The Imperial Stars

The Imperial Stars✾ [EPUB] ✶ The Imperial Stars By E.E. Doc Smith ❦ – Doc Smith wrote a novella Imperial Stars published in If magazine but nothing further and no outlines or plot ideas Stephen Goldin expanded the novella into a novel and then wrote 9 books in the serie Doc Smith wrote a novella Imperial Stars published in If magazine but nothing further and no outlines or plot ideas Stephen Goldin expanded the novella into a novel and then wrote books in the seriesIt's the th Century and humanity has colonized a great deal of the galaxy including several worlds apparently inhospitable The Imperial Kindle - to homo sapiens The form of government selected to unite scattered humanity is an old fashioned Empire with hereditary monarchs powerful aristocracy but happily no serfsA massive military and Secret Service is needed to keep this far flung empire together And you will be surprised at the hidden headuarters of the organization of spies and agents known as SOTE Service of the Empire. When I first rated it I gave this book one star This rating was seen as scandalous by some in the Goodreads community well Paul thought so anyway and I am now recording what I have to say for myselfWhen I read the Family d'Alembert series for the first time I was a teenager a young teenager at that I don't think I was older than 12 certainly not 14 And I LOVED it I remember being completely absorbed in the James Bond style spy caper the space opera settings the banter between the main charactersAnd I should have left it at that But no I had to go and destroy it all A few months ago I revisited my childhood joy and picked the book up again As an adultAnd as an adult you cannot read this stuff The characters are totally transparent the banter makes you cringe and the plot does not even need its space opera settings to work in the admittedly superficial way it does But as Paul pointed out to me all this is irrelevant The Doc did not write his novels for an adult readership The fact that his stories appealed to a teenage mind is enough And yes to anticipate Paul's next comment I have not exactly matured into somebody whose literary needs can only be met by the highest standards of art and refinement so who am I to condemn the Doc even now at a advanced age?So here it is I changed my rating to 5 This is a rating by Mark the teenager And I learnt a valuable lesson also there is a risk in revisiting your childhood dreams If you do so they may lose the innocent lustre they had then so best not to try and polish them upSo I didn't and went along to award 5s to all of the Doc's books I read at the time Actually it felt really good to do this I had this series years and years ago but the books fell apart and I foolishly threw them out thinking I was past reading this sort of sci fi However on a recent trip to a charity book shop I was offered the full set of 'Family d'Alembert' books for wait for it £250And I am reading them again What a joy And yes they are ridiculously over written and far fetched with impossible characters and unbelievable plots sort of 'Tarzan in space' novels so fast paced and action packed that you simply don't have chance to pick up on the plot holes But damnit it's good to read them again And I got the 'Skylark' series for £150 at the same time Now I just need to find the Lensman series Five stars simply because its brave exciting ridiculous implausible adventurous and FUN and takes me back to my teenage years This is the 1st book in a 10 book series which I decided to try as I like long series Stick with Lensmen this left me feeling flat two dimensional This is a fast paced spy novel containing little real SF in an uninteresting far future human universe Granted the protagonists are from a world with 3 times the gravity of earth giving them superhuman abilities some which do not make sense The story is predictable and frankly bored me Everything about the book was 2 dimensional This has aged better I think than the bulk of EE 'Doc' Smith's books That's probably largely because it wasn't written by him; it was written by Stephen Goldin based upon a novella by the Doc It wasn't published until 1976 and this is reflected by both style and the cultural assumptions underpinning itThe only things that date the book really were the chapter preambles which didn't know anything about the failure of communism in the USSR and the computers that chatter as they process their tapesMore than anything else the thing this book has in common with the kosher Smith novels is that it's a rollicking good tale rattling on from start to finish at a breakneck pace It's traditional fifties and sixties style space opera the sort of book that carries you eagerly from page to page Just don't expect much in the way of depth Fun diversion Old time space opera Heroes are heroic and the villains are dastardly You thought I was going to say villainous didn't you This is the kind of book where I would get into a marathon reading binge and consume a book a day for 3 weeks Put brain on hold and enjoy This is the first in a 10 novel series which was mostly written by Stephen Goldin Doc Smith wrote a novella called Imperial Stars which Goldin expanded into this novel and then Goldin wrote another 9 novels in a long story arc But Smith is the famous one so his name appears in large letters everywhere and Goldin is barely mentioned The setting is a universe where a Russian Feudal system has somehow become the dominant mode of government and of the language so we see Russian words sprinkled throughout the conversations Humanity has spread to a number of planets with varying characteristics One of these is DesPlaines a high gravity planet whose inhabitants have adapted by becoming shorter and stockier and which has developed a uniue attraction The Circus of the Galaxy What people don't know is that this circus is also a key part of the secret service SOTE the Service Of The Empire This allows for an interesting twist for space opera a series where the heroes do not have secret weapons or super powers merely acrobatic training In this opening novel the threat they deal with is a pretender to the throne who is plotting to take over via a coup Jules and Yvette d'Alembert top agents of SOTE must get to the bottom and stop this plot The book is fast paced and a good combination of space opera with spy thriller In the Galactic Empire of a distant future the secret agents have to find the illegitimate heir who wants to usurp the throne The d'Alembert family is a traveling acrobatic circus which is the cover for the brother and sister who are the best secret agents in the empire and tasked with finding the usurperWhat makes this story really interesting is the d'Alembert family is from the planet DesPlaines which has gravity three times as high as Earth Thus when these people are touring around the galaxy they can do amazing acrobatic tricks as well as formidable acts of secret agent ing Between this and the Lensman series Doc Smith is becoming one of my favorite authors He knows how to write action packed adventure stories Couldn't finish it gave it the old your age 1 pages and I'm pretty old but it's not for meI don't mind that it's fun sf I like fun it's that it was Stupid Writing For instance the protagonists are supposed to be the agency's 2 best spies Except they've never worked in the field And sorry it doesn't matter how much talent one has the New Kid is never going to be as good as someone seasoned It's irritatingNote 5 stars amazing wonderful 4 very good book 3 decent read 2 disappointing 1 awful just awful I'm fairly good at picking for myself so end up with a lot of 4s We open with a super spy pole vaulting his way into a mansion where he evades such traps as an electric banister and a bomb shaped like a door handle He kills five guards and two dogs with his ‘stunner’ then misses the most obvious trap possible delighting a man who we learn walks with a “long cat like” stride I could get no further EE Doc Smith is a classic Sci fi writer which is why we bought this book It contains what tries to be a sci fi spy story but just end up being a run of the mill plot with lots of costume changes A book for the fashion'esta who want to get into sci fi

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