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Rein It In☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Rein It In By Georgina Bloomberg ✩ – Only the best of the best ualify for Indoors a series of fall horse shows And of course Tommi Kate and Zara are the best Still it's not exactly convenient that this show series starts up just as schoo Only the best of the best ualify for Indoors a series of fall horse shows And of course Tommi Kate and Zara are the best Still it's not exactly convenient that this show series starts up just as school is back in session Tommi's still riding the high of selling the horse she's been training all summer but ego threatens to get in the way of her riding Kate and Fitz are still the golden couple at Pelham Lane Stables but will a new guy at Rein It PDF/EPUB ² school tarnish her relationship And Zara has a lot to learn about East Coast schoolsand boys This addictive series just gets juicier with each book If our favorite euestrians have a prayer of staying at the top of their game they're going to have to rein in the drama. Well this was slightly better than the previous book but still KateReally there is this blog full of rumours and as soon as there is a rumour that Kate might get a job offer due to someone's pregnancy she immediately DROPS everything and just purely focusses on that rolls eyes Even putting down an offer by an amazing stable an amazing chance to show off her skills But of course little girl Katiewatie believes everything that a rumour look at that word and think what that means blog says sighs This girl is just so stupid I already knew this from the previous books and the way she acts but really she needs to stop doing shit like this Sure some of the stuff on the blog is real but most if rumours And really girl you are freaking 16 you are not even legal and you think that a big shot trainer will just offer you a job and forgo your chance at school? HAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAH NOAnd then that ending and with the reaction of Kate Seriously girl how stupid are you sighsAt times this girl doesn't seem 16 but rather 10Also sorry I just had a small laugh at what happened with Fable and how Kate reacted to it Call me mean but this is how your best friend or should I say ex best friend is feeling Hope you enjoy the feeling girl This is the same thing that happened to your friend when Fitz that thing for you And sure Nat is a total bleh bleh about it but I do hope you can now closer understand why she is not forgiving you so easilyThere were various other parts in which I totally disliked Kate and how she acted At least she did act normal around Fitz this time so she got that going for her I was delighted to see them getting along and being super cute and sweet together Zara and Tommi's POV definitely were my favourites Zara's because she was being sweet and caring also trying to figure out the blogger's identity which was really a lot of fun to read about Tommi's because of the horse riding because of the sweet but short romance with Scott I also liked that this girl is changing her opinion on college You can see that she is thinking about it She is a bit amazed at her change but you can see she is now really thinking about all her optionsThis book was also chockful with horses yes really We have several competitions going on and we really get a lot of horse action I just loved all of it the other books focussed a lot on drama or romance but this one focussed on the horse riding After all that is why I read these books The drama is fun the romance is cute but I still read it for the horse riding and the talk about horses I also want to congratulate Joy she really got a bit of a spotlight in here and for a good reason It was just so sweet I hope she and her husband will be happyAll in all I really enjoyed this book and I do hope we will get a new addition to the series though considering it has been 3 years now I know there have been books that took longer but all the other books came out in 2011 2012 2012 I will just keep hoping but yeah I am not all to positive there will be Review first posted at This was a pretty solid YA series if El Bloombito's kid gets it in her head to write I'm betting Catherine Hapka did most of the work on these somehow another set of these I'd definitely read them But my god Kate is one of the most unbearable characters since Thoroughbred's Cindy I'm showing my age here I read that series in real time when it first came out She manages to be both an elitist snob when thinking about her former best friend from her old barn granted the girl turns out to be a raging bitch but if the girl could read Kate's thoughts I would say Kate had it coming and constantly moans to herself about how hard she has it compared to her friends who never have to worry about money and silently judges them all for owning expensive things Tommi who is a genuinely interesting character is an amazing friend to Kate throughout the course of the series and Kate's ungrateful resentful attitude makes me wonder why she even bothers Friend going crazy with concern over your possible eating disorder? The sympathetic response is not to think about how it's a rich girl drama ueen affliction and how could your friend think so little of you That just makes you seem horrible Her lack of self awareness is also intensely frustrating as she insists to herself that she never thinks about things like money and