the end of the book to help students refer back to the book and be able to find exactly where a specific money concept was explained and where a word problem containing that concept was provided The book also includes math problems to be solved on each money concept At the end of the book the answers are provided 3 The illustrations throughout the book were every simple but were bold to grab the attention of the readers With the illustrations being provided it lightened up the large amount of text allowing the readers to refer to the pictures to gain a visual of the math problem being explained Each page was filled with color keeping a positive mood while solving each money math problem Personal Reaction The Kids Guide to Money Cents is not exactly what I expected it to be but I did find that it had some educational value and was pretty interesting Lots of different examples of saving and spending were given throughout the book which was really uniue Read Aloud This book is about the importance of money talking about why we need it what we do with it how to pay for things and how to save it Throughout the book there are different illustrations of receipts which show how things add up as well as kids actually purchasing things In my classroom I would use this book math class and specifically when we were learning about money It would be best read aloud because not all sections of the book may be relevant to students or the specific lesson Independent Read While I don't think all students should read this book alone I think it would really benefit students who wanted to know about the subject or who were having issues understanding certain concepts and needed some extra information Literary Elements I think one of the most important literary elements exemplified in this book is how factual it is It would be a great way to show students what an informational book looks like in comparison to a fiction story Read it when I was in grade 6 as part of the Silver Birch reading program As someone who is now 20 I recommend everyone read this or a book like this It describes the basics of how money came to be banks and how they work the stock market etc

The Kids Guide to Money Cents eBook ✓ Guide to
  • Paperback
  • 56 pages
  • The Kids Guide to Money Cents
  • Keltie Thomas
  • English
  • 02 April 2016
  • 9781553373902