Abound in Love

Abound in Love[Reading] ➼ Abound in Love By Rosemarie Naramore – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When Laura Lander’s family invites her to return to her hometown to join them for the Thanksgiving holiday she’s uncertain She and her sister haven’t gotten along since they were children and La When Laura Lander’s family invites her to return to her hometown to join them for the Thanksgiving holiday she’s uncertain She and her sister haven’t gotten along since they were children and Laura’s heart still aches from the old hurtsTo complicate matters she’d left her heart behind years before and she’s not sure her feelings for family friend Dalton Jance are dormant Laura accepts the Abound in Epub / holiday invitation and finds that her family is falling apart Her sister’s marriage is seemingly over her nephew and niece are suffering for it and her brother is exhausted from trying to run interferenceWith God’s help—and a little help from Dalton—can Laura bring her family together again And will she find her own ‘happily ever after’ with the man who has occupied her dreams for years. This is a sweet Thanksgiving romance It's enjoyable despite some pretty toughnasty topics and a predictable story line I liked most of the characters and loved the writting style despite the little than a hand full of typosThis was my very first book by Rosemarie Nara and I look forward to read by herI'm aware some of the Christian readers could take offence in a few minor but vital elemonts of this story view spoilera separated Christian couple appears they are facing divorce rape mentioned in lives of two characters seduction to cover a resulting pregnancy implied attempted assault abduction described but no graphic violence late night talk unmarried people opposite sex one in night closes hide spoiler I was looking for a Thanksgiving book and this was one of the few that came up for my search for Thanksgiving Clean Romance that wasn't a mail order bride book  Not that those are bad per se but they weren't uite what I had in mind  Authors why aren't you writing Thanksgiving books?This was a sweet romance that takes place around Thanksgiving time  While the theme of the book doesn't really have anything to do with Thanksgiving it was a great story of family and leaning on God to heal hurtsDalton was a great hero the brother's best friend Laura had always had a crush on  Laura loved her family but had been crushed by her sister  Yet she is returning in response to a plea for help from that same sisterI loved how protective Laura's brother and Dalton were with her and even her young nephew wasThough there were some Christian themes such as prayer and forgiveness there was nothing overt that screamed that this is a Christian bookFrom what I see on Goodreads this author hasn't written any books for a while  And I can't find her on social media  Is anyone familiar with her to know if she is still writing?  I've liked the handful of her books that I have readThis review was originally posted on Among the Reads This is a nice sweet and inspiring holiday book I like most of the characters and how the author builds A broken relationship into a faith filled story 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 but I hope there is pages for Laura and Dalton together as a couple It only happens on the last page I was uite disappointed but this is a good book to read on Thanksgiving Beautiful storyThis is a wonderful sweet book I enjoyed watching Laura work through the issues from her high school days The secondary story with her sister was intriguing and caused a few tears Not a bad story but the book needs a LOT of editing SpecialA very heartwarming love storyHave some tissues on hand your going to need themI was so far off on guessing the ending I couldn't believe it Simple n sweetI like the contrast between the Pacific NW and Georgia The story ok light reading It was a bit predictable Sweet story likeable characters I'm looking forward to reading by this author Didn't get far when the Lord's name was used in vain so abandoned the story Abound In LoveAn interesting story about a mixed up family that will surely hold your interest through out the whole time very well written book by a great author