Part Time Wife

Part Time Wife➾ Part Time Wife Download ➹ Author Susan Mallery – Rugged Craig Haynes came from a long line of lady killers Lately though the single dad was targeting only Jill Bradford his sons' new nanny Two parts sweetness one part sin the petite redhead proved a Rugged Craig Haynes came from a long line of lady killers Lately though the single dad was targeting only Jill Bradford his sons' new nanny Two parts sweetness one part sin the petite redhead proved a wizard with his rambunctious boys So what made this miracle worker insist she was strictly hired help Could a houseful of Haynes males ambush her wary heartand make her a mother and wife. Romance euivalent of a little black dress It gets the job doneHeroine becomes nanny to three boys and their hunky dad who was married to a bad bad woman who is conveniently deadSlow burn sweet romance with housekeeping ensues Craig hires a nanny for his three kids but she elopes asking her best friend Jill to fill in for her Jill thinks she is baby sitting for a few days As she falls in love first with the three boys and then the boys' father she worries that they need her but don't love her The three boys are well defined characters who have been six years without a mother Each has his own problems which Jill works to resolve I especially liked the way she dealt with Ben the twelve year old A family romance is especially delightful Eh It was ok Bumped it up a bit because there was nothing outright objectionable Plus this book had really well written and believable kids Mallery is sexist as usual and has to make many comments about what boys are like vs girls but overall the kids really felt REAL So for that alone another star The plot Eh The plot overall was fine but some of the details were just off Like Jill's backstory with the two kids she lost Her ex being a jerk I can understand But in this book we see Jill as this loving caring woman who is really great with kids Yet Mallery wants us to believe Jill spent five years raising and loving two girls only to have those girls turn around and laugh in her face literally and say they don't want anything to do with her ever again? I find that really hard to believe Mallery is rarely subtle with exes in books like this so I wasn't surprised to see that Craig's ex is a complete villain that made Jill's ex look like a doll I mean over the top probably has a fur coat made of Dalmatian puppies type of villain view spoiler The story about her having sex with the driver of the car on the way to her wedding with Craig sheesh we're not going for subtle here hide spoiler Although it is part of a series this book tells a complete story and can be read alone There are a few things that build on previous books but they are reviewedWelcome to the Evil Ex Spouse Hall of Fame SM really laid it on for both of the leads I actually think it was a little too heavy especially for Jill I can't believe Jill could not have a hint of what was comingThis is a textbook Nanny romance The only thing missing was that the kids weren't particularly mean to start with and there was almost no beginning animosity between Jill and Craig There were no rivals There wasn't a lot to set this one apart from others with the same plot device There was a small surprise or two toward the end but the one in Craig's backstory was well hinted I saw it immediately Jill was a bit of a super nanny by improving the whole family in just a few weeks and making everyone smile againI liked Jill except for her stubbornness I thought that was a little forced although her hurts did run deep I thought it was interesting that in one chapter Craig accused her of not being willing to face that she didn't surrender completely to her ex because she was scared and then in the next chapter he thinks the statement that Everything about Jill's personality screamed that she was someone who gave fully She could no hold back than she could stop breathing The second observation was much accurate It's possible SM intended the apparent contradictionI didn't care for Craig's approach to the standoff in the last chapterMature themes there are a couple of moderately explicit love scenes with one being fairly long Even one of the kissing scenes was a little crude No violenceI'm really not sure this deserved 3 stars but it was pleasant enough so what the heck I've thoroughly enjoyed this series so far but this particular book really appealed to me it isn't easy to say why because much of the attraction is very personal to me and overall I loved the plot and I loved the hero's three sons and the heroine and hero were very likeable freaked out about creating a relationship but desperately needing one When the book suddenly ended I was disappointed I didn't realize I was so close to the end and there I was at the end of Craig's and Jill's loving journey I wanted the book to continue on for a little while longer One good thing is that I should be connecting with them again in Jordan's story if not sooner Good story about two people—Craig Haynes and Jill Bradbury—who have loved and lost and the different ways they dealt with those situationsCraig hires Jill’s best friend as the new nanny for his three sons but when her friend runs off to elope she convinces Jill to take a “babysitting job” for a few days That wasn’t Craig’s agreement with Jill’s friend but they agree to a week’s trial with an option for a five week agreement But Jill falls for Craig’s three boys and she’s starting to fall for CraigIs a happy ending possible? Or will their pasts make such an outcome impossible? Brilliantly written sad funny and happy in one bookThis is a romantic funny story with lots of real family interaction highly unusual realistic storytelling of a broken family healing Jill wants to be loved for herself after her whole life she was mad to feel less thanCraig wants a nanny for his boys but gets a lot than that with Jill Jill falls in love with Father and boys right from the start I'm so glad shew did not leave Like the series Another uick read best of the bunch but still just ok

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