Carry On, Warrior

Carry On, Warrior❰EPUB❯ ✼ Carry On, Warrior Author Glennon Doyle Melton – For years Glennon Doyle Melton built a wall between herself and others hiding inside a bunker of secrets and shame But one day everything changed Glennon woke up to life committing herself to living o For years Glennon Doyle Melton built a wall between herself and others hiding inside a bunker of secrets and shame But one day everything changed Glennon woke up to life committing herself to living out loud and giving language to our universal yet often secret experiences She became a sensation when her personal essays started going viral Her hilarious and poignant observations have been read by millions shared among friends discussed at water coolers and have now inspired a social movementIn Carry On Warrior Melton shares new stories and the best loved material from Carry On, PDF/EPUB ² Momasterycom Her mistakes and triumphs demonstrate that love wins and that together we can do hard thingsMelton is a courageous truth teller and hope spreader a wise and witty friend who emboldens us to believe in ourselves and reminds us that the journey is the reward Carry On Warrior proves that by shedding our weapons and armor we can stop hiding competing striving for the mirage of perfection and build better lives in our hearts homes and communities. I really feel that I need to review this is two parts to accurately convey my feelings about this book so I'm going to start with the nitty gritty here the writing I find books written from blogs to be problematic Writing a book and writing a blog are not the same thing and taking pieces from a blog and putting them into a book tends to be unsatisfying for me A blog post does not a chapter make I'm sure there have been blogs to books that are able to avoid this misstep but Carry On Warrior is not one of them Melton's writing is entertaining in small doses I suppose if I had had the luxury to read one chapter of this book every couple of days I might have found it satisfying but that was not the case While there were passages and sometimes entire chapters that I found entertaining the book as a whole was just too well bloggyCarry On Warrior also fell into the chronology trap On a blog you can follow whatever timeline your heart desires it is one of the freedoms a blog allows However you cannot apply that same principle in a book Melton seemed to be all over the place with her chronology For example she talked about wanting to adopt Then she talked about not adopting then she finished the book with the entire adoption drama I really just couldn't keep things straightOkay part number two If you are a fan of Melton's site Momastery you will like this book In fact I'd be surprised if you didn't absolutely love it And you should stop reading this review right now I will admit that I'm not a regular reader of her blog but I like her on Facebook and sometimes I pop in to see what she's writing about However beyond that I am a pretty clean slate when it comes to Glennon Doyle MeltonNow that I've said that you can consider yourselves all warned about what I'm about to writeThe truth of it is that I just didn't like her Glennon Doyle Melton I'm sure she is a very nice person and yes she is an entertaining blogger I know she raises money for needy causes and generally tries to do good But she just isn't my cup of tea After reading her book I think I'd go batty if I were in her company for than half an hourI tried to pin down what it was that really got under my skin and that is why I had to divide this review up Once I got past the blog like nature of this book I realized what it was and I'm sure I'm going to offend than a few Monkees over thisMelton presents herself as some sort of spiritual leader and frankly she is far from having the chops for it Humor and spirituality can go hand in hand but glibness and spirituality really don't and unfortunately I found her glib than humorous As the book went on I just found her and annoying To make matters worse I read some of her recent posts on her site which contradict for lack of a better word what she has written in her book about her family After that I just didn't believe her any and sadly that is the kiss of death for me with a bookI originally and generously gave this book 3 stars but I've since dropped the rating Reviews are highly personal and I know that many people look up to Glennon Doyle but I am not one of those people and I'm not one of them because of this book I will be honest when I originally saw this tour available I skipped over it as soon as I saw that it was written by the creator of momastrycom Not because I have anything against the website but because I really hate mommy bloggers I hate the my kids are my life and it's always amazing and I am so blessed by Jesus bloggers I really would like them to show up at my house when I'm performing an enema on a seven year old while my five year old screams that I'm not spending time with himLike if I had a choice I would chose an enema over Lego'sBut then I agreed I would do it and hot damn I'm glad I didLargely my gripe about other moms is that they aren't really honest If you can't be honest with yourself that's a shame but to not be honest with the outside world is eually terrible I have to the chagrin of my extended family been honest on my blog to the point where it is embarrassing for them They feel upset with me and they don't understand it But you understand it because you are maybe like me Immediately what won me was a little paragraph towards the beginning that made me say YES Glennon is my kind of girl After reading a few of my essays my dad Bubba called and said 'Glennon Don't you think there are some things you should take to the grave?' I thought hard for a moment and said 'No I really don't That sounds horrible to me I don't want to take anything to the grave I want to die used up and emptied out I don't want to carry around anything that I don't have to I want to travel lightAnd it just felt good It felt good to have someone else see it exactly as I do Sure some things I have to say maybe are embarrassing for someone else or it makes them feel a certain way But it's not really for me to worry about is it? That means they have things they need to work through and it can't be my fault I can't worry about that So as I get older I am getting