Death Sentence: The True Story of Velma Barfield's Life, Crimes, and Punishment

Death Sentence: The True Story of Velma Barfield's Life, Crimes, and Punishment[BOOKS] ✸ Death Sentence: The True Story of Velma Barfield's Life, Crimes, and Punishment Author Jerry Bledsoe – The Death Sentence Essay Example words The death sentence being a controversial topic amongst many people it is a fifty percent rumor and fifty percent study as no one knows who is right or wrong rega The Death Sentence The True eBook ☆ Essay Example words The death sentence being a controversial topic amongst many people it is a fifty percent rumor and fifty percent study as no one knows who is right or wrong regarding the death penalty discussion In these research paper there are reviews on both the advantages and disadvantages of death penalties as most Americans recognize it The paper will exploit the that Death Sentence: ePUB ✓ the death penalty is just but a the death sentence traduction franaise – dictionnaire Traduction de 'the death sentence' dans le dictionnaire anglais franais gratuit et beaucoup d'autres traductions franaises dans le dictionnaire babla Death Sentence TV Movie IMDb Directed by EW Swackhamer With Cloris Leachman Laurence Luckinbill Nick Nolte Alan Oppenheimer A juror on a murder case begins to believe that the man on trial is innocent Sentence: The True MOBI · of the Sentence: The True Story of PDF/EPUB ² crime and then discovers that the real killer is her own husband Death Sentence film Wikipedia Death Sentence is a American vigilante action drama film loosely based on the novel of the same name by Brian Garfield Directed by James Wan the film stars Kevin Bacon as Nick Hume a man who takes the law into his own hands after his son is murdered by a Sentence: The True Story of PDF/EPUB ² gang as an initiation ritual Hume must protect his family from the gang's resulting vengeance The film premiered on August Death Sentence – streamingvffit Death Sentence Entre sa carrire russie et sa vie de famille panouie l’existence de Nick Hume est plutt confortable Pourtant un soir alors u’il fait le plein d’essence avec son fils an Brendan la route de Nick va croiser celle d’un gang Son fils n’y survivra pasBien u’arrt le coupable Joe Darly est vite libr Pour Nick il n’est pas uestion u Death Sentence Les films similaires AlloCin Dcouvrez les films similaires au film Death Sentence realis par James Wan avec Kevin Bacon Garrett Hedlund comme Death Sentence by Don Watson Penguin books In Death Sentence part diatribe part cool reflection on the state of Australia's public language he takes a blowtorch to the words – and their users – who kill joy imagination and clarity Scathing funny and brilliant Death Sentence is a small book of profound weight – and timeliness read Published March ; ISBN ; Imprint Penguin; Format Paperback a death sentence Traduction franaise – Linguee De trs nombreux exemples de phrases traduites contenant a death sentence – Dictionnaire franais anglais et moteur de recherche de traductions franaises 'Music is not a crime' UN experts urge Nigeria to lift UN rights experts asked Nigeria on Monday to release a year old singer who was condemned to death over an allegedly blasphemous song and said the sentence broke international law China teacher handed death sentence for poisoning The death sentence was handed to Wang this week for the offence of using dangerous substances Sodium nitrite is used for curing meats but can be toxic when ingested in high amounts. Another book I did not register on GR apparentlyI gave it a 9 out of 10 on Bookcrossing and on Thursday March 22 2007 I wrote about this book9 out of 10Well I see I forgot to write a journal entryI completed this book on January 31st and really enjoyed it What a story very well written Highly recommend I spent much of the time I read this book angry Velma Barfield admitted that she had administered poison to make them sick to her victimsso I wasn't angry that an innocent person was found guiltyAlthough Barfield was not wealthy enough to hire an lawyer with extensive death penalty case experience many such lawyers were involved in her case over the many years between her sentencing and final executionso I wasn't angry about her lack of representationWhat I was angry about was the many many presumptions and prejudices that underlay the way in which she was treated in prision in the media and in the legal systemBarfield was treated with a stunning amount of decency at a time when many other prisioners were enduring treatment that other countries have characterized as torture or at the very least cruel and unusal punishment She had 'contact' visits with family while some other inmates were kept in solitary for years She was allowed to receive phone calls from famous people She was given birthday parties while in prison There were a few moments when her treatment came closer to that of the 'average' prisoner but they stand out in the general sea of 'special' treatmentAnd why? Repeatedly we are told that people considered her to have done so much good in prison Which apparently meant that having called herself a Christian all her life a time that included her many poisonings she declared that she truly found God in prison The proof of this as much as anyone offered any was that she ministered to others in prison which meant in practice that she listened to their problems and let them call her 'mama' As much comfort as that may have given the other inmates I fail to see that as brave active ministry Barfield was 'bravely' proselytizing for the dominant religion of her area She was 'bravely' exhorting prisoners to follow the tenets of the same religion practiced by those who incarcerated them Barfield may indeed have had a hard childhood although not extraordinaryily harder than that of many of those around her She struggled with drug dependency for much of her life and there is little doubt that her many attempts to pay for drugs and get additional prescriptions resulted in her breaking the law repeatedly One leaves the book wondering at the many doctors who prescribed painkillers and antidepressants with such ease and with a hightened understanding of why getting painkillers has become so much difficult as the legalmedical system has had a chance to see the conseuences of that practiceBarfield removed from a world in which she had to struggle to deal with her addictions and worry about how to make ends meet financially seemed much happier in a world where her every need was looked after by the state That is not surprising It doesn't make her brave it just means that she functioned very differently in a world from which pressures she dealt with badly had been removedOne has to wonder how well Barfield would have been treated had her spiritual journey taken her to a religion less