The Magic Ball of Wool

The Magic Ball of Wool☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ The Magic Ball of Wool By Susanna Isern ✩ – Winner ofPicture Book— 4 8 Year Old Silver tie 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book AwardsOne morning a hedgehog wakes up to find a mysterious ball of wool caught in his prickles Fascinated all of the fore Ball of PDF/EPUB ¿ Winner ofPicture Book— Year Old Silver tie Moonbeam Children's Book AwardsOne morning a hedgehog wakes up to find a mysterious ball of wool caught in his prickles Fascinated all of the forest animals come to his house and the hedgehog happily knits The Magic Kindle - something for each of his visitors woolen garments that suddenly and magically turn into the very thing each animal loves most But when a fellow animal is in trouble and the ball of wool has reached its end the rest of the animals need to come Magic Ball of Epub â to the hedgehog’s aid This charming tale of friendship and generosity will bring out the best in young readers by encouraging them to help othersGuided Reading Level LLexile Level L. this book had two of my favorite things yarn and hedgehogs Such a heartwarming story This magical ball of wool provides treasures for all the forest animals after Hedgehog knits them in the end though they realize that friendship is important than treasures A blue ball of wool and a hedgehog that knitsMm I'm normally a sucker for books involving yarn community cooperation and cute animals While this book has all three I found myself bored with it The story begins when a magic ball of wool appears to a kind porcupine one night Our porcupine protagonist uses the ball of wool to knit gifts for his friends and upon each project's completion the yarn magically turns into the thing the friend wishes for most When disaster strikes everyone returns their magical items so that they can be turned back into yarn and used to save the life of a beached whale It's a very sweet premise and the art was very well done Unfortunately I found the writing to be stilted and felt that the message fell flat I may give the book a second chance to see if I like it better a second time around but it won't be for some time to come I really enjoyed this story the illustrations were wonderful and the story itself was uite inventive and fun The back cover statement that this book is a charming tale of friendship generosity and kindness is very true I especially liked how all the animals came together to gift their items back to help save the beached whale And the huge butterfly that resulted from Hedgehog's new creation was really great when it flew away after saving the whale I couldn't help but believe that it was flying to a new forest to once again transform into the magic ball of wool At first I thought that the magic ball of wool was kind of random transforming into items other than what the little hedgehog knitted for his friends But it comes together nicely when the forest friends all return their gifts in order to help a beached whale that needs help A sweet story and originally written in spanish so available in both spanish english I remember another version which I liked better

The Magic Ball of Wool PDF/EPUB ´ Ball of  PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Magic Ball of Wool
  • Susanna Isern
  • 25 December 2015
  • 9788415619895