Kittens Are Like That!

Kittens Are Like That![Reading] ➾ Kittens Are Like That! Author Jan Pfloog – Illus in full color by the author All sorts of lovable kittens are shown in their daily activities Illus in full color by the author All sorts of lovable kittens are shown Kittens Are MOBI :¼ in their daily activities. Disclaimer not an actual illustration from this book Disclaimer not an actual illustration from this book Yeah, five stars, so what This was my favorite book when I was little I read my first words from it They were easy to identify because the refrain Kittens are like that comes back every 10 words or so I also love the vague, vaguely ungrammatical title Nobody knows why they re just like that Like what Read the book and find out It made me long for a kitten Now that I have 3, I know they weren t kidding They really are like that I wish I still had my copy. The illustrations were a bit unrealistic I also think there was a bit too much subjectivity Pfloog left me thinking, the hell if kittens are like that At nearly every turn of the page The book really lost my attention by the time Pfloog elaborated on kittens scratching, and I felt as though there may have been heavily feminist ideological undertones inappropriate for the subject matter. One of my first favorite books I learned that kittens like to play in paper bags I also learned that I love kittens and cats too. I concede kittens are indeed like the author explains However, they are sometimes like other things, too Like, once, we got a new kitten when I was seven and I tried to flush its tail down the toilet not the whole cat Everyone always says that and it s not true It was just the tail and the cat scratched my face and now I only have one eye Sometimes kittens are like that, too 4 out of 5 stars, but one of those stars is the North Star and I m not saying which one. My mother read me this book so often as a baby that she said Kittens like that was my very first sentence It s very simplistic and the drawings are detailed and eye catching, perfect for reading to babies and toddlers. My little kitten lover found it easy to read and gave it five stars because it was very cute. A learning book for little children, it discusses what kittens love to do The illustrations are wonderful I borrowed this from Open Library to read with my animal loving preschooler She enjoyed all the illustrations of cute cats accompanied by basic information about their habits. Kittens are like that is a very short and simple book It is a cute story about kittens but the story line is dull The pictures are very realistic I would most likely recommend this book for kindergarteners because there isn t much to the story line, it is mostly teaching about kittens.

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  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • Kittens Are Like That!
  • Jan Pfloog
  • 14 February 2019
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