then spends half of her pages silently chastising people for spending money on expensive riding gearI felt like this one was left open for the possibility of another four books should they get the go ahead and I do hope get written God knows Bloomberg's kid could pay to publish them on her own if she really wanted so I guess it relies mostly on whether she wants to write I'm twice the age of the target audience and I'd be reading 'em I personally really like these booksI rides horses so I understand them really wellIn the fourth book everybody is back in school showing there horses and getting ready for the biggest show for the year Outdoors Zara is trying to figure out the blogger who is spreading rumorsTommi is started to think about her future and Kate is working hard as normal and catch riding for a big time trainer who offer a horse to her for outdoorsI recommend this book and the books before it to only horse people because many people will not understand half of what the author is talking about If you know horse you will enjoy these books very much I think this was actually my favorite book of the series The characters were fleshed out and not as flat Kate annoyed me far less There were scenes with the horses directly involved This is my guilty pleasure series and I hope that #5 is going to be published soon or at least in the works I mostly read these books because I needed an euestrian fix I do enjoy the fact the horse aspect is entirely accurate but the characters and story are less than enthralling While Zara did improve she never has to deal with any conseuences and neither does Summer for all the talk of Jamie being strict and enforcing rules Tommi is mostly likeable but not relatable for me and my god did Kate just become unbearable Also really annoyed you never heard very much about poor Ford you know the horse Zara seriously injured It just would have been nice if they could have mentioned him again to say yes he would probably compete again or no and maybe Fitz would be selling him after rehab Overall I would keep reading if there were books but on the other hand would probably uit if it had been a long running series Argh I devoured this one I almost read through it too uickly I may have to go back and read I'm really annoyed with myself as I know it's the last in the series for now I hope? but I couldn't put it down The girls are growing up sort of and having to make some tough life changing decisions It felt like those decisions and conseuences were going to be addressed in the next book except there isn't one A little frustrating hence the 4 star instead of 5 I wish this wasn’t the last one I’d always been into horses and growing up I never got any opportunity to ride horses since it was usually relatively expensive either for a simple lesson or a trail ride So for me euestrian is basically a rich person’s sport Horses are incredibly expensive and lessons and board and overall training and basic care cost a fortune So picking up a series devoted to the A circuit was a like reading about something I had always wanted to do since I was youngHowever I do have relatively mixed feelings about this book because some of the characters really stood out to me while others simply irked and annoyed me to no end Out of the three main characters Tommi Zara and Kate I think Tommi was most relatable to me despite the fact that she’s essentially a billionaire’s daughter but I think her priorities personality and character resonated most with me She’s responsible punctual and seems to have a good head on her shoulders Of course she’s still a teenager and therefore makes irresponsible decisions at times but at the end of the day you can clearly tell what is important to her and how she will still make things work Plus there was this one scene with her and Zara where she promised to pick Zara up to drive down for this show and even though she went to bed late and was out partying she still managed to drive from the Hamptons to Zara’s place on time because horsemanship was important to her whereas Zara was also partying the night before and completely forgot that Tommi was coming to pick her up and slept in I feel like that example clearly personifies me as a person as well I take my responsibilities seriously and if I say I will do or be somewhere I’ll dobe there I just wish there was information on the ending about her and her potential buysell horses in a professional mannerZara kind of annoyed me in the first book because she was portrayed as this wild child and was not responsible whatsoever She didn’t care that a lot of choices she made directly impacted those around her and in a negative way too She was always tardy for her lessons she was reckless and caused a huge accident at the stable etc However I think she changed the most throughout the series By the end of the last book you can tell how much she had grown as a person overall She cared a lot about horses and riding and took her duties seriously I definitely liked her by the end of the booksThe one person that I was just okay with in the beginning and later just downright annoyed me was Kate I found her timid meek incredibly uptight and way too stressed out for me She was basically OCD but in terms of her responsibilities rather than cleanliness Not sure if you guys have noticed but I have this tendency to dislike weak characters and she was by far one of the weakest I have encountered She would take on all these