approved and understood by her jailers and the outside community What for example would have been the response if she had found relief in Islam Or Buddhism Finally Bledsoe points out that for all the many many discussions about the role of race in the application of capital punishment in the United States there has been comparatively little exploration of the role of gender in trying and sentencing criminalsAll in all an informative book that was frustrating to the degree that it opened up a window on the presumptions of others and the actual application of the law Heartbreaking bookThis book tells both sides of a very sad murder story I was always for the death penalty until reading this bookI have all the sympathy in the world for the victims and there familiesI never saw the other side of it When the perpetrators families have to go through the ups and downs of trying to save the life of there loved one When someone has redeemed themselves and is doing good for others even prisoners it should count for something This family continually went through the ups and downs of appeals and stays of executionIt destroyed the lives of her family for many years to comeThere were a lot of circumstances that presented during trial tha t I think should have overturned the sentence of death This book has really made a huge impact on me A balanced thorough history of Margie Velma Barfield this book delivers exactly what it says on the cover Nobody writes like this now Bledsoe is totally absent from this work proving that it is possible to write third person investigative journalism I wish there were many like him Velma Barfield grew up in poverty married and got out of the house and away from her abusive father just as soon as she could She was a model mother to her two children whom she adored room mother and a good employee Things began to spiral downwards when her husband began drinking and became an alcoholic who couldn't hold on to a job After Velma had a hysterectomy and was prescribed medication for chronic back pain her personality changed drastically She was soon addicted to pain killers and committed heinous crimes Once caught imprisoned and clean she never denied that she deserved to be punished for her crimes while under the influence but would the jury agree that the medications so altered her reasoning that she did not deserve the death penalty?Jerry Bledsoe presents an intriguing account of Velma's life and clearly portrays the events which led to her capture the impact it had on the family members who loved her the prescription culture which willingly fed her addiction and gives a non biased description of her trial The account of the trial and its lead up was too ponderous and detailed for my taste and I found it repetitive of many things already covered in the description of events It was overall however a very thought provoking story; the woman who did terrible things and damaged many peoples' lives while on drugs and the caring helpful woman who wanted to lift and encourage others when clean Is it appropriate she pay for her crimes with her life? This book was well researched and well written I can't say just why I didn't care for it I guess I couldn't relate to anyone in the story Still I would recommend Bledsoe's work to anyone who enjoys true crime books A mixed bagThe book gets five stars due to the impeccable research and writing of author Jerry Bledsoe but I really can't say I like the book This was my second attempt at reading this and was surprised when the court section ended around only 50% completion of the book I do highly recommend reading this if you are interested at all in capital punishment because that is the main thrust here I understand that people can be redeemed in prison but this woman killed five people including her own husband and elderly mother Blaming Valium and childhood sexual abuse cannot mean that murderers escape justice Justice was done here and I felt like many of Velma Barfield's supporters lost sight of what actually went on Sometimes as you read the second half you almost forget that anyone died at all and these horrible people plucked this sweet old granny from her cottage and put her on death rowe I am happy for her redemption but also for her victims' families who finally were able to move on after six years of political grandstanding and misplaced religious fervor The heart of this storyare the lives that are affected by the death penalty Don't assume from that sentence that I'm a proponent or an opponentI don't believe anyone can know which side they're on unless they're a relative of either party I'm sure some cases are so egregious that death is the only option and others where emotions are so high as to make one uestion it's efficacy In this case one feels such empathy for the children Ronnie and Pam that you're hoping their lives can find some peace It goes without saying that the victims children relatives lived a nightmare as well however they received some solace from the outcome of the trial and executionwhereas there is no end for Velma's children It seems regardless of jailhouse conversion empathy from supporters was well expressed in Bledsoe's narrative I enjoy his writing and viewpoint immensely I had to keep reminding myself that this was a true story The book has amazing detail about the life of Velma Barfield and those of her extended family Based on the story it is easy to see that there had to have been a connection between the amount of pain and anxiety medication she was taking and her actions Another story of there is no help for people who are in the predicaments caused by difficult family situations; addiction and mental health problemsonly punishment I found myself just like her son did what might have happened if there had been a concerted effort to help her disabuse herself of drugs she had started taking much like the current opioid epidemic and to help her husband with alcohol abuse This is just one of the many failings of our society Jerry Bledsoe did a good job of providing background about Velma Barfield and showing how her crimes impacted her children the impact she had on the folks who tried to help her However I am skeptical that Velma was truly reformed before her execution For her sake I hope she did truly have a religious experience repented for her past crimes So many criminals use religion as an excuse to try avoid their punishment and a part of me feels like Velma was one of them I still feel Bitter Blood was a better read

Death Sentence: The True Story of Velma Barfield's Life,
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  • Death Sentence: The True Story of Velma Barfield's Life, Crimes, and Punishment
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  • 12 November 2014
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