In Sleeping Beauty's Bed

In Sleeping Beauty's Bed[Ebook] ➫ In Sleeping Beauty's Bed ➪ Mitzi Szereto – Amazing Book In Sleeping Beauty's Bed Author Mitzi Szereto This is the best favorite book 336 pages isbn 9781282946149 format ebook and others Amazing Book, In Sleeping Beauty's Bed Author Mitzi Szereto This is the best favorite book pages isbn format ebook and others. It's definitely not erotic unless you're super into semen penises that look like plums and clitorises the colour and size of cherries seriously there are some medical issues going on here There are barely any sex acts at all which to me is odd for erotica It's about sex like a Carry On film or a sleazy uncle all innuendo and grossness Instead of erotic fairy tales I'd say it was bawdy fairy tales which is fine just not what I want to read The writing is bizarrely awful in a clunky cod highbrow style Here's an example Suffice it to say a purloining of possessions would not be the worst of the lad's troubles on this eve The whole book is like that but with a lot semen It's strange because Szereto clearly knows what she's talking about the intros to the stories go over the history and alternate versions and they're interesting and well written I didn't get what the author was doing with this book and it very much was not for me As far as erotica novels go this novel is one of the worst that I have ever read Not only was it vague in any erotic descriptions the author decided to give use but the actually erotica content was almost absent It was like reading a fairy tale written for adults with all the gore and vulgarity instead the sunshine and smiles although the happy endings were presentWhen I want erotica I want erotica If I wanted some fairy tales told for adults instead children I would read the Grimm's Fairy Tales Prior to every story there is a 2 3 page history of the original fairytale and the political surrounding at the time of creation This part was fantastic; however the stories themselves read like bad teenage fanfiction It wasn't just the concepts that were poor Eg Prince Charming using a glass slipper as a sexual aid leaving Cinderella to use garden vegetables for the rest of her happily ever after but the execution as well I'd strongly recommend avoiding this particular book I was surprised by how well written this book was I was unfamiliar with some of the original tales but I enjoyed reading all the stories I don't really have a favorite I don't usually read erotic stories but I didn't find it uncomfortable reading this I also loved the historical explanation of the original story's origins before each tale From the few stories in here that I did read this was poorly done Though the introduction was somewhat literary there was some Western presumptions placed on interpretation and the introductions of each story were intelligent enough the stories themselves were hasty sketches like outlines of a fuller story Further instead of being erotic the language was lost in this strange way of not coming out and just saying cunt or vulva or something instead we get words like fuzzy pods and then the imagery was just odd the prince in Sleeping Beauty thinks he sees a fluttering butterfly trapped gonna assume that's the Princess's nether regions and goes to free them from their enclosure of some sort of fuzzy pods but the wings are trapped by dew guess what that is so he tries to lick the creature free because he doesn't want to tear his doublet or sleevesI'm very disappointed I managed to stomach only about half the stories in this collection before just giving up I didn't find the author's insistence on making every single character completely naive at all erotic Even in a fantasy setting I couldn't figure out how an adult male would be surprised by an erection as though he'd simply never had one before Maybe it's the company I keep but all of the guys I know figured that out somewhere around puberty Beyond disappointing While I am all for picking up a book that reuires me to push my imagination to read between the lines to see and feel beyond the pages that are in my hand if and when I pick up smut I expect smut Reading this made me feel like there was a gaggle of uptight women who were almost afraid to admit that they might like sex but would never use words that would clinically nor poetically describe it I can see them blushing in their turtlenecks and overall dresses Liked the fact that this book had a bunch of different fairy tales in it Thought it was pretty cool that it had the history of each fairy tale at the beginning of each story Funny that all the stories have something to do with a sexual fantasy never thought of it that way Kind of makes you wonder why and how we started using them as stories to tell our children I wasn't really sure what to expect from this collection of fairy tales aimed at adults Don't get me wrong there were sexual themes and language but I found this to be humorous than erotic The stories are well written though and I very much enjoyed the history of each tale that the author inserted before beginning each story Was at a bit of loss as I haven't read most of the tales in their original form The preface to each take on the story was helpful but I would have appreciated reference notes to back up her information The erotic take on the stories aren't terrible but not as engaging as I expected them to be This works as a companion piece for someone as interested in fairy tales as I that's about it

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  • 23 January 2015
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