Rebellion In From the Cold

Rebellion In From the Cold❮PDF❯ ✅ Rebellion In From the Cold Author Nora Roberts – Two classic historical MacGregor tales Rebellion and In from the Cold AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Includes the full MacGregor historical novel plus bonus MacGregor novellaSet in 1745 Rebell From the PDF ↠ Two classic historical MacGregor tales Rebellion and In from the Cold AVAILABLE DIGITALLY FOR THE FIRST TIME Includes the full MacGregor historical novel plus bonus MacGregor novellaSet in Rebellion tells the story of Serena MacGregor whose hatred Rebellion In PDF or of all things English extends to her brother's friend Brigham Langston He'll prove himself worthy of the MacGregor's respect but piercing Serena's pride will take all the passion he can muster In from the Cold follows the MacGregors during In From the eBook ✓ the American Revolution Injured minuteman Ian MacGregor flees into the wilderness where he finds refuge for his body and soul with Irish spitfire Alanna Flynn Includes an exclusive preview of Nora Roberts's new book The Witness. FantasyLearned A lot about Scott's history interesting to learn about the beginning of the McGregors love reading and rereading these books A very uick romance read Early Christmas reading for 2020 Entertaining but needed to skip over a lot of predictable plot Better reads by Gabaldon with depth of history A MacGregor Christmas by Nora Roberts consists of two previously published books by Nora Roberts Rebellion 1988 and In from the Cold 1990 tied together by some of the characters who appear in both books although the first takes place in 1745 and the second in 1774 There is no Christmas scene in the first 300 of the 400 pages but Christmas is prominent in the second Although the dates and the settings of the two stories are different the story line of both is identical The first Rebellion takes place in Scotland when the Scots are trying to help Bonnie Prince Charlie return to his rightful throne The second takes place in America with the Boston Tea Party and the first attempts of the Americans to get rid of the Hannover tyrants Both are anti English or at least anti German English rule However history is only a background; both stories are romancesIn both a gorgeous shrewish hellcat is courted by a strong patriot who ignores her protests and declares he will marry her Both women Serena MacGregor in Rebellion and Alanna Flynn in In from the Cold are not only violent shrews but fierce lovers who give in to their lust while not thinking they must submit to the love of their respective men Brigham Langston in Rebellion and Ian MacGregor in In from the Cold Of course both do marry their respective men and live to have many children by them The MacGregor clan lives on In both the main plot is the long convoluted love hate relationship between the couple If you are interested in a Christmas story or a story connected with the history of either period forget this book If you want to read a story with violent women beating their determined partner with skillets and then smothering them in bed this is your cup of tea Both women are tomboys hate society and manners while their mates are wealthy pampering men Really the plots of both are the same a poor substitute for Taming of the Shrew This beautifully written book contains two stories of the Macgregor family set in the 1700s In rebellion the year is 1745 It focuses on the Macgregor clan in Scotland Ian and Fiona and their children Coll Serena Gwen and Malcolm Serena hates the English because they attacked her mother when she was a child She is fiercely independent and hotheaded and has no plans to tie herself down to any man but things change when her brother Coll returns home when his English friend Brigham lord of Ashburn There is a chemistry between Serena and Brigham as they fight and struggle with their feelings This a wonderful book to read with the drama of war throughout the book it makes the focus on family all that important I loved the fact that Serena's friend Maggie marries Coll and have a son named Ian after Coll deceased father who perishes in the war I loved reading about Serena getting over past hurts and her character evolving throughout the book gets married to Brigham and has a son named Daniel after Brigham's father This is a beautiful story about overcoming adversity family friends hope life and death The ending was bittersweet I loved Parkins he reminded me of Alfred Pennyworth and his wife Mrs Drummond this book is a definite must read Two stories in this book The first set in Scotland in the winter of 1745 The MacGregors are supporters of King Charles and Serena is the fiery daughter in the family with a strong will of her own and a hatred for the English Serena's brother returns home with his friend Brigham who happens to be an English lord and the fireworks begin between Serena and Brigham Hatred turns into love but it is not an easy pathSecond story is set in America in 1776 with an injured minuteman Ian MacGregor a descendant of the Scottish MacGregor clan Ian is badly injured and his horse leads him to the home of a young widow Alanna Flynn Alanna nurses Ian back to health and he finds he is in another battle other than war as he falls in love with her I'm only giving this 3 stars because I was unaware this was already a published book when I bought it I was also unaware that the first 34 of it would have nothing to do with Christmas at all This is actually the full MacGregor historical novel Rebellion and a short bonus novella In from the Cold This book was originally published in April of 2012 While they're wonderful stories taking an old novel and slapping a Christmas cover on it right before Christmas to resell left me feeling hoodwinked I'm a huge Nora Roberts fan I'm giving this 3 stars rather than 5 because it left me feeling 'taken' but the stories themselves are great Nora Roberts writing is spectacular Not a bad read though was wondering in the first story where Christmas was Typically Mills and Boon style with a splash of Scotland and Ireland and some rather gorgeous and bad English Sex scenes though not overly gaudy so not perhaps for younger teens maybe 18 up uick easy read though don't expect Christmas until the second story I have to admit itI really did not like this book I found the romance between Serena MacGregor and her English lover Brigham very tiresome The romance scenes made me want to throw the book down as he endlessly groped her Yuck The romances seemed like date rape in the age of #metoo They kept fighting each other the women said no Also I was disappointed that Serena Brigham came to America owned slaves I guess freedom only extends to the white people in the story I thought there would be historical data as I love to read about Bonnie Prince Charlie the ScottishBritish battles etc but there wasn't muchI loved the characters and the time setting