responsibilities even while knowing that she can’t possibly juggle riding working and dealing with school homework and exams But she’ll try to take it all on and then it started to detriment her health which caused her to outright faint in front of everyone while riding and freaked everyone out At the end of the day it wasn’t only detrimental to herself but to everyone around her Her friends had to literally remind her at every meal if she ate or slept enough I honestly can’t handle people like her She was also incredibly wishy washy – she couldn’t make any tough decisions to save her life and she would put it off until either someone else made the decision for her or if circumstances forced the decision on her And it pissed me off because when it happened and it wasn’t something she was particularly happy about she would immediately cry and feel sorry for herself Even with small decisions like putting off some time to grab food with her boyfriend she would go back and forth between a simple yes or a simple no and once she made the decision the chances of her being talked out of it was incredibly high It was honestly so irritating However despite my annoyance with Kate the other two Zara and Tommi and the story itself made me persevere Honestly I really did like reading about all the shows and the lessons and the horses themselves I found it incredibly interesting but I wish it was of a two person’s POV rather than three Perhaps that would have made things a little better overallClick here to view entire review Review The A Circuit may be considered to be the Teen rank of euestrian series such as Chestnut Hill that have a younger Tween audience I was a huge fan of Chestnut Hill and series of the like in elementary and middle school so finding a series to graduate into was definitely exciting Rein It In is the fourth installment in the series and by now there has been ample time for character development and storyline foundation I could feel as a reader the potential of spinning complex plots and and further advanced developments in the characters and themes However this book was a disappointment for me because the series simply plateaued and I was left very boredAs this series uses the alternating multiple characters in 3rd person voice way of narration there were several subplots going on The most prominent was that of a mysterious gossip blogger causing stress and havoc in the A Circuit see back cover description At times I thought that there was an attempt at encompassing all subplots together underneath the overlooking main mystery of the gossip blog This is a good idea except the author did not commit fully to it Neither was any of the subplots developed with authentic concentration Too much was happening and it all turned out to be very washed out uneven and frankly shallow Kate Tommi and Zara are the main leading girls Tommi is a much thought through and mature character not just because of her personality but also from how she is portrayed By far she is much intriguing and a pleasure to read in comparison to the others Tommi kept me from dropping this book altogether in exasperation Zara had been introduced slightly later in the series but she has also clearly grown and regular readers of this series should be able to appreciate it But Kate Oh my goodness Where do I begin with dear Kate? I am aware that many have found her less annoying in this fourth book but she is still just as infuriating for me as ever Meek weak no resolve self destructive workaholic she is everything a young strong independent woman should NOT be Yet she is talented and kind hearted I want to scream at her to get herself together and take on this world with the self confidence and the realization that she has what it takes because I truly feel that deep down she does But no She continues to be downright pitiful Kate is a character that truly makes a hopeful reader lose faith and all hopeI may have been harsh up till now but this book wasn't entirely in the gutter The competitions shows and the girls' interactions with the horses are the strongest parts of the series The euestrian aspect is the best I have read in any teen series especially compared to the other horsey series I have read The author definitely knows what she is writing about and the understanding and depth of insight into the euestrian world truly shows I just wished that she had played that to her advantage and that the lack of focus scattered plots and minimal development hadn't reduced this book to an immature stateIn the context of this series overall this book is a step up from the third book but it still lacks many of the elements of a compelling read Should you however look for a feather light guilty pleasure read by all means this is regulation guilty pleasure materialRating ✯✯ 25❀ Vivian ❀ I hope there will be books but at the same time I am pleased how the book ended Totally had it right about who was behind the blog I figured it out closer to the end but wow Good book I never and will never get any where close to those big A shows anytime soon so it's always nice to read about them in these books and imagine what it would be like riding a horse that cost 5 6 figures and riding in huge shows I loved Kate's character She reminds me of myself Fitz always makes me laugh when I read these books He's hilarious Zara has changed so much from the very first book to this one

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