Loose Dogs

Loose Dogs❰Reading❯ ➷ Loose Dogs Author Kirsten Mortensen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Animal Control Officer Paige Newbury doesn’t know what’s worse Her man problems Or her dog problems She opens a package and finds The Ring—which means the guy she can’t get over is about to wa Animal Control Officer Paige Newbury doesn’t know what’s worse Her man problems Or her dog problems She opens a package and finds The Ring—which means the guy she can’t get over is about to walk back into her life Then she stumbles on evidence of a criminal dog fighting ring—which means a gorgeous pit bull she tried to save is doomed to suffer or maybe even die She's sure she can seal the deal with her boyfriend with a little help from sexy lawyer Larry Crawford But she’ll soon need another scheme—this time to save her life Loose Dogs Unconventional romance Thrilling twist. Chick Lit is not one of my favorite genres and this book falls under the chick lit category I was interested in reading it though because the lead female character in the story is a twenty something dogcatcher and I too was a dogcatcher at that age Yes I was the dreaded dog catcher the Animal Control Officer Yes women even twenty something women can be dogcatchers It is actually a great job if you love dogsSo I had to check out this book due to the lead character of Paige I wanted to see if the author would do the female dogcatcher persona justice And I am happy to report that she succeeded brilliantly in this area The character of Paige loves dogs and became a dogcatcher because she loves dogs She works to save dogs to rescue dogs to make life better for dogs She even uses my often employed trick of catching dogs by tossing them dog treats to get them to come in to you I caught many a stray lost scared dog by sitting on the ground talking to them tossing them bits of jerky treats until they felt safe enough to come in to me So much nicer to catch them with kindnessThe relationship parts of this story were a little silly to me but then again as I said earlier I am not a usual fan of chick lit or chick lit relationships Paige has a much better understanding of dogs that she seems to have of menThere was also a side story in the book about pit bull dog fighting and Paige went a little overboard and Nancy Drew in her detective work But in the end I must say I really enjoyed this book Three cheers for the female dog loving Animal Control Officers of the world Kirsten Mortensen's Loose Dogs is a wonderful novel full of comedy without overlooking life's sadness and cruelty The characters are deftly drawn The author gives them individuality even when they're recognizable types The story unfolds at a satisfying pacePaige Newbury the narrator and protagonist works as an animal control officer in Rochester New York She seems content with her life but then she receives a ring in the mail – not a diamond engagement ring just gaudy costume jewelry that her erstwhile boyfriend Gil Rudman picked up at a flea market Paige takes the ring as a sign that Gil who left a while ago to pursue his career as an artist is coming back to herShe doesn't want Gil to think she's been waiting around for his return even though she has so she enlists the help of an acuaintance to pose as her boyfriend Larry Crawford is a slick attorney and an accomplished player He's attracted to Paige and only too happy to help out with her schemeAt this point I almost lost respect for Paige The fake boyfriend routine is such a stupid move bound to end badly And she obviously lacks the panache to bring it off But Paige is a kind person She sacrifices a meal at an expensive restaurant courtesy of Larry to catch a loose pit bull whose wounds suggest he's been used for dogfighting She worries about what will become of the pit When a callous owner abandons her pregnant dog Paige takes Lady in and sets about finding homes for the puppies How could you not like and respect someone like that?Many of Paige's observations about the world and herself are laugh out loud funny She thinks of romance as the Prozac nature has slipped in our drink to make life bearable She has intelligent and wit Even though she's not glamorous it's altogether believable that Gil would come back to her and Larry would chase after herThe plot of Loose Dogs turns on the romantic triangle but I enjoyed the subplots just as much especially Paige's efforts to find and stop a dogfighting operation Animal welfare is clearly an issue that matters to Mortensen She donates some of the profits from the book to pit bull rescueUnlike many of the stories I enjoy Loose Dogs has no foul language and no graphic sex or violence But like its protagonist it has humor intelligence and a good heart I won this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveawayWithout summarizing the plot or handing out spoilers I found this book touching and heartwarming The main character a dog catcher named Paige displayed a commitment and love for her clients that is sure to touch a chord with anyone who has shared their life with a furry companion There was romance and some suspense but most of the book dealt with the evolution of Paige and her relationships with friends both male and femaleI really enjoyed it and finished it in one sittingThanks to Kirsten and Goodreads for the opportunity to win this book Awesome Indies Book Awards is pleased to include LOOSE DOGS by KIRSTEN MORTENSEN in the library of Awesome Indies' Badge of Approval recipients at I really enjoyed this book At first it was a bit slow going but it was a very realistic type of story so that makes sense I originally got the book for the animal part of it I am usually an erotic romance reader so I really didn't expect to enjoy the romance part of this story and at first I didn't But by the second half of the book I really did enjoy seeing how Paige ever so slowly realized that she wasn't in love with Gill any and her good friend Larry was the one for her I personally thought he was the better choice anyway As for the Animal Control story It was dead on I've been the Dog Control for my area for 3 and a half years now and I could completely relate to everything she dealt with I really loved how the story tried to instill in people that Pit bulls are not the dangerous animals people think they are They really get the raw end of the deal all too often I have dealt with many people who have a blind hatred for this breed and any breed that looks similar enough to them And yet in my time on the job I have dealt with many Pits and none were dangerous yet But there were other breeds I've picked up that were dangerous to deal with Go figure And thank God we have animal rescues for these dogs This was absolutely worth the purchase And a big thank you to the author who donates part of her proceeds to Pit bull rescues They need every bit of it i was disapointed with the cover i wished to see the guy and girls face but the dog was cutethee book was good i liked the stortythe charcters were all good i like them alli like the romance part of it and it had a ltttle twist to it which was good so is u like romance anaimals and twistpplease give this book a read it is a good boook youll like it if u read it I received this book as a goodreads contest giveaway This was a uick read I would have liked romance to it and at two points in the book I was unsure whether it was present time or looking back to a past event I will say I wouldn't mind seeing these hunky guys the author describes Was over all a decent read I found the characters to be annoying and immature It just wasn't for me I appreciate her message about pit bulls at the end The book ended very abruptly