Einvígið[Read] ➵ Einvígið Author Arnaldur Indriðason – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Zomer 1972 Reykjavík is in rep en roer In de Laugardalshal zal het wereldkampioenschap schaken beginnen en in de stad wemelt het van de buitenlanders De Koude Oorlog is op zijn hoogtepunt en vertegen Zomer Reykjavík is in rep en roer In de Laugardalshal zal het wereldkampioenschap schaken beginnen en in de stad wemelt het van de buitenlanders De Koude Oorlog is op zijn hoogtepunt en vertegenwoordigers van oost en west begeleiden hun mannen Spassky en Fischer naar het schaakbord Terwijl de voorbereidingen in volle gang zijn wordt een jongen in de bioscoop het slachtoffer van een brute aanval De politie heeft het buitengewoon druk Toch wil Marion Briem die het onderzoek van de zaak leidt er hoe dan ook achter komen welke tweekamp hier met een mensenleven als inzet wordt uitgevochten. It is hard to know what someone who was not alive yet or did not experience what it was like in Iceland the summer of 1972 at the time of the Fischer Spassky chess match thinks of this book It summons so many memories for some of us Arnaldur would have been only 12 or so then; I was older and working in the reception of a lovely tiny summer hotel Hótel Bifröst 2 3 hours' drive from Reykjavík I had also spent a few winters in Reykjavik going to school and was very familiar with the scene This is Arnaldur's evocation of Reykjavik of those times the ways places and what it was like to have this unprecedented chess match descend on us there as were the USA and Russia dueling on this island between their empires The title of the book Einvígið means The Match also The Duel The cover shows a little pawn fallen on the chessboard It harks to the subject matter and a sentence in the book A teenager is killed in a movie theater just after the match starts The police investigates and it soon becomes evident that there is something foreign about the murder Yet as the intrigue spins on Arnaldur does not let the reader forget the innocent young man As this book precedes in time Arnaldur's series with Erlendur and co we now see someone who is a peripheral character in those books namely Marion a retired policeman Marion is now a young man but we learn about his childhood too Here Arnaldur weaves in the history of tuberculoses in Iceland what it was like to suffer it how it was treated because Marion suffered from TB as a boy and was treated both in Iceland and Denmark Some things I have never uite known what meant I now understand such as what my mother meant when she referred to her cousin as having been höggvin or chopped Thoracoplasty One thing I love about Arnaldur is how alien it is to him to simplify or demonize what now is outdated; how he gives credit to the people who did their best for others in the battle with this disease strange as it might seem now The story is almost a tribute to that fight If we have nothing special to hang on to time wise it can be hard to go back to a particular time here the summer of '72 But it so happened that one afternoon during this time when everything was going crazy in the capital and I was all by myself in the reception of the little summer hotel in walks Spassky He was with another Russian There was a reservation not in S's name and as they registered across the little shelf there stood Spassky with his shy and observant gaze while the other older Russian took care of the paperwork There was something sweet about them they were completely unobtrusive and polite no demands no paranoia They stayed in one of the larger double rooms the whole weekend; barely seen and no one bothered them Since we had no TV out there I'd only follow the news of the match on the radio and I took to hoping that Spassky would win It was good to read that also in this novel Spassky's persona is as genial and polite as the impression I got of him The scene in the restaurant Naust where Spassky and company have dinner feels very true But since Arnaldur was only 12 it is hard to believe he was there but his father a journalist and an author might have and told his son? I recently saw a documentary of the match books have been written There is so much attention on Fischer and his antics But hey at one not famous moment there I stood face to face with Spassky and I was one of very few people in the world who knew his whereabouts that weekendMy father sent me this book a couple of weeks before last Christmas Three days after Christmas he died The book is signed by Arnaldur my first author signed book But it also has a note from my father the last he wrote to me No book will be like this book Three and a half stars rounded downIt’s 1972 Reykjavik is getting ready for the game of the century Boris Spasskij vs Bobby FisherThis is so much than just a game of chess It’s an image of the ongoing cold war East vs West Communism vs Capitalism Reykjavik is full of foreigners following the dramaThe sexless Marion Briem the soon to be mentor of Erlendur is the protagonist of this story Heshe ends up with a case where a 17 yo boy is murdered while watching a movie Is the killing somehow connected to the game of the century?I’m so fascinated by Arnaldur’s ability to deliberately hide Marions sex It’s kind of refreshing This sexless aproach is possible in Scandinavian languages and I guess also English You just exchange he or she into Marion’s nameBut is it at all possible in other languages like French and Spanish where you have to change the form of the belonging adjectives? And what sex or should I say gender? is heshe then assigned?Had to check the description of the French edition Seems like Marion is a man there So disappointedHowever the book was OKEdit My French is even worse than I feared Marion is a woman in the French edition Happier now 35 ⭐️⭐️⭐️ A spin off from the main Erlendur series this book focuses on Marion Briem in the early 70'sA teenager is murdered in a movie theater while the eyes of the world are focused on Iceland where a chess competition opposes the USA and RussiaIndridason mixes 3 threads here the investigation on the murder the chess competition and its Cold War stakes and Marion's personal history importantly her youth when she suffered from tuberculosis apparently an endemic disease in Iceland in the first half of last centuryIndridason writes an interesting plot going from a crime to a spy novel without forgetting to develop the main character Marion's childhood speaks volumes to explain the hard ass attitude she showed in the previous books which you don't need to readAs always with Indridason the pace is slow going the atmosphere full of an intangible sadness and the style is without frills but somehow it gets to you and you end up feeling for characters not so genial to start withThe last page is a classical but nice wink to the fans of the main series I'm not sure how Arnaldur does it but so far I've enjoyed each book by him that I've read The murder mystery might not be the most imaginative every time but each book is a slice of life that speaks volumes to me Marion Briem whose gender is deliberately left vague is the later mentor of Erlendur the main character in most of Indidrason's books In 1972 Marion is in his fifties and the world is in full cold war In Reykjavik the Russian Spassky and American Fischer play for the world title in chess a politically loaded event In a local cinema a 15 year old boy gets stabbed to death by unknown perpetrators He was using his tape recorder to tape the music of the movie but that recorder is missing Has he accidentally taped something he shouldn't have what and whom?The story develops in the typical style of this author slowly revealing the clues one at a time The eventual outcome of the story is yet somewhat different than expected Despite the absence of Erlendur he makes a cameo appearance on the very last page I enjoyed this story Unfortunately I already read the next book in this series that features a very young Erlendur in one of his very first investigations so I wonder if any new stories about him exist? Took me than half a year but I managed to read this 428 pages crime novel in its German translation That's a lot of time but that's mostly because one's not always in the mood to endure a German language exercise The book is indeed a page turner a teenage boy killed in a cinema in Reykjavik during the world chess championship between the 2 cold war powers In between we get glimpses from the main detective's past as a child with tuberculosis I can definitely recommended it as a language practice exercise short chapters long enough for you to get used to unfamiliar words that keep popping up a compelling story and believable characters Plus the end is indeed surprising Hmm maybe I should have given it 5 stars I just don't trust my German enough to assure that it's such a pleasurable read for a native speaker As usual with the author the style is very slow sometimes even dull It fits the character of Erlendur however not the one of Marion So it made this book a little long The story though was interesting the plot was rich and you still want to read it until the end Missed our original character Arnaldur 'A book that fits a prompt from the list of suggestions that didn't win A book set on an Island' ICELAND

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