closer and closer to dealing with things from my childhood that I know hinder me in some way as an adult Slowly I am getting there But another theme through the book is how moms especially feel a certain stigma about being honest You know what parenthood sometimes really sucks And it's OK to say that It doesn't make you a bad mother Sometimes it is really hard to keep up appearances and be a really great mom wife friend whatever It's really hard to juggle it all and I am a poster child for that Glennon struggled with addiction and other things during her younger years so she literally fell into motherhood completely not ready and anyone can appreciate that would be difficult And one day in the park she decided to fuck it all and she told another mom all of these things Not only was it freeing to Glennon but to the other mom as well And think of how free you would feel if you just let it all go Be honest Live in the moment and not be worried about other people's perceptions of you It would be momentous Basically I am telling you that as a vagina card carrying woman you need this book If you are a mother in any degree you need this book It does have a vein of religion in it which isn't my thing at all but it's OK I was able to pull enough out of it to overlook it It's really just refreshing to read It's not uite self help but it's a memoir kind of Frankly I don't know where you would peg this book but it's good nonetheless And it also shows how no matter how put together you see a person it's maybe hiding something totally different Goosebumps the whole time Not just because I recently had my arms waxed but because it's just that good Raw Real Relatable Carry On Warrior Thoughts on Life Unarmed focuses on our sameness Glennon Melton puts to ink the voice in so many of our heads Not only when it's all polite calm and well rested but also and importantly the jacked up bath salts version too She gives us permission and encouragement to have pride in our crazy Her uncanny ability to be unafraid and simultaneously entirely vulnerable draws you in and builds you up The book has the power to make you feel normal comfortable and accepted for exactly whoever you are While at the same time in her modest and unassuming way Glennon shines light on all of the possibilities of what we each can dobe Smart kind honest funny humble emotionFULL the book is like having her right there in your hands and all to yourself Just not in the creepy Buffalo Bill I wanna skin you and wear you way that sounded Glennon feels like a supportive friend who's not only willing to show you her uglies but most certainly won't judge you for yours Be prepared to laugh cry and love with her; and then want to do it all again I honestly don't think I've ever read such a narcissistic book before After about 20 pages I was already bored out of my mind with her overly written pop psychobabble I actually cringed when another reviewer compared her to Anne Lamott For one thing Lamott can actually write and she doesn't have the savior complex that Melton does I'd never heard of Glennon Doyle Melton I can't believe I haven't been reading Momastary Glennon is the blogger I daren't be She lives out loud and without apology She has confidence in the person she is and the direction is going for the simple reason that she is solid in her faith in God and His Love for her Before you tune out thinking this is another religious book let me clarify Many of her ideas on God resonate with me loud and clear Some don't but it doesn't matter What connects the loudest and clearest will connect with any person that believes in a Higher Power regardless of religion or spiritual persuasion Except atheist I suppose Agnostics will be filled with hopeGlennon is FUNNY I mean truly funny She also brought me to my own epiphany when I looked her up and listened to an interview and researched her obsessively and Aaaawed all over her family and sighed all over her husband and cried all over her separation If Glennon reads this review I am certain she will understand my stalker like behavior Glennon is an incredibly gifted writer who can not only articulate thoughts and feelings and experiences beautifully but she has the courage to dig out the core truths of them all and write them When I read her essays she had a southern accent and she talked fast and with focus Then I listened to an interview and realized she is not an outgoing public speaker I mean no disrespect because I get that I really really get that I realized that I am not alone in my gift of writing and lack of gift of speaking In fact I'm an utter failure when public speaking I'm okay with that but it disappoints me to disappoint others On the other hand there is Glennon carrying on giving her all and stepping right up to her fear and sticking out her tongue at itI love thatWith perfect and focused honesty Glennon shares her short road to sobriety taking a pregnancy test making a decision to choose every day to stay sober raise her family and live out loud And don't even get me started on the essay she wrote one August when she made the decision that she was finished parenting her children until something significant differentiated one day from the other and when was school going to start again I laughed and laughed Because this woman is a mother who loves her children her family and the idea of being a mother and a wife She is also a woman who tells the truth about the reality of daily living as a wife and mother I have raged my own diatribes about well meaning women who catch me in the grocery store with four children hanging off a basket while I'm trying to keep it from tipping over wrestling a package of Oreos from another child before it gets opened only to realize that that isn't my child and that nice old lady smiles nostalgically and says Enjoy them while their young I bite my tongue from telling the old lady to enjoy her ambulatory way of life while she can because death is creeping up on her Because that would be rude and I'm nothing if not a pillar of politeness There is so much to say Just read it Love it Love yourself and accept that you are perfect just the way you are This book is junk I can not believe people are raving about this There is no substance in this book whatsoever The writing is horrible and the writer is completely crazy Truly this woman is nuts The near