Offspring[Ebook] ➥ Offspring By Liam Jackson – Sam Connor has always had a uniue relationship with his guardian angel But his uncanny sense of perception has been in overdrive as of late and for good reason he's being followed by a man he knows is Sam Connor has always had a uniue relationship with his guardian angel But his uncanny sense of perception has been in overdrive as of late and for good reason he's being followed by a man he knows is trying to kill him             And that's not all Sam senses Abductions and grisly attacks are blanketing America in what seems to be a calculated and epic crime wave And while Sam can't explain it he knows that somehow he's supposed to do something about it            Deeply rooted in both contemporary and nonconventional religious history and doctrine Offspring's world is one like ours but it's populated by guardian and fallen angels malevolent demonic entities and vile human thralls Only high school aged Sam and the other Offspring of angels and men have the ability and power to close the veil through which mankind's vicious enemies are coming But will they understand their inheritance in time Sam's fate and the world's and the gathering traction of the Fallen Angels is in his hands And to make matters worse for Sam and his growing band of brothers a pact now exists between the Fallen and their allies  Destroy the Offspring             As Sam and three other Offspring are inexplicably drawn to a small Tennessee town they find themselves hunted by these ancient near omnipotent and lethal enemies Jackson's heart pounding debut supernatural thriller blows to its climactic conclusion when the Offspring must understand their uniue inheritance and control their surprising strengths before it's  too late. I was really looking forward to reading this I'm sorry I guess it wasn't for me because I just couldn't get into the characters or plot I bought this book because of the concept the idea I liked the book for the premise even if the execution was a little less than stellar I enjoyed thinking about the political structure of heaven and hell It was enjoyable reading it even if it took several attempts and forcing myself through the pagesIt toook about 50ish pages before the novelist found a flow that was condusive enough for me to follow but once found I could look past the simple word choice and less than spectacular literary device executionI will say that the author has a uniue ability to illuminate the macabre events that unfold througout the offspring I found myself enjoying the dialouge of the antagonists Though they are a foul lot they were very entertaining with their word choice and motives I think the best examples of the authors talent was in all the creative thought and execution that went into the Enemy description and dialogeIts remeniscent of The Stand in that you have a group of people from all walks of life all different backgrounds following one goal even if they dont understand it Get to Abbotsville Tenn as soon as possible There is no mother abigale in this story some fall some succeed The suspence built as protagonists and antagonists all converged on the sleepy town with their different missions The climax and ressolution let me down I suppose I expected a than what was delivered Seriously The product of 270ish pages of build up came to a paragraph of ressolution This epic battle I kept holding out for well was anything but epicI have a feeling by the way this novel ended that it was meant to be a start for what could with a little gentle guidence would make for a decent series Like I said earlier I bought this book for the like of the general conceptWould I recommend it? Meh I think its an interesting concept that lacks the follow through on delivering a knock out It isnt a book that I suggest you rush out an purchase three copies of but if your in the library and cant find anything better and are willing to take a chance it isnt a terrible read You could do far worse Wow I had no idea what this book was when I picked it up Probably one of my new favorite books ever I can't wait to read the second one This book kept me interested through out the entire reading I suggest reading the short and helpful glossary of terms before reading the book That is if you are not completely familiar with the hierarchy of angels and demons I recommend this book to everyone especially anyone with particular interest in the battles of good and evil manifested directly in the form of angels demons and the few remaining descendants of offspring resulting from humans and angels Great book I sure hope he writes the third one soon Great idea but just awfully written The dialogue is painful and there is little to no emotional connection to any of the characters typically over reactions Gets uncomfortably preachy I dont normally chastise a male writers inabilty to write a female character but they few females in the story are just cardboard cutouts being dragged around through the plot A few of the baddies were cool though and the story itself was interesting Sadly it read like a term paper thrown together the night before it was due Pretty good especially for a first novel There were a few spots where the editing fell through though For example in a scene where a character named Paul was speaking to another character there was one sentence where Paul was referred to as Mark though the character named Mark was not in the scene There are several other instances However it was still an enjoyable book and I will most likely read the seuels I had a difficult time deciding what to rate this book It is a good story a really good story but it was almost ruined by bad writing When I read the authors bio I discovered that he had no schooling or training of any sort in writing at all So I'll cut him a little slack An established author could've made this an excellent story instead of just a good one This was exactly what i hoped the book would be when i picked it up off the shelf It kept a steady pace and never let me down Its a great read if you know what Liam is talking about and if you are interested in other worldlyHeavenlyDemonic things while still being of sound mind that is I have waited for over 5 years for this novel to continue Hung out to dry with no explanation why Liam why?? I loved your characters and their fightcause was honorable Please finish writing the ending of this series Your readers are waiting It was okay It reminded me a lot of Stephen King's The Stand in the beginning but it's a decent good versus evil story with a heavy religious emphasis Awesome book Can't wait to read the next in this series

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  • Hardcover
  • 304 pages
  • Offspring
  • Liam Jackson
  • English, Old (ca.450-1100)
  • 05 April 2016
  • 9780312355708