worship following Glennon has in her monkees is both disturbing and sickening Ugh please don't waste your time and get sucked into this black hole I read the entire book and read it uickly However I was left somewhat unimpressed Disclaimer is that I have only read a handful of her blog posts linked from Faceboook recommendations I have no ill will toward her as a person or the charitable work I hear about her name associated with This is a review of the actual bookas a bookHere's what I didn't like about her book It's basically like reading a bunch of blog posts But not really in order and without any specific flow SO for me as a reader it didn't work I would have been much better off reading one chapter a day over time instead of sitting down and reading it as a book And since I don't know much about her the out of order thing really was confusing She talks about adoption multiple places but never in order And not having dated the chapters I never knew what came first what timeframe she was in etcI know many people get a lot of deep spiritual stuff out of it For me instead of being holy it was just really holey Too many missing pieces Too many gapsAgain I read the entire thing and found some stories amusing and others had good meaning I just didn't enjoy it as a whole and don't feel that I must make sure everyone else out there reads it I'd probably recommend instead just check out her blog and read a few posts It's probably about the same and will save you time on a waitlist or money New record 13 sticky tabs to mark important sections and thoughtsand I didn't start slapping them on until 13rd of the way through the book Let me see if I can explain what I loved about this book Glennon Doyle Melton is everyday natural No trying to impress with her wisdom astound with how far she has come in her recovery from drugs alcohol and bulimia and no trying too hard to be funny Although Glennon confesses to being a Christian she doesn't bombard the reader with her beliefs In fact she finds little place in her life for Christian 'performance' but a lot of room for loving others with a naturalness not a sticky icky look at me kind of love This was an important distinction for me because in the beginning of the book I kept waiting for her to start preaching or pat herself on the back for her good deeds It never happened I was relieved because I don't like throwing books against walls Even though she and I come from backgrounds that are practically polar opposite I found I could relate to what she shared Here goes a few uotes so you can judge for yourself if it is a book you would want to readRe Happiness I think one of the keys to happiness is accepting that I am never going to be perfectly happy Life is uncomfortable So I might as well get busy loving the people around me I'm going to stop trying so hard to decide whether they are the right people for me and just take deep breaths and love my neighbors I'm going to take care of my friends I'm going to find peace in the 'burbs I'm going to uit chasing happiness long enough to notice it smiling right at meRe Love The only meaningful thing we can offer one another is love Not advice not uestions about our choices not suggestions for the future just loveRe Criticism of her writing We are all trying to find the truth So I try to see different points of view not as reasons to step back further into my corner but as opportunities to take baby steps toward the middle of the ring if for no other reason than to see my opponent a little closer45 stars More blog reviews Glennon Doyle Melton has a warm inviting personality The reader feels this when reading her blog posts Melton is open and vulnerable these ualities are so often missing in our relationships So I appreciate these valuable characteristics you see in her work I felt waves of emotion as I read her stories I was certainly entertained This book is a compilation of personal self focused blog posts but not a well written book It seems a bit concerning that while telling her stories she so often crosses a line and sets herself up while likely unintentionally as a theologian Herein lies my first problem with this book Many people reading this have possibly read very little and may even have no knowledge of the God of the Bible These same people read this author's stories and adopt her glib light view of God My second concern about this book is that the author takes eternal holy stories and makes them about her One example was the chapter when she tells the account of a very difficult time in her marriage While I loved this redemptive narrative it took an odd turn as she made the Easter story about her marriage I would not recommend this book to anyone who might be vulnerable to following the whims and ideas of an individual who seems to have been given acclaimed credibility as than a gifted story teller Glennon's knowledge is acuired from her own personal experience and this is not understood by every reader 35 starsI'm struggling a bit in reviewing this becaue I really loved it for the most part but there were aspects that didn't work for me I love her overall themes of being honest and taking ownership for your life The essays focusing on her children husband and sister were some of the best in my opinion The thing that fell flat for me was her focus on religion I get it that religion is a big piece of her life and her story Which is great But for those who are not 'religious' me it can get to be a bit too much I'm uite spiritual but I'm not a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist etc I get the spiritual nature of her journey and appreciate her sharing it In fact I loved that she called out the fact that many Christians seem to forget the very teachings of Christ when they don't embrace other people whether they are 'good' or 'bad' But at one point I foudn myself saying ok I get it you love God You are religious I GET IT I wanted of the other stuff about her life which frankly speaks to her religion and it's impact in her life Maybe it's just me but I wanted less overt religion and of the day to day stories of her life So I'm rating this one 35 stars because it didn't completely resonate with me On her blog I can generally skip the essays that are 'too religious' for me but that wasn't as easy in this book However I highly recommend this book overall Very raw and real